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ex-vortex eviction thwarted this morning (pics and film)

Vortex occupied 1dozens of supporters arrived this morning to ensure that no illegal eviction could take place at the occupied social squat in the building that used to host the vortex jazz club in stoke newington church street.

Hell at Shell petrol Stations: London blockade

London Shell garages blockaded 1/07Report 1 - On the evening of the 24th January two Shell petrol stations in north London were blockaded by activists who are concerned over Shell's aggressive business practices and poor human rights record.

Unlawful eviction planned for Vortex Social Centre tomorrow (Friday 26th Jan)

Eviction Aruga!!We need as many people in the building at to ensure the security of the social centre against the bailiffs. Please circulate this widely and let as many people as possible know.

Gaspipe protest in Trebanos comes to an end


Today the footpath in Trebanos has been closed, despite residents recieving next to no notification. Legally National Grid had the right to close the footpath tomorrow (friday 26th) but noticing a reduction in numbers the footpath was sealed off today.

Radley lakes - eviction imminent - update 29th jan

Eviction Aruga!!Radley Lakes squat
Urgent call for help in Oxfordshire, where activists are occupying and intend to defend a squatted lakeside property in order to prevent the infilling of Radley Lakes with toxic ash from the burning of cheap imported coal at the nearby NPower owned Didcot power station.


3-5th February, we are holding an actionmedics training. all welcome. email to book a place and get venue details.

What this course is and is not:
This is a 24-hour street medic training. We will cover the majority of the basic information and skills you will need to provide first aid at protests and direct actions.

N London Social Centre needs help now!

Eviction Aruga!!24.01.2007

The squatted Vortex social centre has been fending off an illegal eviction attempt this morning. There is a call out for folks to help tonight and tomorrow morning

aldermaston shut down


A group of eight activists blockaded the entrance to AWE Aldermaston this morning at 6.45am. Using steel lock-on tubes the group have completely blocked the road. Thus stopping all construction traffic entering or leaving the site. This has called a large tailback and the police turned all traffic away from the site.

Welsh pipeline protest - New tree camp set up near Brecon


Following support from local people in Brecon at the weekend, a new protest camp has been set up right in the middle of the phase two route of National Grids controversial pipeline.

ELF strike in Iceland

In the first week of the new year ELF (Earth Liberation Front) struck in Iceland for the first time. The target was the Alcan Aluminium smelter in Hafnarfjordur which is being expanded into pristine lavafields without local democratic consent which was promised in the town council elections.

Events at the Vortex Social Centre: Jan 22nd to Jan 27th

Vortex Social Centre
139-141 Stoke Newington Church Street
Stoke Newington

MON 22 Jan
8pm - Olympic Action Group meeting
Concerned about the financial cost and negative development plans for London 2012? Feel strongly that 2012 will be damaging to you, your community or the environment?

Critical Masses This Friday (& others)

This is the first critical mass of 2007. Lets start as we mean to go on and make it a big one!

We cycle round the city to celebrate the bicycle:
It's for anyone that rides a bike;
Its a celebration of getting round the city without polluting it;

Bloody report from Ballinaboy/ Rossport, Ireland

Rossport Day 108Friday 19th January 2007.
Today a good crowd of protestors gathered at the usual rendezvous, approx 60+ people. The crowd was buoyed by the presence of a member of Global Community Monitor, over from the states, and a film crew travelling with him. At 7.30 people proceeded up the road, some wearing white jump suits with chemical contaminants inscribed on the front, poisons which the Ballinaboy terminal would pollute the local area, fresh water and sea with. The crowd was lead with a large banner reading Corrib Terminal Illness.

March on Worthing Police Station in support of Titnore, 17th Feb

A PROTEST march on Worthing Police Station has been called for Saturday February 17 in the face of police intimidation of Titnore Woods campaigners.

A statement from Titnore Emergency Action (TEA), released on Thursday January 18, said:

New London Social Centre

139-141 Stoke Newington Church Street N16 (old Vortex Jazz bar)

Opening day Saturday 20th Jan
- - - - - -
On Sat 6th Jan a group of local people, along with others, occupied 139-141 Church Street with the intention of opening it up as a social centre. Previously the home of the famous Vortex jazz club the building is set to be demolished by notorious landlord Richard Midda to make way for a Starbucks on the ground floor with luxury apartments above.