Best Eco-Friendly Fabric Softener

Best Eco-Friendly Fabric Softener

Have you ever wondered how many clothes you buy in a single year? It is a tough task to maintain all these clothes. You need to wash them after wearing them every time. But, lots of washing makes these expensive clothes dry and rough. Earlier, people used to buy expensive clothes, but these items were not in a condition to wear after washing them a few times. So, finally, they had to throw away these expensive designer clothes and buy new ones. Fabric softener has changed the game of washing entirely. A bottle of fabric softener can not only save your money but also keeps the fabric protected. So, these days, people are using fabric softener or fabric conditioner to keep their expensive clothes in mint condition after every wash.

There was a man named Conrad J. Gaiser who invented the world’s first fabric softener to help his wife with the laundry. Today, every household uses fabric softener to keep their expensive clothes wrinkle-free and soft. The fabric softener refers to a special type of chemical which reduces friction between the fabric fibres. As a result, your clothes will remain protected from minor damages. The fabric softener increases the longevity of these clothes.

Best Eco-Friendly Fabric Softener

Apart from the aforementioned benefits, the fabric softener retains the colour of your designer clothes as well. If you have sensitive skin, you should definitely purchase a fabric softener for your clothes. Do you know that fabric softener increases the ironing speed of the clothes? This chemical even accelerates the drying time of the clothes as well. Most of the fabric softeners these days come with a sweet fragrance. This smell will last on your clothes for a long time. Furthermore, this article talks about eco-friendly fabric softeners. So, this chemical will not cause any harm to the environment at all.

You can add a fabric softener during the rinse cycle of the washing machine. Don’t ever add the fabric softener during the washing cycle. This process will wash away your fabric softener with the dirt of the clothes. Pour a cup full of fabric softener into the water pockets. It would be best if you didn’t apply the fabric softeners on the clothes of the washing machine directly.

Here, we will talk about the top 10 fabric softeners which your customers can invest in for better washing of clothes. If you do your laundry yourself, this article will be helpful for you.

Presto! Fabric Softener Blue

Amazon Brand - Presto! Fabric Softener Blue, 360 Washes (6 Packs , 60 Each)

Found in a blue bottle, the Presto! Fabric Softener Blue will keep your clothes soft and fresh for weeks. Known for its gentle nature, the fabric softener is made with excellent fragrance release technology. This concentrated fabric conditioner is a highly rated product, and it is one of the most sought after fabric softeners in the market these days.


  • Each of the Presto! Fabric Softener Blue bottle is capable of washing clothes 60 times.
  • This concentrated fabric softener features a floral and clean fragrance for the clothes.
  • The dry clothes keep the fragrance of the Presto! Fabric Softener Blue for several days.
  • Some people buy the Presto! Fabric Softener Blue with its laundry detergent for an overall experience.
  • The Presto! Fabric Softener blue bottle features 25% of recycled PET.
  • This international brand provides a soft-to-touch feeling after washing with the Presto! Fabric Softener.
  • The Presto! Fabric Softener Blue makes the clothes fluffy.


  • The fabric softener features a sweet fragrance, which keeps the insects away from the clothes.
  • The fabric softener reduces the chances of allergies as well. It prevents skin rashes from clothes as well.
  • The Presto! Fabric Softener is ideal for washing clothes of newborn babies.
  • The fabric softener keeps the clothes in a mint condition with their original colours.


  • The bottle weighs around 9 kgs.
  • The scent of the fabric softener is a little too much for some people.

Ecover Fabric Softener

Ecover Fabric Softener Apple Blossom & Almond, 50 Wash, Pack of 1

The Ecover Fabric Softener is an extraordinary chemical product that comes with the fragrance of apple blossom and almond. You can either place an order for the 750 ml bottle or a 1.5-litre bottle of the Ecover fabric softener. The fabric softener features only biodegradable components, and it is vegan friendly in nature too.


  • A 1.5-litre bottle of Ecover fabric softener is suitable for around 50 washes. The 750 ml Ecover fabric softener bottle is suitable for 25 washes only.
  • This five-star product features ingredients like aqua, perfume, linalool, citronellol, methyl ether, and so on.
  • The bottle of 1.5 ltr weighs only 1.58 kg.
  • The Ecover fabric softener uses a palm-oil-free active softening ingredient.
  • The bottle of the Ecover fabric softener is made with eco-friendly plastic, and it is fully recyclable.
  • This international brand uses only cruelty-free components.
  • The Ecover Fabric Softener has been tested on human skin.


