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Gagged 13

GAGGED! #13 Autumn 2006 - South Wales Anarchist
Newsletter • Against Power & Profit •
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Wrexham Council votes for landfill

Wrexham dump 1
Wrexham dump 2

Residents of Johnstown vow to continue their protests at Hafod Quarry following failure by Wrexham Council to revoke planning permission for landfill at the site, part of which is a Special Area of Conservation and home to great crested newts. The landfill site is also just 150 yards from local houses. Several other landfill sites in the area have caused nuisance, noise and pollution for years and local people have had enough.

Save Frenchwood Rec - Save The Ribble!

Local people will be rambling around Frenchwood Recreation Ground on Sunday 10th September. The area, which includes popular football pitches and borders the beautiful River Ribble is under threat from ideas in Preston City Council's 'Riverworks' proposals - which include large housing developments over green areas including the rec, as well as the environmentally disastrous idea of building a barrage across the river, and concreting over the banks for boat moorings.

National Day of Action against Short Haul Flights - November 6th

Plane Stupid is calling for a day of action against short haul flights and short haul operators on November 6th, during the UN International Climate Talks in Nairobi. The day of action is two days after the mass event for climate action in London on November 4th, organised by Stop Climate Chaos and the Campaign Against Climate Change.

Bristol subverted billboard....

Oil is killing us subvert

by Redfield resident Monday, Sep 4 2006

These bits of subvertising have sprung up recently in Redfield. Unfortunately it's pretty difficult to keep pace with the number of adverts for big cars that are ALL OVER THE PLACE....

Hill of Tara - Ireland's ancient Pagan nervecentre

camp map
camp map

Skryne Valley, near Tara Hill, is Ireland's 'Valley of the Kings' and the cultural and political nervecentre of Ireland's Pagan past. But in spite of this Meath County Council, backed up by the central government in Dublin, wishes to build a motorway through Co. Meath's scenic Skryne Valley, destroying at least 40 archaeological sites linked directly to the history of Tara Hill in the construction process. More information about this outrage against Ireland's archaeological heritage on

Climate Camp Cartoon

climate camp cartoon

Mr Burns from the Simpsons sneers at the Climate Change protesters

LATEST NEWS - 3 hour lock on shuts down machine inside Drax

This news just in as those responsible have finally been released after about 28 hours in police custody...

Yesterday during the day of mass action against Drax, three people managed to enter Drax despite the presence of police from eight forces and lock on to a slag processing machine which was then switched off for three hours.

Video - Bicycology represent Climate Action in Selby

Video - Bicycology represent Climate Action in Selby. Creative interaction in the town centre, including bicycle powered gameboys and music. Find out more about what bicycology is.

Video mp4 of bicycology - high quality - video/mp4 8.9M

Video of Drax looking pretty shut down actually!

When we looked at the footage of the power station, it started to be clear that some things were distinctly not normal. Rail access blocked [yes by the police but it still counts] , grinders for scooping coal not rotating, and minimal smoke coming out.

radio interviews on climate camp

Mp3 extract of the You and Yours programme ">climate interview radio 4 - mp3 2.5M
This is an mp3 of the show mentioned above - it can be downloaded here.

Residents Against Greenbelt Exploitation (Fairburn, Yorks)

We are three local villages of Ledstion, Ledsham and Fairburn and we are fighting greenbelt exploitation in our area with regard to a proposed opencast mine.

The projected opencast is still in the hands of local authority (Leeds Council) and if permission is granted will commence September 2007.

Breaking News: climate camp day of action timeline


Breaking news reports from the Reclaim Power day of mass action against Drax Power Station:

Overnight - In the early hours of the 1st of September, actions around Drax continued. Reports came in of people attemting to breach the perimeter of the fence overnight.

Airborne protest at Bristol Airport against climate chaos

No Airport Expansion banner

Press release from Bristol protesters 1/9/06 5.10pm

Following yesterdays anti-nuclear ‘reclaim power’ protests at Drax power station in Yorkshire, campaigners in Bristol today focused on Bristol Airport’s absurd plans for expansion and the harmful greenhouse emissions from air traffic, currently running at 700 million tonnes of CO2 per year in the UK.