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Critical mass and protest to support Camp Titnore on Saturday!

A critical mass cycle ride and a town centre protest are being held on Saturday, August 12, to support Camp Titnore in Worthing, Sussex.

The ten-week old treetop protest camp is under threat of eviction, with an appeal in the High Court currently being prepared.

Brum Social Centre Occupation Seeks to Bring Abandoned Building Back to Community Use

A community and social centre in Sparkbrook, closed and designated for auction by Birmingham city council has been taken over by a local collective, with plans to put it back to community use.

Prior to its abandonment the “Cottage of Content�, as it has come to be called, was used as a local youth group, offered English lessons, adult education and served as a Yemeni cultural centre. However in May 2005, after no public consultation, the city council boarded up the property and declared the building “surplus�.

Southend-on-sea critical mass

Come and help make Southends (essex) critical mass bigger and better.

Friday 11th August @ 6 .pm. outside WHSmith's (top of high street).
And every second Friday of the month thereafter.


West Midlands climate camp meeting, 11th August

a second meeting Friday 11th August at The Occupied Social Centre in Sparkbrook at 7.30pm for people interested in coming to climate camp from the West Midlands/Birmingham area.

The address is:
The Cottage of Content Occupied Social Centre, 147 Kyrwicks Lane, Sparkbrook, B11 1SS

Iceland: The Battle for Karahnjukar

Activists in Iceland being starved out by police and security as lock-on actions halt work on the Karahnjukar Dam construction.

In the last 3 days activists in Iceland who are protesting against the Icelandic goverments environmentally devastaing policies to turn fragile eco systems and natural resources in to roar energy for the expanding aluminium industry have moved their action protest camp to Lindar a beautiful area of hot pools near the Dam construction which very soon will be threatened with flooding.

News of New Protest Camp in Westminster

Campaigner Mark Kemp and other homeless folk have recently occupied some land in Victoria. The exact location is given below*. Mark runs the Independent Victims Helpline, and is operating the space for independent victims support, but also, given it's proximity to the Westminster Exclusion Zone, the Department for Justice and Constitutional Affairs and Westminster City Council, also for protest and banner making.

rampART news August

Here is a run down of the latest news from Londons rampART social centre. Agust is a bit sparse for events but there is plenty of other news. The building has gone on the market for a start which is significant news. There's also a strong plea for fresh energy and involvement - use it or loss it...

Dutch/Belgium EarthFirst! set up treetop camp in Belgium

Borsbeek woods


Monday night Earthfirst activists occupied woodlands surrounding an old fortress in Borsbeek. Both the fortress and the surrounding woodlands represent a fine piece of nature supervised by local ‘Natuurpunt Schijnvallei’.

Titnore Campers make appeal - cash needed

Titnore campaigners need to raise £400 at least for legal costs to challenge the possession order granted in the High Court on Thursday July 27.
Titnore video appeal - RealMedia 10M

Iceland - protest camp against destruction of nature

News from the protest camp which is happening at the moment in Iceland to fight against the destruction of nature for heavy industry.

Iceland, with its last great expanse of true wilderness in western Europe, is under serious threat. Multinational companies, in partnership with the Icelandic government, are establishing large-scale heavy industry across the pristine countryside that has made the country so famous. Protected areas and even internationally protected vegetation will be directly affected.

Police impede London Critical Mass

London Critical Mass police block

Police try to manage the July 2006 ride of London's Critical Mass.

Having won its court case against the police, London CM is now being subjected by the cycle cops to barricading and cars being allowed to nose into the ride. This had the effect of slowing down the Mass and causing fragmentation as well as extra traffic congestion. Towards the end of the ride a cyclist is accused of denting the fragile wing of a London taxi with his hand and a policeman takes his particulars.

LOCAL CHILLING-to halt a shrinking world

14/07/06 -15/07/06 In Bristol new cars being transported by rail had body-work[panels]and windscreens smashed, while in transit. Tiles were also removed and roofing felt cut on the roof of Thomas Cook travel agents [Canford lane] .

Tip for climbing fences

pocket ladder

Many activists get arrested cutting through military fences and so get the extra charge of 'malicious mischief'. Using a ladder to climb fences is impracticable as you tend to get intercepted and charged for approaching a base with a ladder. You can buy 'telescopic-ladders' but they are very expensive so here is the cheapo solution.

TITNORE tree campers have vowed to continue their fight

Save Titnore Woods T-shirt

TITNORE tree campers have vowed to continue their legal fight for occupation of woodland threatened with the chop at West Durrington. At a High Court hearing on Thursday July 27, senior official Master Turner gave them leave to appeal against his decision to grant a possession order to landowners Fitzroy and Clem Somerset. They now have until 4pm on Friday August 11 to lodge their appeal - the day before a planned day of solidarity protests in Worthing.

Bristol Folk at the Camp For Climate Action - find out more on 3rd & 9th August

Bristol climate camp flier

Camp for Climate Action is happening in yorkshire, 26/8 - 4/9.
The camp will be a mix of workshops, meetings, socialising, information sharing and action. It will be a place that encourages discussion on what we are faced with, what the alternatives are, how we can achieve them and the diversity of tactics and action we will need to get there. The camp will also facilitate direct action against some of key sections of the fossil fuel economy.