How to Charge Solar Lights with and Without Sun

How to Charge Solar Lights with and Without Sun (3)

Today, the United Kingdom is aspiring to step foot in the solar world. Solar energy is renewable in nature, and its production doesn’t cause any harm to the life forms on Earth. A solar light or solar lamp uses solar energy, which is environmentally friendly in nature. The solar lights have replaced kerosene lamps and other electrical lamps. These solar lights are free from fuels and are apt for indoor uses. Nowadays, you can find solar lights in streets, households, schools, offices etc.

How to charge solar lights with and without Sun

Benefits of Installing a Solar Light

There are several benefits of installing a solar light at your home instead of an electrical lighting system.

  • Solar lights generally reduce pollution and save other forms of energy on Earth. The Solar lights are cheap as well.
  • For lighting a solar lamp, you don’t need any power facility at all. You just have to place it on Sun so that it can get charged.
  • For solar lights, there is no need for cable-laying work. As a result, you don’t have to worry about cable theft.
  • Last but not least, solar lights are easily installable. The Solar lights do not ask for much maintenance.

How does a Solar Light Work?

The Solar lights or the Solar lanterns totally depend on the photovoltaic process. These solar lights feature small parts containing solar panels. For charging, you will have to place the solar panel outside when the Sun is out. The solar panel features a number of solar cells for converting solar energy into electrical one. During this time, the negatively charged electrons send the solar energy into positively charged parts of the solar cells. Such energy is stored in a solar battery. When you turn on the solar lights at night, the device will take power from its charged solar battery.

How to Charge Solar Lights Without Sun?

In the United Kingdom, you won’t get Sun every day above your head. Most of the days are pretty cloudy in the United Kingdom. In the winter months also, people are unable to charge their solar lights with direct sunlight. So, if you are living in the United Kingdom with solar lights in your house, you should know how to charge these solar lights without Sun.

How to charge solar lights without Sun

Method 1: Solar Light Charging with Indirect Sunlight

1. Clean your Solar Panel

If you have a clean solar panel, it will still get sunlight even in cloudy weather in the United Kingdom. But, the amount of received sunlight will be significantly lower than that on a day with sunny weather. Generally, dust, dirt, mould etc., block the sunlight from hitting the solar panel. In the case of a cleaned solar panel, a limited amount of sunlight will be enough to charge the solar lighting device.

Use clean water and a soft towel to gently wash the solar panel. Don’t ever use detergents on your solar panel. It can ruin the entire device. If you are living in an area with plenty of dust, pollen, dander etc., you must clean your solar panel every now and then.

2. Adjust the Position of the Solar Lights for Better Sunlight Reception

You can buy portable solar lights and move the device according to the position of the Sun in the sky. This method is mainly for cloudy weather and winter months. Though the trick is pretty labour-intensive and time-consuming, your device will be charged in a few minutes if you can reposition the solar lamp with the Sun.

Here, you will have to place the solar light in such a position in your house where there is no shadow of a tree or other items. Preferably, you can place your device for charging in the middle of the backyard.

3. Using a Mirror for Solar Light Redirection

Earlier, people used to use mirrors to redirect sunlight to their desired positions. Here, you can use the reflection method to bring sunlight to your solar panel. Many people do not consider this method as an efficient solution to their solar light charging issue.

To successfully pull off this trick, you will need mirrors double the size of the solar panel. Thus, the solar panel will get the maximum amount of solar light. Position the mirrors diagonally if possible. Sun moves pretty fast across the sky, so, in this process, you will have to reposition the mirror again and again.

4. Let the Device Charge by Turning off the Solar Light

A switched off device is more likely to get charged faster. For efficient charging, keep your solar light off for around 72 hours. You can follow this charging technique once every week if you want. According to the solar industry, the technique is popular as the “deep charge method”.

How to charge solar lights with and without Sun

Method 2: Use of Artificial Lighting for Solar Light Charging

1. Solar Light Charging with Incandescent Bulbs

Believe it or not, solar lamps can be charged by lights that come from Incandescent bulbs. But, in this method, the device will take longer than natural sunlight. If you are living in the United Kingdom, you can use this technique to charge your solar light.

Keep the solar lamp as close to the incandescent bulbs as possible. For such charging tricks, you will need bulbs of high wattage. In this process, the incandescent bulb will take around 12 hours to completely charge the solar light devices.

2. Can you Charge Solar Lights with an LED Light or a Flashlight?

Yes, the battery-operated LED lights along with flashlights are capable of charging the Solar lights. So far, the LED charging method is the most efficient one for charging solar lights while outdoors. When people go camping and trekking, they keep some portable solar lamps and LED flashlights. The LED lights will take around 12 hours to completely charge the solar lights or solar lamps.

3. Things to Know About Solar Light Products

The solar lights from all brands use solar-panel power for operation. These lamps are 5 times brighter than kerosene lamps. If you keep them on in a low battery mode, the solar light charge will last for around 72 hours. Some solar lighting devices come with a USB charging port. These devices feature wall-mountable switches as well. These days, solar lights are used on trailers, RVs, garages, sheds, campgrounds, etc.

How to charge solar lights with and without Sun.

4. How do you Charge Solar Lights for the First Time?

Well, before the initial use of the solar lights, you should charge the device for at least consecutive eight hours. This will maximize the battery capacity for the solar lighting system.

5. Do you Charge Solar Lights On or Off?

Charge the solar batteries only when your device is off. You can continue this process once or twice a week for better use of the device. Try to charge the solar light if switched off mode for three days if possible.

In future, the solar power will dominate all industries. Solar energy is the most harmless form of energy available on Earth today. So far, people have invented solar cookers, solar lights, solar panels etc. Soon, there will come a day when the world counts on these solar lights to light up their homes.