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This site is for sharing ecological direct action stories and other relevant events & news. Please post any stuff you hear about.

There are various contacts and resources linked on the 'Contacts' page, with many useful Resources links too.

[Leaflets, posters, logos and the like can be found through the 'Image Galleries' - still out of action unfortunately, December '11]. Action photos can be found in relevant stories. You can also download any images that are on this website for your 'campaigning needs'. Either click on the small thumbnails in a story to get the bigger sized image, search, or browse through the 'Image Galleries' [see above], or by subject.

You can look at past stories by: looking at old pages as numbered below the main page, browsing by subject or area by clicking on that issue or location link, listed to the left, or using the search box.

You can also subscribe to RSS news feeds in your news reader or bookmark toolbar - there is a feed for each region and each subject. Click on the orange square symbols in the navigation toolbar or at the foot of the page under the news stories once you've selected which feed (by region or subject) you're interested in. Do use these or the relevant link on your specific website, to share the stories you are interested in. Note: sorry, 'email this page' link temporarily disabled due to spamming problems.

Your security - note that there is a 'secure' SSL connection available to this site ( It will have no details for the Common Name, hence the error message. This automatic browser warning scares a lot of people off going to the site, so we've reinstated a standard http version.

If you want to browse 'even more' anonymously, use a proxy server such as Tor (if you have your own computer) or Anonymouse (for public computers).

For where to read up about Security Culture, see here. For internet security, see Tech Tools for Activists, and for other aspects of security, see this handbook

Don't use social media to organise - read more about why. 

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