Best Eco Friendly Postal Packaging in UK

Packaging has an enormous impact on the environment and can be the single biggest factor in pushing up the level of carbon emissions.

Recycling rates are a good indicator of just how many people have embraced sustainability and turned away from using throwaway plastics. But this doesn’t even tell the whole story.

The average food packager uses around 800kg of materials to produce 1kg of food. A large proportion of this comes in the form of polystyrene, PVC and polypropylene. Together, this accounts for around 27% of the weight of the food. While recycling rates have increased by 12% since 2010, the total volume of waste generated by packaging in Europe is growing by around 9% per annum.

That’s where packaging becomes the major player in climate change.

By using eco-friendly packaging we can save on emissions not only during the manufacturing process, but also from land-use change and the energy required to turn resources into products. In turn, this enables packaging companies to produce more sustainable products that are less reliant on energy-intensive raw materials.

In a bid to raise awareness of the growing importance of sustainable packaging, the Federation of European Paper Industries (FEPI) has launched its ‘Project Green Pack’ initiative.

Here we have research and found the best green packaging material on the market and challenged top manufacturers to produce eco-friendly products.

Taken together, we are able to gather more than 700 facts and figures on sustainable materials in the packaging sector, with the ultimate aim of reducing the environmental footprint of our products. To help you decide, we’ve created an inclusive guide to eco-friendly products that you will find easily on Amazon. Below are some of the listed products that you can go for eco-friendly packaging:

Top 10 Eco Friendly Packaging in the UK

1. Biodegradable Parcel Bags Pack of 50 Large Bags, Eco-Friendly shipping bags, 100% Eco Mailing Strong Bags

Earth First Rating: 9.7

This is the biodegradable, durable product that you can use simply with a tight seal with a safe thickness of microns. You can put heavy items in irregularly shaped ones. It benefits using multi-purpose as it has five sets of different sizes, giving you a sea of opportunities. With these bags, you can send small, medium and large packages, single units or whole sets of items. The bags are not transparent, making it value your discretion. It is fully eco-friendly made of fully compostable material – PLA modified with fully biodegradable PBAT and corn starch. After being used, it turns into organic manure, not polluting the earth. It is also consistent with lifestyle as it allows you to take care of your business and express your care for the health and safety of others. It is more like a green way of thinking and becoming a showcase.

Honeycomb paper packaging kit, eco friendly with 48 fragile sticker labels, packing paper for moving

It has the benefit of having reliable quality as the combination of eco packaging honeycomb cushioning paper, and hemp rope is suitable for wrapping and protecting fragile items. This product gives excellent cushioning and strong protection characteristics, surpassing the traditional packaging solutions. You can use it efficiently without additional cutting tools. It benefits in reducing the cost of transportation, handling and storing.

Honeycomb protective packaging paper is made of degradable, environment-friendly paper, safe and harmless to the environment. You can reuse it to make nature more green and beautiful. You can use it for any object of any shape, providing a good cushioning effect to ensure intact items.

Corrugated Cardboard Shipping Boxes, with brown packaging mailing boxes for business, posting (Pack of 25)

You can pack, ship and mail with these eco-friendly cartons. These are the perfect box for those little products or gifts that need to be sent out or stored until it gets ready to use. It is specially designed from strong 32 ECT-E single wall corrugated kraft cardboard having eco-friendly, recyclable and sturdy for daily use for business purposes. You can upgrade your business with these eco-friendly cartons benefiting your business and also the environment.

Super Strong C6 / A6 (163x112x20mm) Royal Mail Brown Large Letter Cardboard Postal Mailing boxes, best eco-friendly box pack of 25

It is the perfect eco-friendly solution to switch your products with these eco-friendly postal boxes made with high-quality single wall cardboard. It is lightweight and sturdy, great for keeping costs down and has a huge range of uses proving to be the best choice for e-commerce, mailing and fulfilment companies. It is strong and easy to assemble and is flat-packed, to save much of the storage.

Compostopack Compostable mailing bags, pack of 100 Bags Made With Plant Starch

The compost pack compostable package bags are the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly, a great alternative to plastic poly mailers. It is the best eco postage bag allowing your business to keep organic waste out of landfills and make a commitment to the environment. It is made with plant starch bio-resin naturally breaking down over time and fully compostable having a perfect plastic packaging alternative.

It is designed as strong as regular plastic poly bags, which do not compromise on durability, which you can rest assured that your package will reach safely to its destination. With this product, you can easily go green with the rapidly growing eco-conscious market, with eco mailer bags is a solid investment.

Compost 100 x 15*22 cm Compostable Mailing Bags for Parcelling – Best Quality Poly Mailer Bag

It is a 100% biodegradable poly mailing bag made from corn starch resin, helping to deliver your products in an eco-friendly way. Using this will make you use a much more environmentally friendly alternative to conventional poly mailers completely biodegraded within nine months. This product is also certified to home and industrial standards.

Trip last C6 60 x 110 x 20 mm White PIP Cardboard Large Letter Postal Box for Royal Mail (Pack of 5)

It is an eco-friendly product that will benefit your small business to supply little and small items. Delivering crafts, jewellery, and other little items can be used by this eco-friendly product. So switch to eco-friendly products helping you be environmentally friendly and thinking about your customers’ safety and the environment.