  • This excellent fabric softener is suitable for sensitive skin.
  • You can refill these fabric softener bottles anytime you want.
  • The Ecover fabric softener is made in a zero waster certified factory.
  • It can be used on hard waters.


  • For storing the fabric softener bottle, the temperature will have to be between 5 to 25 degrees Celsius.
  • The product should not be used on baby products at all.

BioMio Bio Soft Eco Fabric Softener

BioMio Bio-Soft Eco Fabric Softener with Eucalyptus - 33 Washes, Pack of 1

This BioMio Bio Soft Eco Fabric Softener is one of the most sought-after fabric conditioners in the market. The chemical features a little bit of eucalyptus oil. You can apply the fabric softener to all types of clothes. The fabric softener is pretty affordable as well.


  • You can wash woollen clothes and silk dresses with this BioMio fabric softener.
  • This fabric softener provides an anti-static effect to the clothes.
  • This hypoallergenic product is naturally safe to use.
  • The BioMio fabric softener is ideal for children’s clothes.
  • This home care product features recyclable packaging.
  • The plant-based fabric softener is apt for delicate skin.
  • The amazing smell of the fabric softener lasts on the clothes for one or two weeks.


  • The BioMio fabric softener reduces the number of wrinkles on the clothes.
  • The product makes the clothes pretty soft.
  • This international brand abides by all the safety standards of washing products.
  • This eco-friendly fabric softener retains the colours of the clothes.


  • The fragrance of the fabric softener is a little too much for babies.
  • Customers have complained that the smell doesn’t exist after washing.

Bio D Fabric Conditioner

Bio D Fabric Conditioner 5l

This concentrated Bio D fabric softener is free from all types of fragrances. The fabric softener uses ingredients like ethanol, rapeseed oil, aqua, and so on. The bottle of the Bio D fabric weighs only 2.2 pounds. This household item was actually made in the United Kingdom.


  • The Bio D fabric softener is actually a cruelty-free product.
  • Despite being a chemical compound, the Bio D fabric softener is vegan friendly in nature.
  • The allergy friendly Bio D fabric softener is pretty sustainable in nature.
  • The Bio D fabric softener is readily biodegradable.
  • One Bio D fabric softener bottle is capable of 110 washes.
  • The water mixed with Bio D fabric softener can go to the septic tank, cesspit as well.
  • This versatile fabric conditioner keeps the clothes wrinkle-free and retains all the designs on clothes.


  • The eco-friendly Bio D fabric softener is made with naturally derived raw materials.
  • The fabric softener features no petrochemicals, preservatives, etc.
  • This economical Bio D fabric softener doesn’t feature any strong smell.
  • The customers can apply the vegan-friendly fabric softener on the washing machine as well.


  • There is a complaint among the customers regarding the quality of the fabric softener.
  • The product doesn’t make the clothes too small.

Ecosi Fabric Softener

Ecosi Fabric Conditioner Certified Eco Organic and Vegan, Dermatologically Tested, 1ltr

This extraordinary Ecosi fabric softener is a great choice for daily laundry doers. Also, the chemical features lavender essential oil for fragrance and colour. This unforeseen product has been certified by the eco cleaners or ICEA.


  • The Ecosi fabric softener contains no preservative, enzyme or animal origin substances.
  • This dermatologically tested product doesn’t irritate your skin at all.
  • The vegan-friendlyEcosi fabric softener has been registered by the vegan society of the UK.
  • The Ecosi fabric softener is capable of quick aerobic biodegradability.
  • The plant-basedEcosi fabric softener should stay on the clothes for around 10 minutes.
  • You can hand wash or machine wash with the Ecosi fabric softener.
  • The fabric softener is actually unisex in nature.


  • This organic fabric softener comes in a light bottle weighing up to 1.06kg.
  • This easy-to-use fabric softener comes at a lower price.
  • There is no artificial fragrance in the fabric softener.
  • The product is better than traditional fabric softener for its lovely smell, soft to touch quality, and so on.


  • The Ecosi fabric softener may produce various allergic reactions.
  • The chemical is not suited for baby clothes. Also, keep it away from children.

