Best Eco Friendly Razors for Women

Shaving is a standard part of our daily lives, but it can be pretty wasteful and damage the environment. So we’re on a mission to make your shaving routine as eco-friendly as possible. With this eco-friendly razor, you can save yourself from the impact of a disposable razor, while reducing the amount of waste that goes into landfill and leaving a cleaner environment for future generations to enjoy.

Today is World Environment Day and in the lead up to the festivities I thought I’d share the seven steps I take to make my shaving routine as eco-friendly as possible. This step by step guide will allow you to calculate the environmental impact of the products that you’re using and help you to make changes in the products you use, so that your shaving routine can be as eco-friendly as possible.

If you’re trying to live a little more sustainably, switching to more eco-friendly and low-impact shaving products is an excellent place to start. Below are some of the eco-friendly products from Amazon that will help you to switch to eco-friendly products and be responsible for the environment.

Biodegradable Collective Co. Pack of 50 Eco-Friendly Sustainable Double Blade Sharp Razors Plastic Free Multipack Recyclable Packaging Disposable Razor for Women

EF Rating: 9.8

This razor is entirely made from corn-starch PLA and with 100% cardboard packaging, which helps reduce plastic consumption. This is most trusted way to reduce the plastic waste. This makes it the environmentally friendlier option for the buyer. Double inox steel blades with a safeguard to protect sensitive skin are painless, safe and easy to use. So, go ahead and grab this great shaving product!

Safety Razor Double-Edged – Eco-Friendly Natural Bamboo Handle

EF Rating: 9.6

It has worked hard to develop a plastic-free vegan-friendly shaving brush, and this is the result. It combines incredible grass-based bristles with a quality wooden handle. No plastic and no badger or boar hair mean this shaving brush is 100% vegan friendly. Cruelty in the badger hair industry is well-established – it’s time to turn to ethically sensitive alternatives. Take your shave to the next level with this traditional-style barbershop shaving brush. Obtain barbershop-quality results every time you shave. Shaving brushes are exceptionally good at reducing razor burn and other irritations. This shaving brush will massage a lovely lather into your beard and skin to reduce razor friction and ensure a closer shave. Taking the time for a proper shave is back in fashion, as is using traditional techniques. Personal face care with flair, this vintage-style experience can’t help but make you feel like a dapper gentleman.

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Biodegradable Razor UK

A&M Natural Living Bamboo Double Edge Safety Razor

EF Rating: 9.6

With the eco-friendly bamboo double edge safety razor, you can achieve a professional, smoother and closer shave. Our razors are the perfect mens razors for shaving and make for the perfect mens gifts. The A&M Natural Living double edge safety razor is 100% plastic-free and made from high-quality, sustainable materials, including a bamboo handle and brass/zinc alloy razor head components. Even the packaging is 100% recyclable, making our razors completely eco-friendly, which helps make our planet a cleaner place and makes them the perfect option when looking for alternative sustainable products. This double edge safety razor makes for the perfect gift for both friends and family. Due to its reusability, this razor will replace all plastic mens razors & women’s razors. The ideal environmentally friendly gifts for both him & her. This bamboo razor is not only cost-effective for you, but by buying our eco-friendly products, you are helping to save our planet by moving away from single-use plastics. Disposable plastic razors cartridges are more expensive than safety razor blades &, the majority of the time, are not recyclable. Once you switch to our A&M Natural Living safety razor, you will need to buy some razor blades. The A&M Natural Living double edge safety razors are perfect for both men and women and offer a genuinely satisfying close shaving experience.

Jungle Culture® Bamboo Safety Razor for Men & Women – Premium Eco-Friendly Razor

EF Rating: 9.4

Billions of single-use razors & cartridges are disposed of every single year. Jungle Culture’s double edge bamboo safety razors are the perfect zero waste swap that produces a beautifully clean and safe shaving experience for both men and women. Jungle Culture is a responsible British company that create premium eco-friendly products. Our one blade razor is guaranteed to last you a lifetime. Made from high-quality stainless steel & bamboo, and your reusable razor is both durable & practical. Disposable plastic razors & cartridges are more expensive than safety razor blades & are rarely recycled. By switching to a Jungle Culture bamboo razor, you’ll not only achieve an irritation-free & more comfortable shave, but you’ll also save money. The single blade razors are perfectly balanced & give a genuinely satisfying shaving experience both as an eco-friendly razor for women or an everyday wet shave men’s razor. Jungle Culture DE razors also act as the perfect eco-friendly gift for both him & her.

