Best Eco-friendly balloons in the UK

When you see a balloon, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘party.’ Balloons are common at children’s parties, and they’re even used to mark the party’s location on garden gates. Balloon releases are seen as a nice way to show respect to the recently departed at many memorials. There’s no denying that the way the balloons gracefully ascend is stunning.

However, balloons are not good for the environment or wildlife. The charity Mermaids have estimated that if every family in the UK bought one less balloon for their child, we could save one living sea turtle.

Hundreds of balloons are released into the air every day on birthdays. About 8,000 disposable balloons are released every day in the UK, according to a research report in the UK.

Not only are the animals but also many birds get entangled in them, and most balloons are made of plastic. This means they take a very long time to break down.

Because there is nothing we can do to stop balloons being made and released into the air, it is better to simply avoid them altogether. If you can’t then best solution is to buy eco-friendly balloons.

Balloons are made entirely of biodegradable latex that “breathes” and degrades over time. Only biodegradable balloons should be released into the environment with caution; however, ribbons and seals are not biodegradable and must be disposed of properly.

If you’re going to release balloons, use biodegradable crepe paper or cotton string. There are lots of eco-friendly alternative materials and you can buy balloons that are fully biodegradable alternatives to the ones listed below.

Lazy Panda Large Strong Eco-Friendly Balloons

EF Rating: 9.5

They are thicker and heavier (4 grams each) than most, making them stronger and easier to blow up. These are made entirely of natural rubber and contain no plastic, and they are also completely biodegradable. With the strong bright colors, you can add a nice natural feel to your event. It’s appropriate for a variety of occasions, including birthdays, parties, and weddings. Get a realistic balloon that feels natural. It is made in the European Union as well.

Kilian 10 Inch 100pcs Assorted Colourful Balloons Round Natural Latex Helium Quality Bio Degradable Party Balloons

EF Rating 9.4

It is easy to blow up and tie, thick and strong, low-cost latex balloon. The balls can be filled with air and helium, but please note very short floating times with helium. It’s perfect for all sorts of festivities and special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, pastries, Halloween, honeymoon parties, sweet showers, Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve, etc.

Deluxe Orange Balloons pack of 50 Natural Latex Eco-Friendly 12 inch Balloons for Perfect Decorations UK

EF Rating 9.4

It has 50 latex orange ball packages, 12 centimetres; these balls are sustainable for each ball and 13 per cent thicker than any other ordinary latex balloon. It is 100% naturally pure, environmentally friendly BIODEGRADABLE latex for both children and adults. Do not cover more than 90 per cent of the 12-inch latex balls to prevent them. Pump inflation is highly recommended. There is a possibility of a certain amount of transparency when you inflate balloons, but the oxidation will make the colour of the balloons more vibrant. Prevent sunshine and sharp things. Add dose of fun at any time, such as birthdays, wedding parties, graduations, business events, balloon decoration, christening and indoor activities. The globes consist of natural BIODEGRADABLE latex of the highest quality and last a long time.

Unisun Eco Red White Balloons 12″ Red Confetti Balloons with Ribbon of Natural Latex Balloons

Package consists of 10pcs * 12inches white, 10pcs * 12inches rot, 10pcs * rot sequin balls, 2pcs * 10m rot. Pure natural latex, colourless, safe and not toxic is Unisun balloons. It is durable and not easy and can be used for several days. The material is thickened. The air and helium can be filled with these latex balloons. It can take about 3 days to fill with air. Helium filling may make the balloon float for 4-6 hours, so you have to fill the Balloon for 4-6 hours ahead to avoid effects. This latex ball is ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, parties for New Year, baby showers, parties, boy birthdays, Christmas parties for girls, Halloween, parties for holidays and graduations.

VingaHouse 100pcs 10 inches 100% NATURAL LATEX Balloons, Candy-Coloured Eco Balloons

EF Rating 9.4

The balls are suitable to celebrate the fiestas of an anniversary, to celebrate weddings, to the wedding, to make a home, home decoration, the New Year’s Eve, balloon arches, celebrations and so on. The globes are made of natural latex of high quality. Strictly tested every colourful Balloon, and it is environmentally friendly and children-friendly. In addition, the Balloon is very resistant to pressures and cannot be burst easily. You can use balloons for vacation decorations, fill helium gas for flying balls or fill up water for a festival.

The Balloon is inflatable because it is made of natural latex, so it is safe. However, if the operation is not performed properly during inflation, there may be a risk of suffocation,So Children under 6 years old need adult supervision. Please do not over-inflate, and also avoid sun exposure, overheating, sharp objects and excessive friction. Do not fill flammable and explosive substances such as hydrogen, powdered substances, or the Balloon may explode.

Chailert Eco Balloon: 9/10 inch Natural Latex Eco Balloon for Party Decoration

EF Rating 9.3

It is made of 100% natural latex. Premium quality, made of the best latex, we only choose top 5% latex as our raw material, our balloons have passed all European Standard on Safety of Toys. Safe, last longer. You can fill this Balloon with normal air, which can last days. If you inflate with helium, please note the Balloon will fly for 4-8 hours, then it will come down.

Nuluxi Romantic Latex Red Balloon Set Natural Latex Red Round Balloons for Wedding

EF Rating 9.4

It is a natural elastic latex of high quality that is durable for twists and turns. Balloons are good quality and red pomegranate, which before inflation looks much darker. Not harmful and not toxic, so for the body, it is very safe. The festival balloons are sufficient to produce a balloon arch, a balloon column or several balloon bouquets and table centrepieces. If you want to have excellent husbandry or birthday parties, choose this latex balloon. These big balloons make excellent decorations for a variety of parties, festivals and events like birthday/wedding party decoration, Valentine’s Day, Easter, May Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Independence Day, baby shower, bridal shower, Thanksgiving day decorations, Halloween, Christmas decorations, New Year’s day, etc. Create a photo booth with a thick vivid balloon backdrop. Stuff centrepieces with fortunes for guests to pop and see their future. Stick mini colourful confetti balls onto the balloons with glue or tape to add a hint of colour.

Biodegradable, Eco-Friendly and Recyclable Water Balloons UK

EF Rating: 9.5

These Pop Balloons are made of a high-quality, breathable PU material that is both recyclable and biodegradable. These balloons have been thoroughly tested in the factory to ensure that they are NON-TOXIC and SAFE for the environment. Attach the pre-packaged attachment to a hose, and in under a minute, you’ll have over 100 water balloons ready to use. It eliminates the hassle of filling and tying ammo for the water war, making it a simple way to provide your kids with a fun day. You can use the BBQs and the pool parties from a spontaneous Family Water Fight. From scouting troops and sports teams to every outdoor creative game. Let’s be real, and nobody outgrows their love of a good waterball battle.

These are some of the eco-friendly balloons that you will find on Amazon, which you can use to decorate your special day in an environmentally friendly way.

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