Rest of Europe

Rest of Europe

Agriculture Action Camp 5-10 July Den Bosch NL

From the 5th till 10th of July in Den Bosch in the Netherlands, ASEED will organize a 6 days long camp. The camp will involve workshops, trainings, discussions, and action, for good ecological initiatives, an alternative food chain, alternatives to industrial farming, and against gentech and meat industry, and more.. 

Wicked Work Weekend in Mayo

Stopping Shell, moving camp & dragging pallets!

Friday 4th May Day of Solidarity successfully stopped all Shell haulage for the day. Once folks were satisfied that Shell wasn't going to try and do any haulage, they went to the Rossport Solidarity Camp to start taking down structures and move the camp.

Forests instead of Coal: Interviews with the occupiers of Hambach Forest.

Mayo, Ireland: Day of Solidarity & work weekend- 4-7 May

Spend yer May bank holiday in solidarity!!!


Stop Shell, keep yer hands busy, and learn about environmental campaigns in the US- all in one weekend!

Forest to be Coal Mined occupied in Germany

Actioncamp Foz da Tua (Portugal)

We are reaching the critical stage to stop one of the biggest atrocities committed in one of the most beautiful rivers in Portugal.

Latest Updates from Protect the Wilderness & Reclaim the Fields

The Protect the Wilderness campaign attended a court hearing on Monday 5th brought by Gloucestershire County Council. This morning, the Judge gave possession to the council. An eviction is very likely in the immediate days.

No TAV - Val de Susa latest news

A summary of the latest events - Baita Clarea is an area in Val Susa where works for the implementation of the TAV were due to start soon.

On Monday 27th February the forces of order proceeded to evict and expropriate the land in Baita Clarea in order to clear the way for the devastating high speed railway works.

Mass Action, Barricades and Lock Downs Fail to Halt Development for the Mega-Rich


City officials said on Wednesday morning they were pleased with how the operation in the Schlossgarten park went. They said 2,500 officers had encountered little violence.

Monsanto takes double hit in January - who's next?

Monsanto Admits Defeat in France, Biotech Corn Contaminates