Botanical Origin eco-friendly fabric softener

Botanical Origin Concentrated Eco Fabric Conditioner, Fresh Jasmine & Lavender, 960 ml

The refreshing Botanical Original Eco-friendly fabric softener is made of only plant-based items. Such fabric conditioners feature fresh jasmine and wild lavender fragrance. A single bottle of Botanical Origin fabric softener contains only 960 ml.


  • The Botanical Original Fabric Softener is an AISE sustainable product.
  • 92% of the product is totally made of eco-friendly ingredients. The rest of the 8% is technically chemical solutions.
  • This hypoallergenic fabric softener doesn’t create any irritation on human skin at all.
  • There remain no dyes in the Botanical Origin fabric softener.
  • The Botanical Origin Fabric softener consists of 5% to 15% cationic surfactants.
  • The 0.96 kilogram of Botanical Origin Fabric Softener bottle features fragrant natural perfumes.
  • The product doesn’t have an expiry date at all.


  • The 960 ml bottle of Botanical Origin Fabric Softener is capable of 48 washes.
  • The chemical comes in 100% recyclable packaging.
  • Designed for long-lasting fragrance, the Botanical Origin Fabric Softener keeps the clothes in mint condition and speeds up the ironing process.
  • There is no abrasive chemical in the Botanical Origin fabric Softener.


  • The chemical should be kept away from food and drink. It can be harmful to little children.
  • Many customers have complained about zero fragrance for this fabric softener.

Comfort Fabric Softener

Comfort Dermatologically tested Pure suitable for the whole family's clothes Fabric Conditioner gentle next to sensitive skin 166 Wash 5 l

This dermatologically tested fabric softener is an all-purpose product. Young to adult, everyone’s clothes can tolerate this extraordinary nature-friendly fabric softener. This gentle fabric softener is so far the number of laundry products in the United Kingdom.


  • A single bottle of eco-friendly Comfort fabric softener is capable of washing around 166 clothes.
  • The fabric softener is quite gentle in nature.
  • The household product has been approved by the British Skin Foundation.
  • This effective fabric softener can go along with any type of laundry detergent.
  • There is Benzisothiazolone in the fabric softener.


  • You can apply the fabric softener to baby clothes.
  • Only 35 ml of the fabric softener is enough for the washing of the clothes.
  • It provides extra softness to the clothes.
  • There remains eucalyptus, lavender, and patchouli in the fabric softener.


  • The bottle of the fabric softener weighs around 5 kgs.
  • The online comfort fabric softeners are not up to the mark. So, buy this comfortable fabric softener from physical stores.

Method Tropical Fabric Softener

Method Tropical Coconut Fabric softener, Pack of 4, 180 Washes

This Method of fabric softener comes in two flavours, pink freesia and tropical coconut. The fabric softener is made of naturally derived softening powder. You can find 1.575 ltr bottles for this Method fabric softener online.


  • The fabric softener features naturally derived softening agents.
  • The Method fabric softener reduces the clinginess and static of expensive clothes.
  • This fabric softener can be used in hard water any time you want.
  • The chemical comes in a 100% recyclable bottle.
  • You can use a bottle full of Method fabric softener for 45 washes easily.
  • You can place an order for the Method fabric softener with concentrated laundry detergents any time you want.
  • The product was first manufactured in the Isle of Man.


  • There remain perfumes like limonene, Eugenol etc., in the fabric softener.
  • The Method fabric softener makes the clothes soft and cuddleable.
  • The Method fabric softener features scented laundry at the end, and the fragrance lasts for multiple weeks.
  • The product is ideal for winter use. The wools remain soft because of the application of the Method fabric softener.


  • The Method fabric softener features colourants, which come from plants or minerals.
  • The product can’t repel insects like flies, mosquitoes at all.

Faith in Nature Eco-Friendly Fabric Softener

Faith In Nature Natural, Super Concentrated, Laundry Liquid with Aloe Vera and Rosemary Oil, Vegan and Cruelty Free, No SLS, Parabens or Phosphates, 5 L Refill Pack

This super-concentrated laundry product is an excellent fabric softener in the market of the United Kingdom. The laundry liquid comes in a 5 ltr bottle and a 20 ltr bottle. Also, a sweet rosemary oil scent comes from the Faith in Nature vegan-friendly fabric softeners.


  • This fabric softener contains both aloe vera and rosemary oil.
  • There is no paraben or SLS in the Faith in nature fabric softener.
  • The chemical product is also phosphate-free and bleach-free in nature.
  • The bottle of the concentrated natural fabric softener weighs only 5.26 grams.
  • The fabric softener is ideal for washing woollen clothes, designer items, reusable nappies and so on.
  • This vegan product does its job in just 15 ml.


