Scotland (central & southern)

Scotland (central & southern)

videos from Mainshill and German treesit against a proposed pipeline

The Mainshill Solidarity Camp presents:

*Off With Their Heads!*

Holding the politicians behind Mainshill Open Cast Coal Mine to account

Featuring: Jim Hood MP, Karen Gillon MSP, Councillor Danny Meikle and Lord Home

Sabotage at Broken Cross Open Cast Coal Mine (Mainshill Solidarity Action)

In the early hours of the 25th December, a group of autonomous activists delivered their Christmas present to Scottish Coal. Four machines were sabotaged at the Broken Cross open cast site, the largest of its type in Europe, just 5 miles from Mainshill Solidarity Camp.

Mainshill Celebrates 6th Month of Resistance! Come celebrate with us over Christmas!

Mainshill Solidarity Camp will celebrate its 6th month of resistance against Scottish Coal and fat cat interests this Friday the 18th of December!

Contractor's van sabotaged at Mainshill

On Wednesday 16th, contractors parked in front of Mainshill Solidarity Camp returned to find their van sabotaged.

Autonomous Pixie Action in Solidarity with Mainshill

In the early hours of Monday the 7th of December a drilling rig and other machinery was sabotaged at Mainshill Solidarity Camp. This action was taken by a group of autonomous people in solidarity with all those who oppose the development of Mainshill Wood into an open cast coal mine.

Glasgow Airport Terminal 2 branded unethical

On the day the world's leaders were to release their global emissions target, Plane Stupid Scotland unveiled a new sign welcoming people to Glasgow Airport. Giant letters read "T2 closed" and "Closed for Ethical Rethink", pointing to the increasingly airport.

Lord Home's mansion visited in solidarity with Mainshill

In the early hours of Sunday 29th November a group of autonomous activists caused embarrassment to Lord Home, exposing his role in the proposed development of Mainshill Woods into and open cast coal mine. This action was taken by a group of autonomous people in solidarity with all those who oppose the development of Mainshill Wood into an open cast coal mine.

Another Successful Action-Packed Gathering at Mainshill Solidarity Camp

From Saturday 28th Nov – Tues 1st Dec there was another successful action-packed gathering at Mainshill Solidarity Camp. With activists traveling from all over the UK, around 55 people converged on the camp and spent the weekend solidifying old defences, working on new ones and stopping the logging work on site.

Sabotage at Mainshill

On the morning of the 22nd of November a drilling rig had it's electronics and hydraulics cut. The specialist drilling rig is owned by Apex Drilling Services. The machine damaged is one of two rigs that have been working to prepare the Mainshill Wood area for coal extraction.

Camp for Climate Action - where next, gatherings and process

January Regional Gatherings

There will be no national gathering in January. Instead, we are encouraging neighbourhoods to hold their own regional gatherings in advance of a three-day national gathering in February.

More Bailiff activity at Mainshill

Two Welsh bailiffs were found walking around the site this morning and followed to one of the bunkers which has been built as a defence.

Come to the Peace News Winter Gathering, 15-17 January

Join people from across the spectrum of the British peace movement for a weekend of exploration, celebration and empowerment - learning from other movements, struggling with challenging issues, and creating greater cohesion and solidarity in a segmented peace movement.

Reminder: Mainshill - weekend of action and workshops!

Weekend of Action and workshops

Sat 28th Nov - Tues 1st Dec

With signs that the eviction may happen any minute the Mainshill solidarity camp need all the support they can get (see for more details on the current situation).