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London Climate Camp meeting

Where next for climate activism in London?
Second Camp for Climate Action follow-up meeting, Tuesday, September 26, 7 PM at RampART

A second get-together of people hoping to harness the energy that came out of the Camp for Climate Action and work together on radical action against climate change in London. Everyone is welcome, whether you came to the camp or not – and bring your friends! Among other things, we'll be talking about how we want to get involved in upcoming climate-relevant days of action, and doing some last-minute planning for Saturday night’s Climate Camp benefit gig, also at Rampart – more details below.

trees saved at Titnore, Worthing & next demo 7th October

Worthing Council has announced that more than 200 trees threatened by the West Durrington development could be saved.

*Excellent news. It looks as if the Titnore campaign has won a first battle in the war against the development.The following has appeared on the Worthing Herald website (*

Manchester climate camp exhibition opening

Images & experiences from the Camp for Climate Action

Films - music - reports - to ignite & inspire

Friday night (tomorrow) sees the grand opening of the climate camp exhibition.

We'll be showing films, displaying photos, playing music, presenting our experiences of the camp and eating food from 7:30 tomorrow evening, at the Basement, 24 Lever Street, off Piccadilly.

Camp Bling one year old.

Bling thanks sign

Camp Bling marks 1st anniversary at king’s burial.

Possibly against all the odds, and the expectations of some, including the local council, Southend on Sea’s very own road protest site marks its first anniversary this coming Saturday 23rd September.

Shell Still Stopped in Ireland

Shell main gate picket in Mayo

Latest news on the struggle against Shell in the West of Ireland. Large numbers at pickets prevent entry into refinery construction site. Shell’s public relations efforts come to naught.

Blatant illegal hunting ignored by Suffolk Police

Dead hunted fox

The Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) today condemned the activities of Suffolk Police after they ignored a hunt killing a fox, and then proceeded to allow further incidents of illegal hunting choosing instead to target and harass the hunt monitors present trying to collect evidence of it.

The Camp For Climate Action Benefit, London, 30th September

London climate camp benefit flier

Benefit.. the ostrich returns!

HeadJam, The Tell + more tbc.
DJne Mondstrom, DJ Timorous, VJs,
films & food.

Saturday 30th September, 8pm -2am.

Manchester Critical Mass End of Summer Party

Manc Critical Mass end of summer flier

Critical mass happens every last friday of the month 6pm central library
The next critical mass is on FRIDAY 29TH AT CENTRAL LIBRARY AT 6PM

Latest news from the rampART

This is an edited version of the latest newsletter from the rampART social centre in East London. You can join the mailing list yourself via in order to stay up to date as the newsletter is not posted on indymedia every week.

Personal Experience of the Climate Change Camp

The article gives impressions of what the climate change camp was like as a performer, workshop leader, and participant of workshops.

My Experience at the Climate Change Camp near the DRAX Power Station

Feedback from the Green Spirituality Workshop at the Drax Climate Change Camp

There were 26 participants in a Green Spirituality Workshop which discussed spiritual answers to the coming climate change crisis.

Feedback on the Green Spirituality Workshop Held at the Climate Change Camp August 2006.

Government in 100% support SHOCKER!

subvertised crossing 3
subvertised crossing 1
subvertised crossing 2

Recently the Government has come under attack for a lot of things, dissent amongst the populous is high and support for the war on terror is very low.