There are so many charities to donate your money to in order to help our planet. There are loads of way to do this like adopting an animal or donating money against deforestation. Some dependable charities are:

  • WWf
  • Four-paws
  • Friends of the Earth
  • Cool Earth
  • NAEE

Charities play a vital role in our community by giving us a wide range of options to make our world a better place to live in. It bring people, who care about a certain issue, together. Charities are defined as giving resources like time and money; they don’t just help but raise awareness about the issue, in this case, the environment. Most importantly, if everyone donates just £1 a month, the crisis of global warming, deforestation etc., will be over! That is why me and my team have created this site. Environmental Protection and Conservation charities develop ways to combat pollution; promote conservation and sustainable management of land, water, plant and energy resources; purchase and protect land, and develop more efficient uses of both energy and waste materials.

Adopting animals is a great way for kids to enjoy themselves while improving their earth. All charities where you can adopt animals usually keep you updated on your animal and send information or/and activities by post or email. Many people worldwide have made at least one donation in their life, but we want to change that to more. Don’t you want to make the world better by encouraging someone to donate a couple of pounds?


Four paws


Friends of the Earth

Cool Earth