  • It features a 100% natural fragrance. So, you can use it on baby clothes.
  • This Faith in nature fabric softener is a zero-waste product.
  • The plastic bottle is eco-friendly as well. You can reuse the plastic of the container and refill it properly.
  • This cruelty-free product has been manufactured in the United Kingdom.


  • This laundry liquid is pretty sticky in nature.
  • You have to use the product pretty fast. Otherwise, a stagnant mould smell will come out of it.

Lenor Fabric Conditioner

Lenor Fabric Conditioner, Spring Awakening, 34 Washes, 1.19L

This 1.19 kg Lenor fabric softener comes in a blue and white bottle. This excellent laundry product features items like 5-15% of cationic surfactants, eugenol, geraniol, linalool etc. This Lenor spring awakening fabric softener is capable of around 34 washes from a single bottle.


  • The Lenor fabric softener keeps the clothes fresh for at least a week.
  • Its long-lasting freshness comes from spring flowers, natural patchouli and so on.
  • The laundry product makes the clothes fluffy and soft.
  • The fabric softener decreases static clinginess on clothes as well.
  • If you apply this fabric softener to your clothes, there will be no fading at all.


  • The Lenor fabric softener protects the clothes from bobbling, stretching etc.
  • Such extraordinary chemical products reduce the drying time of the clothes.
  • You can apply the fabric conditioner on torn clothes as well.
  • The product makes the clothes flame resistant.


  • Such fabric softeners can cause harm to your eyes.
  • The smell of the fabric softener goes away too fast.

Eco-Friendly Fabric Softener Buying Guide

For more than a century now, people have been using fabric softeners to improve their cloth washing. The fabric softener was a revolutionary product that has facilitated the lives of many homemakers. But, with so many fabric conditioners available in the market, it is pretty difficult to choose the right one for you. Here, in the following paragraphs, we will guide you with some tips so that you can land on the best fabric softener in the market.

Does the Water Absorbency Score Really Matter for Fabric Softeners?

Yes, it does. The absorbency score is the water that can be absorbed by a particular product. The water absorbency score of the fabric softener should always remain in a certain range. The addition of a fabric softener reduces the absorbency of moisture. You can make anything waterproof by dipping them in the fabric softener. So, it is suggested to buy an eco-friendly fabric softener with a good absorbency score.

What type of Clothes do you Intend to Wash with Fabric Softener?

If you have any delicate woollen clothes, designer clothes or any other fine fabric, you must use those fabric softeners which say “suitable for wool and silk”. Otherwise, your expensive clothes can be ruined completely. At first, you can apply the fabric softener on clean towels for a test run. These fabric softeners make the clothes exceptionally soft and dry. So, if there is any stone design on the cloth, stay away from the strong fabric softeners.

Is Fragrance a Compulsory Factor for Fabric Softeners?

Well, it’s not. Some manufacturers prepare their fabric softeners with aloe vera extract, eucalyptus oil, rosemary oil etc. The scent of these natural essential oils remains on your clothes for several days. As a result, you will feel fresh and relaxed wearing those clothes. Such perfumes deter the scent of your sweat as well. So, if you sweat heavily, you should definitely place an order for a fabric softener.

Is Fabric Softener too Expensive?

Well, absolutely not. The fabric softeners will cost you as much as a laundry detergent of good quality. But, with a single fabric softener, you can wash your clothes around 50 times easily. Whereas detergents will not last that long. You can get fabric softeners of the different price ranges in the UK market. If needed, you can go for lower cost ranges also.

Does the Fabric Softener Cause Residue Build-up?

If the fabric softeners are applied to the water pockets of the washing machine, there can be some residue build-up in your washing machine. These scrubs can also reside on washed clothes as well. So, wash the clothes in the hot cycle of your washing machine. So, if you are using fabric softener on a daily basis, please keep this trick in mind.

Now that you are aware of the top fabric softeners available in UK, what are you waiting for? Choose the fragrance and the bottle size, and place an order for the fabric softener. This fabric softener will help you feel good while you wear those clothes. Also, it keeps the customers in a good refreshing mood. Please check the reviews before placing an order for such fabric softeners in the United Kingdom.  The customer reviews include some first-hand pros and cons regarding these fabric softeners.