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Dalston Theatre occupation & end

Next to Dalston Junction, on Dalston Lane, Hackney, London, stand two Georgian houses dating from 1820. The adjacent building is currently occupied by the group Everything4Everyone but is facing imminent eviction – and demolition. At the time of writing this report there is still no sign of the bailiffs, but helicopters fly over the buildings at all times, and cctv cameras pointing right at us.

ClimAction Reclaim the Streets in Auckland.

Auckland RTS 1
Auckland RTS 3Auckland RTS 25 Nov 2006
Across Aotearoa there have been mobilisations against climate change. In Auckland ClimAction held a "reclaim the streets" which attracted around three hundred people. A large section of Queen Street was blocked off for three hours and a mound of ice formed an ad hoc stage, dancefloor and paddling pool. Clowns, a polar bear, face painting, music, juggling and toboggans cobined to become a 'Carnival Against Climate Change' that turned what is usually a polluted, noisy and grey area of street into a festival of resistance.

Stop Nuclear Weapons - Stop Climate Change

Stop nuclear weapons - stop climate change
Anti-nuclear campaigners return to warhead factory ahead of government White Paper

As 25,000 people took to the streets of London yesterday calling for action on climate change, data from scientists, industry bodies and researchers, suggests that the cost of replacing the Trident nuclear weapons system - "could almost guarantee emission reductions from 150m tonnes of carbon a year today to the necessary level of around 60m tonnes by 2030."

Record turn out for London's Critical Mass

Well over one thousand cyclists turned out today for a Critical Mass to the US embassy in Grosvenor Square, where they were met by thousands more protesters about to march to Trafalgar Square.

Another billboard falls in Bristol!

People must have noticed the decapitated billboard this morning by The Arches on Gloucester Road?

When will the other two

Day of Action against Short Haul Flights - Locations of Public Events

Plane Stupid is calling for a day of action against short haul flights and short haul operators on November 6th, during the UN International Climate Talks in Nairobi. The day of action is two days after the mass event for climate action in London on November 4th, organised by Stop Climate Chaos and the Campaign Against Climate Change.

Rossport Solidarity Meeting 2nd Nov and Pics from demo 26th Oct

Around 20 people took part in a lunchtime demonstration outside Manchester Business School in solidarity with the people of Rossport, Co Mayo, Ireland. In Ireland, like in Nigeria , South Africa and other places, Shell Oil is using the powers of the state to ride rough shod over the local people's resistance to their destruction of local communities and environments.

Banner Protest at Motorway Widening

Protestors from Luton, Nottingham, Luton, Derby and Sheffield today dropped banners with slogans such as "Stop Climate Change" and "More Cars = More CO2" from bridges over the M1 motorway today in protest at the governments plans to widen 115 miles of the road to 4 lanes in both direction.

Funeral of Iceland & Trinidad

The demo was attended by about 40 people, not too bad for a weekday demo in inner city London (we chose to have the demo then so that we could get into the embassies.) Perhaps next time we will organize something on a weekend. About a quarter of the demo were Trinidadians. We started the event with an emotional funeral ceremony, with talks from an anti-dam activist who'se been involved in the anti-Narmada dam campaign (India) as well as the anti-Karahnjukar dam campaign (Iceland); Sue Doughty, former Liberal MP, talked about her attempts to get the UK parlaiment to ask the Icelandic state to reconsider its path of heavy industry; two Trinidadian speakers: talked about the neo-colonialist-liberal invasion by western corporations of the third world, and the beauty of the Cedros Peninsula and tragedy of the Aluminium development, respectively; then an Icelandic speaker who talked about the loss of the Icelandic Karahnjukar wilderness, and the future plans of heavy industry in Iceland. These were followed by a bringing out of a coffin upon which photos of both Cedros and Karahnjukar were plastered. The crowd threw flowers ontop of this coffin and planted seeds (of resistance!) inside it. We were then read an ancient Icelandic poem called "The Prophecy" from the book of Edda, the story of the birth of the world and the northern gods, the apocalypse and then the final rebirth of the world: nature rising from the ashes of industrial/power driven collapse.

Leeds/Yorkshire Climate Action group

Meeting this Sunday Oct 29th 2pm-4pm

There will be a meeting from 2pm - 4pm this Sunday at The Common Place in Leeds city centre ( to discuss what a Leeds/Yorkshire group inspired by the Camp for Climate Action can do next and also how we would like to contribute towards another climate camp next year. Anyone with an interest in campaiging on climate change is more than welcome, there's no need to have been at the camp.

Sci-Fi Protest against Nano-Military Conference London, 30th October


Workers, consumers, non-human animals and nature are being exposed to nano-particles that have not been tested, all for the sake of the multi-billion dollar nanotech industry.

Swansea Climate change activists target housing development


A new action group the Swansea SA1 Snorkellers has used graffiti to highlight the fact that part of Swansea’s prestigious SA1 development on Trawler Road is being built on land that will flood unless Climate Change can be averted.

Manc halloween critical mass fri 27th 6pm

meet at 4pm at the lost and found social centre to get into fancy dress then meet at 6pm at central library for a spooky ride around manchester.