Eco-Friendly Sellotape

Eco-Friendly Sellotape

Switching to eco-tape is rational, especially now that sustainability is at the top of the business plan. Eco-tape has all of the advantages of traditional packaging tape, plus it can be recycled while still connected to the box.

But that’s not all: eco-tape has several other benefits. We’ll look at why you should switch, what it’s composed of, and how you may utilize it.

It would help if you switched to eco-tape because there is no reasonable cause not to. Using biodegradable paper tape, brown paper tape, and other eco-tapes to secure goods is now a simple but highly effective way to do your part for the environment, especially as the focus on sustainable business grows.

These eco-friendly self-adhesive and gummed paper tapes are a great alternative to polypropylene and vinyl tapes, providing the same closure, sealing, and protection level while also being recyclable and recycled. Even the glue is safe for the environment.

Another incentive to switch to paper tape is that it sticks to all sorts of cartons and boxes. Because it is created from renewable resources and uses a natural rubber adhesive, it can be recycled alongside the box it is connected to, eliminating the need to spend time – and money – separating them.

They may also be written on and come in white or buff in convenient little packs, making them an environmentally beneficial solution to seal and label shipments and crates. This saves time and money, and raw materials because tape and labels are no longer required.

Here are some of the eco-friendly sellotape from Amazon listed below to give you an inclusive guide about eco-friendly products.

Tesafilm Eco & Clear Transparent Self-Adhesive Tape with Solvent Free, Age having strong adhesion

tesafilm Eco & Clear Transparent Self-Adhesive Tape - Environment-Friendly, Solvent Free, Age Resistant Office Tape with Strong Adhesion

tesafilm eco & clear, the friendly tape is made with film, and the core is made from 100% recycled plastic having no solvents or bleaching agents used for the adhesive tape. The sticky tape’s adhesive coating offers strong bonding power and high UV resistance while remaining virtually invisible on most surfaces.

It is a sustainable alternative for many tasks suitable for home and office tasks such as a hobby, crafting, decoration, sealing parcels or wrapping gifts. It is convenient and easy to apply. It can be used in combination with any of the tesafilm handheld or desktop dispensers for silent unwinding and optimal handling for all of your home, office or school needs.

Packing Tape by Pan Abode made with Strong, Sticky and Recyclable Brown Kraft Paper

Packing Tape by Pandabode

It has a 48mm Wide x 50m roll length made in the UK from recyclable brown kraft paper – recycling bin friendly. With the solid adhesive sticks to itself, most other materials and stickers, such as postal labels, can be stuck over the top of the tape. It comes in a simple, environmentally friendly, biodegradable alternative to sticky plastic tape. So you can make your products in an eco-friendly manner. It also gives heavy-duty reliability for peace of mind when sealing and securing any gift box or carton, however fragile. You can write and draw on the tape with pens or pencils as it’s paintable. It is also tearable by hand yet powerful once applied.

It comes in self-adhesive, which requires no water. It can be used as refills in a standard tape dispenser gun.

Kraft Paper Tape for Packing Eco-Friendly Natural Brown Recyclable Gift Box Cardboard Parcel Rolls

Kraft Paper Tape for Packing Eco Friendly Natural Brown Recyclable Gift Box Cardboard Parcel Rolls

It comes in a six roll pack of 24 mm wide x 50 m long self-adhesive Kraft tape, which is mouldable to contours, shapes and textures, for a tight seal. So you can maintain an excellent high end, eco-friendly finish to your crafted boxes. You can use sticks to all types of cardboard, Kraft paper and board. It is made by Krafters, for Krafters. So you can maintain the right balance between stickiness & flexibility while maintaining a durable and effective seal. It is an excellent alternative to plastic tape, made from recycled paper pulp sourced from UK cardboard recyclers. Pens, pencils and markers can be used to write on the tape, and you can also paint on it.

