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Sci-Fi Protest against Nano-Military Conference London, 30th October


Workers, consumers, non-human animals and nature are being exposed to nano-particles that have not been tested, all for the sake of the multi-billion dollar nanotech industry.

Swansea Climate change activists target housing development


A new action group the Swansea SA1 Snorkellers has used graffiti to highlight the fact that part of Swansea’s prestigious SA1 development on Trawler Road is being built on land that will flood unless Climate Change can be averted.

Manc halloween critical mass fri 27th 6pm

meet at 4pm at the lost and found social centre to get into fancy dress then meet at 6pm at central library for a spooky ride around manchester.

Westbourne 'Mental' Hospital squatted in Brighton/Hove- ooooh, the irony!

A couple of weeks ago a large contingent of Brighton squatters got together and occupied a large disused 'mental' hospital. The occupation was ostensibly to provide a roof over the steadily growing number of people fed up and disillusioned with the non-choice offered under the rule of Capital, in the housing sphere as in every other sphere under this systematic death forced upon us; the opportunity will also, however, be used to demonstrate alternative ways of organising day to day, in the here and now, the praxis of the theory, which will take the shape of whatever those organising see fit and within whatever parameters they deem to be appropriate- or in other words, get down there and do something!

Bristol Chapter of Westside Neighbourhood Occupy Shell Garage & veg oil actions

Against Shell and in Solidarity with Rossport

At a shell garage on the main commuter route in and out of Bristol, activists occupied a shell service station, against Shell's contribution to climate and in solidarity with Rossport

Funeral march for Iceland & Trinidad - LONDON 27 OCTOBER

Friday 27 October 2006
Funeral of the Wild - Trinidad and Iceland
1pm, Sloane square, London, UK.
Please dress in black.

Free Shop in Guisborough, nr. Middlesbrough


This week, on Wednesday or Thursday - watch this space!, there will be a free shop in the main square of Guisborough. Pop by to pick up something for nothing, thumb your nose at the brandname shops, and use a public square for something other than spending money and carparking.

LRT New People's Night - AVIATION EXTRAVAGANZA 26.10.06

Aviation is the fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions, the emissions from aviation are excluded from the Kyoto protocol and the government has a gargantuan plan of airport expansion over the coming decade. Its madness and we need to figure out what can we do to stop it!

Protesters stage 'die-in' to challenge climate change sceptics

21 October 2006

Environmental campaigners will hold a "die-in" today outside the offices of a research organisation which claims science has failed to prove
human activity is the cause of climate change.

Rossport Solidarity demo, Manchester Business School, Oct 26th

Picket of Manchester Busines School called for Thursday 26th Oct - 11.30 - 2pm. Calling for the MBS to have Shell removed from their list of sponsors, unless Shell ceases its attempts to destroy the environment in Rossport, Co Mayo, Ireland.

Aldermaston: It's Time to Take Action!

It's time to take action!
Monday 13 November 2006
The next Block the Builders blockade has to be a big one.

In less than two months the government will publish their decision on the future of Britain's nuclear weapons.

Hummer Dealership shut down by protesters against 4 x 4's in Manchester

Inspired by the camp for climate action, 40 people protested outside a Hummer dealership in Manchester about the environmental impact of SUV emissions which are contributing to climate chaos.

Social Centre Squat in Preston,'Viva Six Fingers'

A few anarchists in Preston have set up a squat which at the moment we are in the middle of repairing.The squat will be used as a social centre but help is required.

The squat is to be called 'Viva Six Fingers' after an old man in the Spanish revolution who defended his home and family from fascist attack, killing several fascists and saveing two of his family befor his cottage was burnt down. We are without electricity and water,although we now have a generator temporarily in place,and have made a lot of progress secureing the place. The cetre was an important part of the local community and we want it to serve that purpose again.It is due to be demolished and turned into luxury flats.