Eco-Friendly Wrapping Paper

Eco Friendly Wrapping Paper

Eco-friendly wrapping is a recent phenomenon that has become a rapidly growing trend. According to research, 73% of people reported that their companies give extra attention and importance to packaging sustainability as lighter packaging reduces the packaging and transporting costs. Many have shifted to green materials to meet or anticipate the customer’s demand for eco-friendly suppliers.

People spend billions each year on something that’s forgotten in minutes. According to a report from Sundale Research, Americans spent $12.7 billion on gift wraps in 2017. The wrapping papers are found to be not recyclable in most circumstances. It hampers the environment a lot. The best way to protect the environment is to switch to eco-friendly wrapping paper for your business. It not only costs you low but it will also benefit you to grow as customers choose to be friendly with the environment.

Eco-Friendly Wrapping Paper

The Benefit of Going Green

Americans spend billions of dollars on wrapping paper every year. According to a study, Earth911 estimates that 4.6 million pounds of wrapping paper are produced each year, and about half of that ends up in a landfill. If you think you are different because you toss your paper in the recycling bin, you are slightly wrong here. The glossy, glittery papers are not recyclable, so basically it just exists to make our gifts look nice.

If you want to contribute to the environment, then you should switch to eco-friendly wrapping paper for your products. As the only kind of wrapping paper, you should throw in the bin is plain brown paper. Brown paper is biodegradable, which makes the environment a safe place.

How to choose Eco-Friendly Wrapping Paper

Choosing eco-friendly wrapping paper is the easy way to come by. You can save some of your grocery store paper bags for wrapping gift boxes. Around the festive time of the year, many retailers launch festive paper bags that are perfect for wrapping, and you can choose to use newspapers for wrapping.

You can use this method to avoid using tape and finish it off with things you already have, like kitchen twine or old ribbons. You can use the brown papers you collect throughout the year and save them for wrapping up your gifts. Likewise, industries can also choose to go eco-friendly wrapping for their products as there are many brown paper and eco-friendly products in the market. You can use brown Kraft paper that is fully recyclable and biodegradable. If you are confused to choose the best eco-friendly wrapping paper, then here are some points you can look into:

First, you need to look for durability as recyclable is suitable, but reusable is even better. So when you choose the wrapping paper, always look if it is durable.

Secondly, look for the material as eco-friendly materials are safer, and customers also give extra attention to options made from recycled materials.

Thirdly go for the aesthetics one, as it always looks good while wrapped up. If you want your gifts or products to look more good, aesthetics is your best choice.

To help you more with deciding the eco-friendly wrapping paper, we’ve created an inclusive guide to eco-friendly products that you will easily find on Amazon. Below I have listed some of the products which you can use for eco-friendly wrapping products and gifts.

Eco Friendly Wrapping Paper

Recycled and Recyclable Wrapping Paper, packaged in compostable materials

Recycled and Recyclable Happy Birthday Wrapping Paper. 5 XL eco Friendly Sheets. Made in The UK. Packaged in compostable Materials

It is a wrapping paper that is 100% recycled that will benefit you from reusing or biodegrading. You can use this wrapping paper for gifting or selling up your products. It has vegetable oil-based inks uncoated for recyclable wrapping paper, making it look stylish and modern bright design.

You can use this for birthday wrapping gifts that are eco-friendly, and that will also help you encourage others to go for more eco-friendly products. You can fold up this paper flat perfectly to store in a drawer. This wrapping paper is packed in compostable materials helping to meet the standards developed by the European standardisation organisations and are voluntary but can be very relevant to prove the safety of a product.

Recycled & Recyclable Color Splash Wrapping Paper, Quality Package in Compostable Material

RECYCLED & RECYCLABLE Colour Splash Wrapping Paper - 5 XL Eco Friendly Sheets

You can be assured of this wrapping paper as it comes fully recycled. It is eco-friendly to use, and it helps in benefiting the environment as well the customers. This wrapping paper also has the vegetable oil-based inks uncoated, helping to make it more eco-friendly. This wrapping paper has 100gsm thick luxury wrapping paper giving it a good style and design.

Gift your products with this eco-friendly wrapping paper that benefits the environment and makes you more responsible for being an environmentalist. This wrapping paper meets the materials that come under the EU standard EN13432.

Ecoshack Beeswax Reusable Wrap Paper – 4 Pack Eco-Friendly Food Wrapping Sheets

Ecoshack Beeswax Reusable Wrap Paper - 4 Pack Eco Friendly Food Wrapping Sheets

Whether wrapping a gift or wrapping up a product for your small business, you can go for this eco-friendly wrapping paper. It has a natural alternative that benefits you from reusing or storing. Reusable products are more good for the environment, and this wrapping paper can be used to wrap up your lunch, cover up your bowl, wrap your gifts and much more. You can start your eco journey by choosing this wrapping paper.

There is another benefit of choosing this product as it is easier to clean and use. You can Scrunch it up when you first get it, then use the warmth and pressure of your hands to mould the wrap as you need. You can wash in cold water with mild dish soap and air dry only for cleaning purposes, and they can last up to a year. But it would help if you avoid contact with hot temperatures.

You can also go for this product as it is biodegradable, containing biodegrade ingredients such as GOTS certified ORGANIC cotton, beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin which is environmentally friendly, making it safe to use for years. The natural antibacterial properties of beeswax and jojoba oil keep food fresher for longer.