ECO UK Mailing bags 9×12″ (225x300mm) A4/C4, Biodegradable and Home Compostable, 100% Plastic-Free

These are the most eco-friendly bags made from similar starch-based materials as food waste bags which are 100% compostable. You can even use it in your food caddy after use. It is strong and durable, ideal for heavier items such as books, clothing, beauty products, pet supplies and stationery items. These bags will be permanently sealed, making the contents of the bag very secure and weatherproof.

ARYA ECO-Friendly Mailing Bags of 50 pack with 100% Natural Materials, Biodegradable & Compostable

Arya eco mailing bags are made of the best polymers derived from corn starch and a renewable and biodegradable source. It helps in reducing the amount of plastic used in the supply chain by using our naturally sourced mailing bags. It requires less energy and emits out fewer greenhouse gases than the production of its petroleum-based counterparts. You can reduce the world’s carbon footprint by using corn starch mailing bags.

With your package, you can rest assured that it will arrive safely and unspoiled with our robust eco mailing bags. It is puncture-resistant and waterproof, ensuring that it is sturdy enough to withstand any rough handling or wet weather during transit. You will get these benefits of using this eco-friendly packaging.

As consumers increasingly demand products with a lower carbon footprint, you can demonstrate your businesses’ eco-friendly credentials by using our plastic-free, eco mailing bags.

Strong Rigid White Paper Padded Envelopes Alternative to Bubble Postal Mailers Bags with 100% Recyclable Material (180mm x 265mm – 20 Pack)

It is an eco-friendly product alternative to bubble mailers in order to avoid using plastic. They are a great value, general use mailer for postal or transit purposes and make a useful addition for any packing station across various industries. It is 100% recyclable corrugated mailers where you can keep your business having minimum plastic usage. You can recycle your package at the end of its use and reduce the amount of waste ending up in the landfill. The paper’s corrugated fluting provides an internal cushioning layer to protect products throughout the transit period. It can assure that your products will be delivered to their destination in the same condition as they leave the warehouse. By choosing this product, say yes to recyclable packaging, as it cares about ours and your carbon footprint this is why this comes in 100% recyclable packaging.

Why Use Eco Friendly Products

Eco-friendly products are best for the environment. We have often noticed plastic waste ends up in our oceans due to global warming, which is why we need to take waste and sustainability seriously.

Thankfully, technology is advancing all the time, and many eco-friendly packaging options have been available in the markets. It includes biodegradable films on cartons, recycled and recyclable materials, plastics that are not oil-based. So let us look into the benefits of eco-friendly packaging.

Reduces out carbon footprints:

When you choose eco-friendly packaging, the carbon footprints of your packaging gets reduced. If the packaging is made out of natural materials such as bamboo or FSC-approved paper or cardboard, it cuts down the carbon from the environment. If you opt for making your business carbon neutral, then go for eco-friendly packaging.

Go for biodegradable:

If you choose to make eco-friendly packaging, then it will be biodegradable. Plastic takes time to degrade, taking hundreds and thousands of years to break down, also releasing harmful chemicals on its way. It would be best if you had some eco-friendly packaging, such as sustainable paper products, which will be compostable.

Dispose of it easily:

There are many businesses and places in the UK that have dedicated recycling or disposal locations services. Nowadays, recycling is relatively easy, providing you separate your disposables that you can recycle properly.

Say no to harmful toxins:

Crude oil is used for making plastics, which is incredibly harmful to the environment in terms of extraction, refinement, distribution, use and disposal. Choosing eco-friendly packaging will keep you away from all these issues. When it degrades, harmful chemicals are not produced like plastic.

Reuse and Recycle:

Eco-friendly packaging is what makes the ability to be reused or recycled. If you encourage the reuse of packaging, the lifespan is extended, which reduces the need for new materials, further lowering the carbon footprint. In addition, if you do the packaging in good quality, it can be reused for other things, like storage and even arts and crafts.

Eco-friendly packaging benefiting business:

Switching to eco-friendly packaging can be a plus point to your business. So let us look at the benefits it adds to your business:

No matter what industry you are in, you can utilise eco-friendly packaging. If you are looking for packaging for foodstuffs, clothing, cosmetics, or even electronic devices, an eco-friendly packaging type will meet your specific needs.

Improve your brand image:

When you develop as an environmentally responsible company, you will create trust within your customer base. Trends concerning sustainable products are on the rise. In the fashion industry, sustainability is a widely trending topic. To improve your brand image switching to eco-friendly packaging.

Expand your customer base:

If you maintain sustainability, then you are one step ahead to success. With the rise of sustainability trends, we can see that customers want to interact with and purchase products following sustainable practices and goals. It boosts up any established or fledgling business.

For instance, you can offer sustainable shopping bags for customers, and thus help boost up your business.

Help promote sustainable lifestyles:

With eco-friendly packaging, you can help your customers to protect the environment and reduce their carbon footprints. It is a powerful marketing tool to promote your brand’s philosophy and mission.

Your customers are eco-conscious and believe in protecting the environment. The demand for eco-friendly packaging is high, especially when it comes to soft drinks. You can use eco-friendly plastic for cans and bottles.


Plastic is widely used and we will continue using it for the coming years. Since it is non-biodegradable and harmful for the environment. But the chances of it getting disposed off are very slim, as it takes hundreds of years to break down. On the other hand, eco-friendly packaging can help with recycling it.

We can do better and let’s do it together.

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