How to Clean Solar Panels?

How to Clean Solar Panels

Due to the frequent levels of rainfall throughout the UK, a large proportion of household solar panel installations do not require periodic heavy-duty maintenance. Yet, cleaning the panel will retain them clear of dirt & debris, allowing for utmost electricity production.

Your solar panels’ performance should improve once they’ve to get cleansed. In addition, with such a battery system, one can store more of the power produced by your solar panels.

What are the benefits of cleaning your solar panels?

The proportion of sunshine that strikes a solar PV panel determines its efficiency level. The quantity of power your panels produce will get reduced considerably if plants frequently shade them. Similarly, if your panels are dirty, they will generate less current. As a result, preserving them clean guarantees that you maximize your efficient use of energy.

Dust from vegetation, salt accumulation (if you reside close to the sea), or even an unintentional bombardment run by a bird can cause the dirtying of your solar panels. It could easily be a build-up of debris on the surface, although some of these factors could dramatically reduce the quantity of energy you produce.

How to Examine Solar Panels?

How to Examine Solar Panels

There seem to be various techniques to determine whether your solar panels require cleaning:

Physical Examination

Your solar panels must be examined on a routine basis, particularly if you live in a region in which the climate is bad or there is a lot of dust. However, you must also examine the interconnections to ensure that you are updated on their state.

Monitoring System

Use a monitoring system to keep an eye on things. A visual examination gets done regularly; however, it’s a good idea to have a surveillance device in place. Such devices periodically monitor the state and efficiency of the solar panels. You can spend an advance charge or a subscription service, and afterward, your system’s performance standards can get monitored at all times. It aids in the prevention of harm and may prolong the range of your displays.

Furthermore, a solar tracking system displays how often energy is conserved and the amount of CO2 avoided from atmospheric entry. So let’s check step-by-step guidelines to clean your solar panel.

A Stepwise guide to clean solar panels

How to Clean Solar Panels.

Turn off your system completely

Whenever wiping, make sure your system gets entirely turned down according to the shutdown process outlined in your instruction manual or the operational guide for the inverter maker. DC systems must get turned off fully.

Remove or block off any rainwater storage or drains

If you have a water supply placed and linked to your drainage line, have them periodically unplugged or turned off from the drains so that no unclean water runs into your reservoir.

Choose a calm & gentle moment of the day

The pairing of heated glassware on your panels with chilled water may enhance the risk of cracking due to a temperature fluctuation.  Also, if the panels get exposed to the burning sun, whatever water you’ve used may vanish rapidly, leaving unclean stains — destroying all of your hard labor! Cleansing is best done in the early morning when it is cold. The rain accumulated upon the solar panels at night may have reduced the filth and dirt, requiring you to use minimal water & power to wipe them.

Keep your panels off the floor if feasible

Wipe your panels on the floor if at all feasible for security purposes. To hydrate your panels, utilize a sprayer. Let a flow of water hit the Panels using a pipe with an appropriate tip.

Ensure that only the tops of your solar panels receive water

Although little water may hit the front of your screens, you must not force water onto the backside of your Panels and then into the space between your screens & the roofing.

Utilise a clean cloth & light soap to remove persistent dirt

You won’t require any special cleansing products; simply water & a light detergent will work. A high-quality soft bristle & wiper with a rubber razor with one end and then cloth-covered sponges on another, as well as a lengthy extension, might be the ideal equipment for keeping you clean on the floor.

If you don’t have the safety gear, don’t try to walk on your rooftop

Utilizing water while working on your roof increases the risk. If the water gets used to wash a roof, that becomes rather unstable. If you cannot clear your panels from the floor, do not endeavor to obtain your rooftop except you possess the necessary safety support and technology. Rather, engage a professional, highly skilled cleaner for your accuracy’s sake.

Things to Remember While Cleaning Solar Panel

Things to Remember While Cleaning Solar Panel

There are a few pointers to consider and perhaps avoid while maintaining solar panels:

  • Avoid harsh chemicals.
  • Try to avoid hard water.
  • If the weather is hot and sunny, avoid getting the backs of the solar panels moist

Other Factors Affecting Solar Panel Performance

Solar panels positioned at an elevation of fewer than 5 degrees have been proven to reduce solar panel performance substantially. It’s owing to the circumstance that contaminants slip off whenever the panels are at a slope. Once it relates to panel effectiveness, the placement is an issue. Locations with greater dust could have an impact on how the system works.

How much would it take to clean solar panels?

If you can’t reach the rooftop and engage an expert, a household solar panel cleanup will charge around £100-150. This cost is common for solar panels with 20 or fewer roofing panels, which is normal for a family of 4 in the United Kingdom.


Is it necessary for me to cleanse my solar panels regularly?

The solar panels must get serviced every 6 months or more. Cleaning your solar panels in mid-springtime & autumn is a good idea, and you might integrate it along with your semi-annual drain cleaning. Your solar panels may require to be wiped more frequently in quite arid, dusty places, like farmlands, or areas with increased air pollutants, like industrial districts or building sites, but not more frequently than just about any 3-4 months.

Can I maintain my solar panels with a power washer?

We don’t think so. A burst of high-pressure water could be harmful, and you don’t want to ruin your solar panels whilst looking to boost their efficiency. The dust and dirt would get easily washed away with a mild flowing stream.

Is there anything I could use to cleanse my solar panels?

Any collected filth and dirt can get washed away with just soapy water. Check the care instructions or working handbook for any recommendations on which cleansing fluids or agents to use.

If the dirt is particularly persistent, get in a gentle cloth-covered scraper or brush — a longer reach is especially useful for reaching certain hard-to-reach areas without climbing up to the roof.


Solar panel ownership is a big effort; thus, solar panel service must maintain long-term advantages. You may save even more money on your electricity bills. In the evenings and even at night time, they benefit enormously from energy from the sun. The entire article will assist you before cleaning with each specific.