wilderness defence

wilderness defence

Police try and enter Bodge House

Earlier today (25 July) several police turned up to look at a hole in the field, in actual fact it is a tunnel, but hey!

Traps & Enclosures Sabotaged - Ilkley Moor Shoot

Grouse Liberation Front Communique:

"Up in the White Crag plantation off Ilkley moor. A large grouse pen was identified and trashed, the water pipes and distributors were left split and smashed. The wire fencing from the entire enclosure was brought down. The electric fencing was cut and the system destroyed. Two set fen traps were discovered and placed permanently out of commission.

Shell to Sea Update

Dear Friends,
Hope this email finds ye well. Here is a brief update on the current situation:

Saving Iceland Camp 2008 has Begun and First Action

Iceland digger with bannerThe 4th Saving Iceland action camp has now begun in a beautiful threatened geothermal valley beside Hellisheiðisvirkjun in the Hengill area, where it will target the expansion of the geothermal power station for the Grundartangi plant and other Southwestern heavy industry projects.

Eviction gets go ahead - Bodge House

Eviction Aruga!!19th July 2008
Activists fortify Bodge House against UK Coal open cast mine and the eviction squad

The group of direct activists occupying Lodge House opencast site since 18th June have declared that they are ready to resist eviction.

I-69 Protesters Shut Down Asphalt Yard Again, Arrestees Face Severe Repression

Fifteen I-69 opponents were arrested Monday morning (15/7/2008) blocking the entrance to Gohmann Asphalt, and need your support and solidarity. Many of them are being held on trumped up felony charges, and some of the female-bodied arrestees have been put in exceedingly unsafe situations.

Southern Tasmania update

Tassie lock-on
Southern Tasmania Spring D.A. Update

Little Denison - April
Over 80 people attended community protests over three days (April 27th-29th) in one of the last patches of high-density old growth forest in the Little Denison Valley, Southern Tasmania.

Slaughterhouse burned to the ground, Sweden

Slaughterhouse burned to the groundThe Swedish ALF, Djurens Befrielsefront, has claimed responsibility for a fire at a slaughterhouse in Lövudden on Friday night, July 4th. By the time the fire brigade arrived on the scene, nothing could be salvaged.

Bristol Tree Felling Protest

Snuff Mills protestJuly 8th 2008
A protest organised by the Snuff Mills Action Group attracted a very healthy turnout last night despite adverse weather conditions. Around 250 people turned out to express their disgust at Bristol City Councils approval of a planning application to fell 27 trees in a conservation area.

Issue Two of the 'Roadblock Report' Now Out!

Issue two of the independent newsletter of the I-69 campaign is now out for your downloading, printing and distributing pleasure.
You can find both the first and the second issue on the website of Roadblock Earth First! http://stopi69.wordpress.com/resources or on the media archive section of the I-69 Media Office's website http://i69mediaoffice.wordpress.com/media-archive