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CCTV Protest in Balsall Heath Continues

anti CCTV boy

Summary of ongoing campaign to get rid of a CCTV camera on our road, put up without consultation with residents, and suggesting that the protests are extended to other CCTV cameras. Also to link this with anti ID card campaigns,

The death of the great Icelandic wilderness has begun

With tears in my eyes i write these words I never believed I would. The flooding of Kárahnjúkar has now begun.

Showdown with Shell (at Rossport) - updates of last days

Ballanaboy 1
Ballanaboy 2

People power and peaceful resistance effectively completely defeated Shell’s first concerted effort to break the picket at the refinery site at Bellanaboy this morning. Early signs that a confrontation was imminent were apparent by the dawn arrival of seven carloads of extra security guards who sped into the compound. People on alert began to determinedly gather in front of the gates and banners and placards were distributed in readiness for the long prepared for initial showdown.

Edinburgh radical bookfair 11-15th october

THE 10TH EDINBURGH INDEPENDENT RADICAL BOOK FAIR - THE ALTERNATIVE BOOK FESTIVAL will take place from Wednesday 11th to Sunday 15th of October 2006 in Out of the Blue Drill Hall, 30-38 Dalmeny Street, Edinburgh, EH6 8RG, Scotland, UK.

Hunt Sabbed - Foxes Saved in South Wales


Today Bristol & South Wales Hunt Saboteurs visited an illegal fox hunt in South Wales near Cardiff. Waiting for them from the break of dawn, we saw them gradually arrive at the hunt kennels with the intent to hunt and kill fox cubs.

Shell attempting refinery work...protests planned

Latest News from Shell to Sea and the Rossport Solidarity Camp:

Stay tuned to and for more...

Shell are threatening to start work at the Bellinaboy site, where they intend to build a giant refinery to process Corrib gas onshore. There are daily pickets at the entrance to the site, and local people are adamant that the work can not be started without their consent.

Sunday 8am: Protestors shut down Nottingham East Midlands airport

East Midlands airport action

Below is our press release from yesterday. We went in at 7:55 am. At midday armed police, dog units, firebrigade and helicopter were present and cleared the runway. 24 people are still in custody, held on suspicion of crimes under the Aviation and Security Act, Conspiracy to Cause Public Nuisance and Criminal Damage. They should all be out by midnight tonight. Fingers crossed. Beneath press release is an update from someone arrested there, worth reading.

Resist eviction of Green Man Pub, Catford TONIGHT!


callout for people to resist eviction of Green Man pub, 355 Bromley Road, Catford PARTY TONIGHT, with a view to resisting eviction very early Monday morning!

Nearest station: bellingham on the Blackfriars to Sevenoaks Thameslink line (same line as Elephant & Castle, Peckham Rye ...easily blaggable).

Houses demolished in Korean resistance to US base expansion

Daechuri demolition attempt 1
Daechuri demolition attempt 2
Daechuri demolition attempt 3

For over four years, the Korean villages of Daechuri and Doduri have defiantly resisted the seizure of their homes and fields for the expansion of an United States Army base. On September 13 at dawn, 22,000 riot police invaded and occupied the villages. Police demolition equipment managed to wipe out 68 empty houses. But the vastly outnumbered villagers and supporters put up a fierce resistance, and managed to stop the cops from destroying many of the houses that the Ministry of Defense had threatened to destroy.

Massive victory for anti-incinerator campaign in Nottingham

NAIL victory


Today the Development Control Committee of Nottingham City Council unanimous agreed on rejecting the application to expand Eastcroft Incinerator, which burns most of Nottingham's waste. At the moment 150.000 tonnes of waste goes through the incinerator owned by waste giant Waste Recycling Group (WRG) each year. The expansion would bring in waste from neighbouring counties and bring capacity up to 250.000 tonnes.

London Climate Camp meeting

Where next for climate activism in London?
Second Camp for Climate Action follow-up meeting, Tuesday, September 26, 7 PM at RampART

A second get-together of people hoping to harness the energy that came out of the Camp for Climate Action and work together on radical action against climate change in London. Everyone is welcome, whether you came to the camp or not – and bring your friends! Among other things, we'll be talking about how we want to get involved in upcoming climate-relevant days of action, and doing some last-minute planning for Saturday night’s Climate Camp benefit gig, also at Rampart – more details below.

trees saved at Titnore, Worthing & next demo 7th October

Worthing Council has announced that more than 200 trees threatened by the West Durrington development could be saved.

*Excellent news. It looks as if the Titnore campaign has won a first battle in the war against the development.The following has appeared on the Worthing Herald website (*

Manchester climate camp exhibition opening

Images & experiences from the Camp for Climate Action

Films - music - reports - to ignite & inspire

Friday night (tomorrow) sees the grand opening of the climate camp exhibition.

We'll be showing films, displaying photos, playing music, presenting our experiences of the camp and eating food from 7:30 tomorrow evening, at the Basement, 24 Lever Street, off Piccadilly.

Camp Bling one year old.

Bling thanks sign

Camp Bling marks 1st anniversary at king’s burial.

Possibly against all the odds, and the expectations of some, including the local council, Southend on Sea’s very own road protest site marks its first anniversary this coming Saturday 23rd September.

Shell Still Stopped in Ireland

Shell main gate picket in Mayo

Latest news on the struggle against Shell in the West of Ireland. Large numbers at pickets prevent entry into refinery construction site. Shell’s public relations efforts come to naught.