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30 000 riot in Bangladesh against UK Coal Mining Company

On Saturday 26th August 30 000 people tried to storm the local offices of Asia Energy, a London-based mining company that owns the right to 570m tonnes of coal in Bangladesh's Phulbari. Paramilitries fired on the crowd killing six and injuring 300.

Hay Stax Not Drax poem

Its time 2 face facts, make trax, put on ur face masks and stop Drax in its trax.

Live life 2 the max, dont b a lax-e-daisy, ickle, fickle melting icicle.

Coal-power stations cover the nations,

Climate Camp - On the Ground: Suicide farmers found in Yorkshire, a personal account

One minute I am choking on fumes in smog and heat-ridden Central London, the next it's raining, it's cold, it's northern and I am only armed with a mountaineering helmet and a camera.

It was a rush job. Phone calls came in every damn minute. Climate Camp. Thousands expected. Thousands of Her Majesty's finest expected too. And from the worst of England's police forces too.

Farmer attacks Drax Protesters with Tractor

Drax tractor incident 1
Drax tractor incident 2

On two occaisions during today's day of action against Drax power station, a farmer drove his tractor striaght at groups of protesters. The first, in a field being crossed by white suited protesters and the samba band, caused people to run out of the way before the police shouted at the man to desist. The second, against the Kid's Block protest at the main gate, was prevented by police, who dragged the man from the cab and arrested him. Footage shows that it was the same farmer on both occaisions.

Climate Camp Videos: Screening at Rampart tonight


Videos and footage from today's action from the Climate Camp will be screened at Rampart tonight.
Start is at 8pm, but will carry on throughout the evening alongside Global Dimming and An Inconvenient Truth

Police Prevent Essential Supplies From Reaching Activists

During Climate Camp's Day of Mass Action at Drax Power Station fellow activists attempted to get water and food to dehydrated activists stood on the perimeter fence. However, police refused access to the nessecery footpath meaning the supplies couldn't reach them. It demonstrates the heavily unreasonable police presence during the whole camp.

Drax phone numbers

Fancy phoning Drax for a news interview?

Melanie Wedgbury Drax Power ltd. 01757 612912

National Media enq.: David Trenchard/Peter Hewer
Tulchan communications: 0207 353 4200

Local media enq. : Richard Harrison/Lisa McGauley

Corporate Media Coverage of the Climate Camp & police censorship

see for full list. If you came across anything else, email info[at]


press photographers turned back on 31st

We did try to attend but we were turned back by police on the main road 1 mile from the M62

Drax to Stop Smoking

We the clown medics division of the 1st gaggle of Gigglewatt Valley Regiment of the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army are here at the Climate Camp in Yorkshire to help Drax (full name Drax Power Station) quit his chain smoking habit.

Life at the Climate Camp - a personal perspective

I think it's important to get across to others not here, that this camp is a great example of people working together to create a vibrant living environment. It's probably been noted elsewhere in reports on Indymedia or other websites, but I've been really impressed with the whole set-up here - from disabled compost loos, to fab food served up three times a day without fail at each of the five camp neighbourhood kitchens, to impromptu singing sessions at night, to kids play and workshop areas, to an Indymedia field media centre complete with satellite link-up. And not to mention the impressive array of workshops about different aspects of climate change going on every day.

Drax shares take a slide

Sell Sell Sell

Three years ago, Drax coal-fired power station group, was virtually bankrupt. This year however, Drax shares have been the best performing blue chip stock, with an 'electrifying' 85.6 per % share price increase. Drax has been benefiting from the massive shift back to coal for electricity generation last winter, thanks to supply difficulties with Natural Gas. With North Sea production of gas in terminal decline, the UK has had to turn to greater and great imports of increasingly expensive Gas from Russia and elsewhere. This has sparked a rapid revival of fortunes for coal fired power generation and a staggering 17% increase over the previous year.

Climate Camp fun and action- if not tomorrow then when?

Under the shadow of Drax power station, the Camp for Climate Action has been bursting into life this week. This totally unprecedented project has involved hundreds of people from across the UK coming together to take action against the causes of climate change.

Climate Camp Reaction to Police Visit

banner hides climate camp 1
banner hides climate camp 2

At around 2:40 today there was a request by the police to re-enter the camp.

Feminism And Climate Change

Workshop tells us Climate Change can happen with feminism.

I attended the feminism and climate camp workshop today to see if the feminist movement could help me look at a way forward from Climate Change. I was not disappointed. Elizabeth Carolla faciliatated the workshop encouraging thoughts on how climate change and feminism can be seen as a shared movement. Today we live in a patriarchal, capitalist world which violently opresses feminism as a dated and rejected concept. The women and men present were encouraged and empowered to envision an alternative to this situation by embracing feminism. Despite media representations of feminity that encourage feminism to be rejected, dismissed, or stereotyped, we were encouraged to reject this false image. Feminism is an opportunity for non-male, non-white, or non-anythings to recognise themselves; a communicating, respectful, and accepting attitude. During the discussion we looked at the best positive or negative outcome in the next ten years for women, and the segregated alike. Are men and women to become cloned copies of the ideologised feminity and masculinity? Are we to increasingly become a segregated community that rarely talks or listens, plugged into our Ipods? I think I'll be unplugging for a while, and next time my fifteen year old sister tells me she can't walk out the door with make-up I will be telling her otherwise.