Kraft Wrapping Paper Turquoise 100% Recycled Paper 50cm x 5m Wide Recyclable eco-Friendly Aqua Blue Brown Paper

Kraft Wrapping Paper Turquoise 100% Recycled Paper

If you want your gift wrapping to look more elegant, then you can go for this wrapping paper. It is 100% recyclable and also looks elegant while wrapped. The benefit of choosing this wrapping paper is that it is sustainable and eco-friendly, encouraging you to go for green rather than glitters. Glitters are for just the look, but this wrapping paper is for the face and safe use in the environment. It is perfect to use as wrapping paper or florist paper.

100% Recycled & Recyclable Eco-Friendly Happy Birthday Gift Wrapping Paper, 100% eco-friendly and sustainable

100% Recycled & Recyclable Eco-Friendly Happy Birthday Gift Wrapping Paper 8 XL Sheets With Gift Tags Designed & Printed In United Kingdom

Thinking of an eco-friendly wrapping paper that looks good on birthday gifts? Well, you have this wrapping paper that comes in a lovely design that you can use for all age groups. Wrapping up the birthday gifts with these papers will benefit in two ways; one is the gift, and the other is the wrapping paper that can be reused for gifting or packing. While choosing a product, you always look for a quality product; well, this wrapping paper comes in luxury made from 100% Fully Recycled & Recyclable Paper, Printed using Eco-Friendly Vegetable Based Inks. You will also get a premium feeling of using this wrapping paper as it has 100 GSM Thickness adding a High-Quality Feel in your Gift Receiver’s Hands That They Will be Sure to Notice.

kuou 10 x Sea Animals Wrapping Paper Sheets, Quality Recyclable Gift Wrap Papers Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping for Women, Men, Kids, Girl, Boy

kuou 10 x Sea Animals Gift Wrapping Paper, 70cm x 50cm Recyclable Birthday Wrap Paper Eco Friendly Gift Wrap Paper for Women, Men, Kids, Girl, Boy

Birthday, anniversary or festival, you can choose this quality product for wrapping up your gifts and products. The size of each wrapping paper is 70cm x50cm, making it pack from small to medium gifts. You also get the benefit of using this wrapping paper as it has high-quality environmentally friendly materials, and there is no need to worry about tearing or tearing, and it can be 100% recycled.

This wrapping paper comes with ten cute patterns, including Cute sea animals, whales, shells, starfish, anchors, which provide you with many choices to gift wrap your product. It is beautiful and has a versatile design benefiting from elevating any gift and brightening celebrations year-round, including birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers, weddings, holidays and more. It is also suitable for handicrafts and bouquet packaging. There is a small tip; gift paper is folded into ¼ size paper for transportation. So save your transportation cost and go for this wrapping paper.

Hot Pink Kraft Wrapping Paper 100% Recycled Paper, Eco-Friendly, Sustainable

Hot Pink Kraft Wrapping Paper 100% Recycled Paper 50cm x 3m Wide ROLL Recyclable, eco-Friendly, Sustainable, Bright Pink Wrapping Paper, Pink Gift wrap roll, Fuchsia Wrapping Paper 3m

Thinking to gift your loved one, then this is the best option to choose to gift wrap. Wrap up this eco-friendly to your boyfriend, husband and friends on their birthdays and anniversary. It is hot pink in colour, which gives a vibrant look and is the best for your loved ones. It is 100% recyclable making it the best choice for you to gift wrap your product.

Your gift will look more bright and stylish and also safe in the environment. You also get the benefit of using this wrapping paper as it has high-quality environmentally friendly materials. If you want to go green and be in style, this is the best gift wrapper you will find on Amazon at an affordable price.

Triplast 750mm x 100m Roll of Brown ECO Kraft Paper, 100% Recycled Paper, Biodegradable & Fully Recyclable

Triplast 750mm x 100m Roll of Brown ECO Kraft Paper

Brown paper has always been the most convenient and eco-friendly product for ages. If you want to give a vintage look to your gifts, you can go for this brown eco-friendly wrapping paper. It is 100% recyclable and biodegradable, which makes it environmentally friendly.

You can use this eco-friendly product and make it look more convenient. Brown paper adds a vintage look, and this wrapping paper will give a classic and more organic look to your product wrapping or gift wrapping.

Festive Wrapping Paper 6 Sheets Set Recyclable Gift Kraft Wrap Papers

Fahtive Wrapping Paper 6 Sheets Set Recyclable Gift Kraft Wrap Papers with Gift Tags Strings Present Christmas Xmas Tree Elk for Women Men Female Girl Boy 50cmx70cm

Wanting to give a presentation in an eco-friendly manner but trying hard to find one such wrapping paper, you are on the right page as this wrapping paper comes in an eco-friendly way. It is biodegradable and 100% recyclable after using it to avoid landfills. It is environment friendly in which you can encourage your close ones to work together to protect the earth.

It is an ideal gift for packing, handcraft and home decor. You can gift wrap any product suitable for all occasions, especially for birthdays and can be given to your friends as a gift.

RUSPEPA Gift Wrapping Paper Roll Eco-Friendly Wood Grain Basics, Elegant White

RUSPEPA Gift Wrapping Paper Roll - Premium Eco-Friendly Wood Grain Basics - Elegant White for Birthday, Holiday, Wedding Gift Wrap - 76CM x500CM

Suppose you want your gift to look more elegant than you can go for this eco-friendly premium quality wrapping paper, which will be genuinely a green choice for you. You do not have to worry about tearing or ripping while wrapping, and this comes in a benefit point if you look at it.

It comes with shrink film to prevent wrapping paper from scratches and Reduce Dust, which is another benefit of choosing this wrapper. You can be sure as your gift will get an elegant touch in this beautiful classic white wrapping paper.

If you want to contribute to nature, then choosing the eco-friendly way is the best option. These are some eco-friendly wrapping paper that you can choose to gift wrap for your loved ones. This way, you will contribute to the environment and encourage your fellow ones to go for the green.