Rest of Europe

Rest of Europe

Mass Action, Barricades and Lock Downs Fail to Halt Development for the Mega-Rich


City officials said on Wednesday morning they were pleased with how the operation in the Schlossgarten park went. They said 2,500 officers had encountered little violence.

Monsanto takes double hit in January - who's next?

Monsanto Admits Defeat in France, Biotech Corn Contaminates


More nails in the GM coffin - bye bye BASF / amaranth fights back against GM menace / Take the Flour Back

18 January 2012

BASF, the last firm still developing genetically modified crops in Germany is stopping its work, admitting defeat in the face of widespread European opposition to to the idea.

Three days of action against Shell

December 13, 2011

Protesters give Shell an early Christmas present

Relentless Blockading of $hell's Work

November 29, 2011

In Erris, Co. Mayo the Tuesday morning traditional gathering outside the $hell refinery continues despite increasing presence of Gardai and rain.

Italy: more NO TAV protests planned for December

More initiatives being planned by the NO TAV movement against a high speed rail line being built in the Susa Valley (Piedmont).

Shell's Peat Haulage Has Begun... And Been Disrupted !

Shell is removing peat bog from the tunnelling compound in Aughoose, Co. Mayo, Ireland, and replacing it with stone and gravel from nearby quarries. The increased truck movements has not gone unchallenged.