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Solidarity in Australia with the Indigenous peoples The Black Mesa

October 13, 2006

Around 30 people descended upon Peabody’s office in Newcastle today in protest against Peabody’s practices of Cultural and Eco Genocide on the homelands of the Navajo and Hopi peoples in America and their interest in doing the same on Australian Lands.

Breaking news from Mayo

Three arrests this morning, national mobilisation planned.

This morning at around 7 a.m. police check points were in place on roads at either side of the Rossport Solidarity Camp. The police took the details of the people leaving the camp to go to the refinery site at Ballinaboy.

Shell Depot Shut down on Tyneside 11/10/06

here's a photo of the blockade of Shells Jarrow Distribution depot on Tyneside. It was closed for an hour before the protestors got bored and went off to visit some fuel stations in Newcastle and caused some merry mischief there.

GM Radical History - request for articles

We are putting together a pamphlet about radical resistance to GM in the UK. Send us your reflections, analysis, stories, illustrations and photos (!) about resistance to GM. We would like people to contribute with accounts of covert crop trashings, sabotage, occupations, Smash Genetix, animal feed actions, Watlington, crop squats, Bayer campaign - stuff that doesn't often get written about in more official accounts of the fight against GM.

Only 1 Bidder for M74 Contract - addresses...

There's only one consortium bidding for the contract to fuck up the southside of Glasgow by extending the M74 through it.

According to Newsquest (,

Rooftop Action closes Shell Garage in Brighton


A group of about 20 people closed down a busy Brighton Shell garage for an hour and half during this evening's rush hour in solidarity with the call for action in solidarity with Rossport in County Mayo, Ireland.

Bradford Shell Garage gets Samba'd


Just before 5:30pm tonight, amid rush-hour traffic, a group of protesters lined up outside a city centre shell garage to play samba and alert passers by to the situation in County Mayo, Ireland.

Shell HQ Occupied inside and on roof in Dublin; plus Mayo & Cork actions


At 12.30 p.m. 15 activists arrived at the Headquarters of Shell Exploitation and Production Ireland, six entered the lobby while another six climbed onto the roof. A couple more stayed on the pavement outside to chain some of the doors to the building and to speak to the media. A publically advertised protest was scheduled at this office for 1 p.m. so soon the advance party was joined by 40 to 50 more people. The cops arrived and were quite dozy not really knowing what to do. They took the names of the people in lobby but not the people on the roof. They attempted to access the roof via a window and ended up breaking it.

critical mass manchester took the roads!

Over fifty cyclists took to the streets to celebrate the bicycle over car culture. We rode all around the city for over an hour and a half singing bicycle songs, chatting and doing tricks on our bikes..We got loads of cheers of support from both pedestrians and other road users..

Shell petrol pumps shut down in Leeds in solidarity with County Mayo, Ireland

A Shell petrol station on Kirkstall Rd in Leeds was shut down this morning between 8am and 10am by local people in solidarity with people in in County Mayo, Ireland, who are currently fighting to stop Shell's disastrous and potentially deadly gas pipeline being built through the beautiful coastal village of Rossport.

Faslane 365: Sheffield and North Derbyshire action


Thursday, 5th October.

The Faslane main gate was different for a day. Relentless gray fencing and razor wire were enlivened by rainbow peace flags, streams of Tibetan prayer flags, banners for life, huge drawings celebrating the people of the peace movement, ribbons woven into the fence, a flame symbolising the transformation of the fires of Hiroshima into peaceful energy, hornpipes, jigs, reels, dancing and games, fiddle, whistle, saxophone and drums, transformed clown sailors and furry animals.

Bristol's first World Naked Bike Ride this Saturday 14 Oct at 12.45pm

Free film screening of World Naked Bike Ride film at 11.30am
followed by...
a mini-World Naked Bike Ride through Bristol assembling at 12.30, departing 12.45
For all the details check out the link to Bristol Indymedia article.

Lost and Found social centre Manchester opening this Wednesday!

So we have a beautiful building where lots of us have been busy beavering away to create a beautiful space.

Open from 11th October to 27th October

Opening times: weekdays: 11am-11pm weekends:11am-late

Welsh Granny Arrested at Scottish Nuclear Base


A grandmother of 3 was arrested near Glasgow at 9.00am this morning. De Murphy had chained her self with dozens of other people blockading the North gate of Faslane nuclear naval base.

Launch of Bath Activist Network

Sep 28 2006

Birth pangs of a new group, the Bath Activist Network, bringing together people in Bath who want to work together to fight for positive change, connecting all radical "disciplines" holistically, knowing that every problem in this world is interlinked.