How Long do Solar Lights Last?

How long do solar lights last.

Solar power is going to dominate the future era. Sun is the most ancient form of natural resource for us. Solar energy is often termed green energy, and it keeps the environment clean for ages. The solar-powered devices do not emit any carbon-filled gases. As a result, it will diminish carbon footprint. It is possible to produce solar power on underutilized land as well. Solar-powered devices can improve grid security also. Due to all these reasons, there is a high demand for solar-powered devices in the world today. This article talks about solar lights and their longevity.

How long do solar lights last?

How long do solar lights last...

Well, the batteries of the solar lights can last for around 5 years. After this time span, the batteries of the solar lights need to be changed. These days, people are going for LED Solar lights, and these can easily last for around ten years. These Solar lights can illuminate areas properly. When the solar lights are dim, you can understand that it is time to change the batteries and other parts of the solar light. If you place the solar lights near some artificial lights, you can easily boost the longevity of the solar-powered lighting device. Normally, it is suggested to place the solar lights right below the open sky where it will get direct sunlight. These solar lights can withstand extreme weather as well. These solar lights are installed in such a way that no severe wind can knock over these solar lights at all.

Tips to improve the longevity of the solar lights

Below we have mentioned some ways which you can follow to increase the lifespan of the solar lights. Let’s keep reading.

  • Be clear about your needs for solar lights

Please measure the size of the area you want to illuminate with the help of solar lights. If you have a small backyard, you must go for smaller solar lights or buy solar lights in small numbers. For a large garden or terrace, it is worth placing an order for jumbo solar lights. The price of the solar lights is dependent on the size of this lighting system.

  • Clean the solar light every now and then

There is no alternative to cleaning your solar lighting system every now and then if you wish to boost the solar panel’s longevity—regularly clean dust, dirt, etc., from these solar lights. While cleaning, focus on the solar panels first. If you have time, try to wipe the solar panels with a clean towel minimum of once every week. If the sunlight can’t spot the solar panels of the solar lighting system, it will run on the battery. Therefore, the solar light will not last as long as it was supposed to.

  • Install the Solar light in an open area

Place the solar lights in such an area where there is no shadow on them. You can place such solar lights in an open place so that nothing blocks the sunlight at all. If needed, clean the bushes nearby. It will definitely increase the efficiency of solar light.

  • Proper installation of solar lights

Installation is a crucial part of the solar lighting system. If the lighting device is not set up properly, it is more likely to get damaged or die fast. You can illuminate the pathways in the right direction only if the solar lights are installed properly.

  • Keep the solar panels protected

The solar panels are the main instrument behind the charging and illumination of the solar lighting system. These solar lights should be stored in such a way that there is no harm to the solar panel at all. You can apply some papers to wrap the solar panels. Always keep the solar panels dry in case you want long-lasting solar lights.

  • The darkness factors

Solar lights generally use sensors. These sensors spot a dark area and illuminate it with solar light. The darkness factor of the solar light is completely dependent on the location of the solar light.

How long do solar lights last

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can the solar lights stay lit?

If you fully charge the solar light, it can stay lit for around eight to twelve hours at night. If you turn the solar lights on during the sunset, they will brightly illuminate the pathways for the initial few hours. After that, these solar lights will become low, and finally, they will turn themselves off. Sometimes the solar lights can stay lit for a shorter amount of time, but it totally depends on the light absorption level of the solar light. The overused solar lights are less powerful in nature.

Finally, in a nutshell, if you want to keep your solar lighting device lit for longer than expected, charge it properly and clean it every now and then.

What should be done if your solar light is not working?

If you find your solar lights not working, you should check if there is any pull tab on the battery. You should cover the panel at least once to test the light. Make sure that your solar light is clean. Last but not least, change the position of the solar light.

Do solar lights wear out?

The solar lights are rechargeable devices. These solar lights have to be charged every day. After using a solar light for 3 to 4 years, you should replace the battery and the device. But, these solar lights do not wear out in a conventional sense.

The world is no longer dependent on electricity solely. Solar lights have replaced the traditional electric bulbs and tube lights. But the best thing about solar light is that you can keep it on throughout the day without worrying about energy bills. These solar lights get charged during the daytime. So, if you want to keep this planet liveable for the next hundreds of years, please switch to solar lights today. It can be your personal contribution towards a greener tomorrow. So, place an order for a solar light today. So, place an order for a solar light today.