NATEE® Paper Packaging Tape with fully Recyclable Tapes made of Eco-Friendly Printed Kraft Paper for Packing Parcels and Boxes

NATEE® Paper Packaging Tape

If you want to go green, you can prefer to use pressure-sensitive tape but want to stay green. Kraft paper tape with Solvent (Natural Rubber) adhesive is your answer as it’s biodegradable. It is available in natural kraft, which blends well with brown corrugated cardboard and is less susceptible to creasing than plastic tape, so presentation is excellent. Kraft packaging tape is a general-purpose brown paper tape used for packaging, binding, splicing, holding, tabbing, carbon sealing, reinforcing, banding and patching for various substrates. Like other rolls of tape, it can be used with a standard pistol grip tape dispenser and is also easy to apply and tear by hand.

It is perfect for moving or shipping merchandise, an ideal for organizing your shipments from priority items to least significant, and when moving to categorize light boxes, also, for home removals, shipping and mailing, for storing and organizing household items, but also for anything that one expects from a multipurpose household tape. This moving and packing tape will always come in handy. It is a robust adhesive packaging tape featuring a robust, flexible and conformable backing with high cross-direction tensile strength.

Three packing tape by pan abode with strong, sticky, recyclable brown kraft paper with eco essentials for parcel packaging

3 Packing Tape by Pandabode™

It is a large tape consisting of 48mm wide x 50m roll length. It is made up of recyclable brown kraft paper helping the environment to emit pollution. It has solid adhesive sticks used in most materials. Postage labels can be applied on top with a simple eco-friendly solution to plastic tape having 100% recyclable packaging. It has heavy-duty reliability for securely packing boxes, moving houses and other uses.

Mega 50m Eco Packing Tape with Brown Paper Packaging Tape for Sealing Parcels, Packets and Boxes

Myga 50m Eco Packing Tape, Brown Paper Packaging Tape for Sealing Parcels, Packets and Boxes - Biodegradable Eco-Friendly Recyclable Sticky Tape

It is eco-friendly, helping to reduce the environmental impact, and is fully recyclable and eco-friendly. It is also self-adhesive, which makes you not compromise having an effective packaging tape. It is solid and robust sealing tape. You can use it for multipurpose on various surfaces, including cardboard, wood, plastic or metal. It is vegan friendly and will stick to all cartoon surfaces having the highest quality materials with the environmental impact in mind.

Mega are acutely aware that manufacturing and distribution impact the environment for which they act to reduce this impact.

tesa UK 58155-00000-00 Eco and Strong Recycled Printed Strong Packaging Tape 66 m x 50 mm – Brown

Eco and Strong Recycled Printed Strong Packaging Tape

It is made strong with PP backing made from 100% recycled plastic and the core made from 100% recycled cardboard with a label made from paper; solvent-free adhesive with high UV resistance. With the high sealing security, they are having even, low noise unwinding. It is suitable for use with all available tesapack hand dispensers. The recycled content has been approved by the independent certification organization DIN CERTCO belonging to the TÜV Rhineland (German technical control board).

Biodegradable Strong Kraft Paper Packing Tape with Eco-Friendly Environment Parcel Tape

Strong Kraft Paper Packing Tape Eco Friendly Environment Parcel Tape

It is 100% recyclable, the best alternative to plastic tape that can be recycled along with corrugated boxes. It has high elasticity with very high tear resistance once applied and is perfect for sealing boxes, envelopes, Christmas gifts, packages and picture framing, as well as a range of other applications. Unlike plastic tape, these Kraft paper tape is whisper-quiet even when unwinding from a dispenser. In addition, it is easy to find tape end, which makes for a stress-free packaging experience.

It is also easy to process the paper packaging tape offering the same adhesive performance and tear resistance which is ideal for sealing padded envelopes, boxes and packages with environmentally friendly packing tape.

Due to its environmental and performance benefits, paper packaging tape is often a preferred sealing option for many fulfilment operations. In addition, it creates a uniform looking package that is incredibly difficult to tamper with.