wander to Drax

drax security & cops
drax 3

this morning some people left the camp to explore how to get to drax. 5 minutes after having left they have been searched under section 60 (parking lot of nature reserve thingy - barlow common). section 60 currently exceeds a huge area around: southern selby, fairburn, nottingly, eggborough, little smelton, balne, carlton, newland, drax and long drax, hemingborough.

Climate Change and 21st Century Border Controls- Technopolitics of exclusion

Audio Interview of the Workshop leader - Run by an internationally recognised authority on the subject, the workshop covers current military plans to build new immobilising and paralysing technologies for border control and for targeting large crowds. The talk explores the generation of this technology as well as the challenge of developing non-violent countermeasures.....

Climate Camp Sunday Pictures + Info

Pics from sunday afternoon and evening at the climate camp - also see Monday's Press Release from the camp - The mass day of action to shut down drax power station is on thursday, so there's plenty of time to get yourself down to the camp, which runs for another week until sunday / monday.

Mersey waste dumped on Wrexham - report on today's protest

Wrexham dump protest 1
Wrexham dump protest 2


Mersey Waste Holdings faced determined opposition this morning when the first lorry carrying waste arrived at Hafod Quarry, Johnstown, near Wrexham. Anxious to get the lorry into the site with the minimum of delay, the Police used heavy-handed tactics to drag protesters out of the way with scant regard for health and safety. Welsh media were in attendance but didn't manage to film the blockaders being dragged away.

Saving Iceland Protest camp over

Iceland sunset

Closing statement from the summer 2006 Saving Iceland/Friends of Iceland protest camp:
20 August 2006

This summer’s protest camp is disbanding but the fight must go on.

Callout to Join Manchester/Liverpool Neighbourhood at Climate Camp

The Camp for Climate Action is scheduled for Aug 26 - Sept 4 near Leeds. People from Manchester and Liverpool will form a neighbourhood at the Camp. This is a callout to join the neighbourhood now.

Saving Iceland action invades Alcoa


The Icelandic highlands are the last great expanse of true wilderness left in Western Europe. Now the country's hydroelectric potential has been targeted by multinational corporations, who intend to establish large-scale heavy industry in these hitherto pristine hinterlands. Join the protest camp.

Iceland: The Battle for Karahnjukar

Activists in Iceland being starved out by police and security as lock-on actions halt work on the Karahnjukar Dam construction.

In the last 3 days activists in Iceland who are protesting against the Icelandic goverments environmentally devastaing policies to turn fragile eco systems and natural resources in to roar energy for the expanding aluminium industry have moved their action protest camp to Lindar a beautiful area of hot pools near the Dam construction which very soon will be threatened with flooding.

News of New Protest Camp in Westminster

Campaigner Mark Kemp and other homeless folk have recently occupied some land in Victoria. The exact location is given below*. Mark runs the Independent Victims Helpline, and is operating the space for independent victims support, but also, given it's proximity to the Westminster Exclusion Zone, the Department for Justice and Constitutional Affairs and Westminster City Council, also for protest and banner making.

Iceland - protest camp against destruction of nature

News from the protest camp which is happening at the moment in Iceland to fight against the destruction of nature for heavy industry.

Iceland, with its last great expanse of true wilderness in western Europe, is under serious threat. Multinational companies, in partnership with the Icelandic government, are establishing large-scale heavy industry across the pristine countryside that has made the country so famous. Protected areas and even internationally protected vegetation will be directly affected.

Tip for climbing fences

pocket ladder

Many activists get arrested cutting through military fences and so get the extra charge of 'malicious mischief'. Using a ladder to climb fences is impracticable as you tend to get intercepted and charged for approaching a base with a ladder. You can buy 'telescopic-ladders' but they are very expensive so here is the cheapo solution.

Two simultaneous blockades at Eyjabakkar and Kárahnjúkar

Iceland '06 blockade 1
Iceland '06 blockade 2

26th July 2006
A bridge was blocked at Kárahnjúkar by ten people at the same time that over forty people blocked a crossroads by the worksite at the dams that are being built at Eyjabakkar. Both blockades were successful and although police arrived with riotshields there was no violence or arrests.