wilderness defence

wilderness defence

Stop Incineration Now! SchNEWS Film and Roast Fundraiser !

Stop Incineration Now Film and Roast Fundraiser -
Just released:SchNEWS Film:Wasters:The quirky & inspiring story of a group of climate activists from Stop Incineration Now! & Climate Camp, who occupied the site of proposed Newhaven Incinerator last year, July 2008.
Also featured:The Story of Stuff.
Announcement of International Day of Action against Incineration: 11 July 2009

Protests Resume at Tara

Yesterday 13 Tara Activists staged a return to ambush protests . The Video speaks for itself.


Calling all Protectors of Tara!

Following on from last Thursday's successful day of Direct Action, peaceful
protest again on Wednesday 4th Feb

All welcome


A chairde

15 years on - Solsbury Hill anti-road resistance photo exhibition, book launch and on-line archive

Solsbury Hill near Bath was the setting for an early '90s battle against road building (and by extension depending who you talked to from the campaign - unsustainable development/romans/global warming/industrial infrastructural growth/spectacular society/babylon/illogical transport policy/the tories/civilisation.)

Imbolc at Tara

***************CALLING ALL TARA WARRIORS**************

Imbolg is fast approaching and the Protest Season is kicking off again in style!

DAY OF ACTION for Tara, this Thursday 29 January. Meeting Wednesday night at Vigil Farm, for actions early and all day Thursday.
Come prepared - bring sleeping bag, torch, waterproof warm clothes, cameras, banners, costumes, musical instruments etc etc

Activists take action “In Defence of Ancient Forests”

Today, protesters climbed trees and hung banners in front of the Australian High Commission in London to raise awareness of the continued logging of Australia’s old growth and high conservation value forests. An emergency report compiled by environmental and protest groups in Tasmania was delivered detailing the devastation of public forests at the hands of woodchip company Gunns Ltd. The company propose more than 10km of logging roads to access 12 logging ‘coupes’ all of which contain irreplaceable ecosystems and some of the tallest trees on the planet.

ELF Mexico torch urban expansion, vandalise 30 Telmex phones

reported anonymously:

"January 22:

Graffiti such as 'Destroyers,' 'Murderers' and 'F.L.T.' was painted on two machines of urban expansion and destroyers of the land; a fire had also been set in one of these.

We will not allow more extermination!

F.L.T/E.L.F Mexico"


anonymous report:

"January 16:

Ecuador round-up: indigenous blockades, kidnappings & other protests against mining

Indians Block Ecuador Highways to Protest Mining
January 20, 2009
QUITO -- Indian groups in Ecuador started blocking highways before dawn Tuesday in protest against the new mining law, while Interior Minister Fernando Bustamante asked that the demonstrations be carried out peacefully.

CLIMATE ACTION NEWS SHEET 85, December/January 2008/2009


1. Camp for Climate Action Gathering, 31.01.09-01.02.09
2. Earth First! Winter Moot, 6-8.02.09
3. Mobilising for the COP, 13-15.03.09
4. Do It Yourself! Course, 22-27.03.09
5. Fossil Fools Day 2009, 01.04.09
6. Coal Caravan, April 2009

North East Open Cast Conference 31st Jan

North East Regional Conference
A chance for campaigners, past and present, to meet and learn from our successes and failures and plan how we can all help each other

St John Baptist Church - Grainger St - Newcastle
1:30pm - 4pm Saturday 31st Jan

Chester (Australia) Forest Rescue Needs You!

14 JAN 08: Chester Forest Rescue Camp is heating up with the first arrest yesterday (impounded surveyors vehicle with lock on) whilst they were trying to enter forest while wet, and possibly spread dieback.

We also issued them with an infringement with a penalty of 40 hours tree planting.

More arrests in Tasmanian forest destruction

JAN 14, 2008: A camp set up by conservationists almost three years ago was broken up by police on Monday morning at the request of Forestry Tasmania which wants to start logging.

Protesters in Standoff with Power Company Over Swamp Access (Florida, USA)

Jan 6th, 2009

As part of their ongoing struggle against Florida Power and Light (FPL), activists from Everglades Earth First! have set up an encampment at the entrance to the Barley Barber Swamp, demanding entry to ensure that ancient cypress trees are not being killed by water pumping for the adjacent Martin County Power Plant. Following a combined protest/picnic, demonstrators attempted to hike in to inspect the swamp, but were prevented from entering by police. A standoff has ensued.

Walk of proposed opencast site, NE, 18th Jan

The good folks from the NO OPENCAST TODAY OR TOMORROW campaign have invited us along to walk the site that U:K coal are planning to destroy with a surface mining 'development'.