Double Edge Safety Razor with 100% eco-friendly and Reusable Zero Waste Razor

EF Rating: 9.5

Traditional double edge safety razor provides durable quality, smoothness, and deep shave. These Chrome plated Razors are made of pure steel and wood for long-lasting working. The Safety razor is designed and easy to manage. Haryali London’s Razors are well-crafted feature 3 pieces open mechanism make them even more comfortable to use. This double edge safety razor for men requires low upkeep, and its chrome finish keeps it rust-free for a long time. Haryali’s Double-edge Safety Razor delivers exceptional Performance while pairing up with quality Brush and Shaving Soap.

Natural Bamboo Double Edge Shaving Razor Wood Handle Shaver Eco-Friendly Zero Waste Lifestyle Reusable for Women

EF Rating: 9.4

If you are used to a safety razor shave, you know that getting a steady stroke has everything to do with balance. Our new Bamboo Safety was designed with ergonomics in mind to fit beautifully in hand, giving you an effortlessly smooth shaving experience. Achieve a closer, smoother, more professional shave without the hassle of irritation or ingrown hairs. An easy step to save the planet! Billions of single-use razors & cartridges are disposed of every year. Our safety razors are the perfect zero waste option – Get the perfect shave and save the planet simultaneously. All you need to buy are the blades, and it fits all double edge blades. You can’t get any better value for money in the long run.

Bamboo Double-Edge Safety Razor – Eco-Friendly & Natural, Zero Plastic UK

EF Rating: 9.5

Enjoy your shave with a natural bamboo double-edged razor from Blackwood & Shelby. Whether a perfectly crafted straight razor or a bamboo safety razor, Blackwood & Shelby take care to come as close to 0% plastic as possible. Eco-friendly and Environmentally friendly shaving made stylish. There’s no replacement for your favourite razor, and this one is made to last. With Dark Chrome plated stainless-steel parts, the sustainable bamboo wooden safety razor is hand-crafted to last. Your new razor is anything but disposable. The new razor comes in a zero-waste recyclable gift package. Marrying old-school design and vintage style with a modern look and feel, your new shaver is original in every way. Each razor is unique; the grain and colour of the natural bamboo mean no two razors are alike. Each bamboo double-edge safety razor is different, but the top quality shave and completely plastic-free never change. Considerably more eco-friendly than traditional cartridge razors, the competitive price and durability make this one of the most cost-effective wet shavers on the market.

Smooth Natural Bamboo Double-Edged Eco-friendly Smooth Razor Fit for Double Edged Razor Blades. It is a high-quality eco-friendly product making your shaving a great experience. For smooth and eco-friendly shaving, you can purchase this product from Amazon.

5 IZthetics Biodegradable Dermaplaning Face Razors for Women and Eco Friendly Aesthetician Approved

5 full-sized aesthetician approved eyebrow and dermaplaning blades for use by both men and women; both the product and packaging are made from wheatgrass. Safety guards are used to ensuring your experience using our product is pain-free and safe. Make sure to cleanse your skin beforehand, preferably with a double cleanse. Once your skin has been thoroughly cleaned, you can then proceed with derma planning. Hold your skin taut and shave. When finished, gently rinse off excess hair and dead skin-cell build-up from your face with water and pat your skin dry. Apply your favourite serum and moisturiser afterwards. Thoroughly cleanse your brows. Hold your brow taut, and make sure to shave in the direction of hair growth to avoid skin nipping. Rinse your brows with warm water and wipe off excess brow hair that was removed in the process. Apply a non-fragranced moisturiser or aloe vera gel to soothe the brows post-shave.


All of these products are reusable and reusable means one less plastic-bordered trip to the supermarket, one less burden on our planet.
The cheapest in our round-up, the 6Pack Razor Kit is a perfect starting point to getting started. It contains two, 9-blade cartridges and two creams for a complete shave. For £6.79 it is an excellent value. I hope you’ll find this review useful.