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photos of Manchester carbon footprint stencils

Footprint stencils Mcr 1Footprint stencils Mcr 2

Last Thursday, to coincide with the IPCC report, a group of Manchester climate activists decorated the pavements outside flight centres, petrol stations, supermarkets and a humvee garage with carbon footprints.

Brecon Resistance Camp - Wish List

6th Feb

The tree camp in the Brecon Beacons is still going strong. The mood is good and everyone is happy ( well all except National Grid that is !!! ).

Even with the promise of six inches of snow Wednesday night spirits are riding high in Brecon. The camp have requested that I send out a wish list and hopefully we can all arrange to do a little something to help out.

Notts Critical Mass Relaunch for 23rd February 2007 with NEW Meeting Point

Nottingham Critical Mass Feb 07 flierLet's get this ride on the road!!!
Friday 23rd February is Nottingham's next Critical Mass Bike Ride with a NEW Meeting Point in Market Square. This change is for everyone who rides a bike in Nottingham and wants to take part.

Spring Into Action - A week of events on Climate Change, happening in Nottingham

Spring into Action flierA week of workshops, events, music and action on climate change happening at different venues across Nottingham, from Thursday 5th – Wednesday 11th April 2007.

Manc protest against ESSO this Friday, 9th Feb

A protest against ESSO and its role in the environmental crisis will take place this friday (9th feb), meeting outside Manchester University Students Union at 5pm. All welcome, lets increase the noise on climate change around manchester!


Eviction Aruga!!6.02.2007
Eviction began at Radley lakes at around 6.30 this morning.

Next national climate camp organsing gathering Feb 17/18 in Leeds

Climate camp logo 2 The next national organsing gathering will be in Leeds on Sat and Sun Feb 17th/18th. It will be at The Common Place in Leeds city centre and vegan food, accommodationand creche will be provided (please contact us with accommodation, creche or any other needs though so we can plan ahead).

climate banners on M32

M32 climate banner 1
M32 climate banner 2
Seen on Feb 2 2007

Early Feb Critical Masses

4.02.2007 - York:

Another month, another ride, and this time around we narrowly exceeded the previous months attendance. However, the police made another brief intervention, as two cycle police and an officer on foot joined the ride.

Oil spill at the Natural History Museum (& demos in Aberdeen & Manchester)


Today at the Shell-sponsored Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at the Natural History Museum, 20 activists inspired by the Camp for Climate Action (1), smeared oil over the photographs. This was an act of outrage at Shell’s painfully transparent attempts to greenwash its reputation via cultural sponsorship.

Environment minister pied as he tried to GreenWash the governments destructive environmental policies.

Edinburgh greenwash Milliband pieOn 2 Febuary at around 3pm, a group of people under the guise of fictional company 'Greenwash & Co', did a satirical performance at a talk being given by the current UK minister for the environment, David Miliband, at Edinburgh University. The minister was then pied in the face by a lone pie-bearer in an unrelated incident.

The Trebanos Five - "Ramblers" arrested on route of National Grids Pipeline

This morning ( Wed 31-01-2007 ) five people were arrested on the public footpath running through the construction site in Trebanos, South Wales.

The Trebanos Five..... Whose quick decision making left a bit to be desired were arrested today for "learning Italian, having a picnic and reading" on an illegaly closed public footpath in Trebanos...... Having being given 5 minutes to move on, they were handcuffed and manhandled whilst deciding what to do next( three minutes later....) They are now known as The Trebanos Faffing Five !!!

The Bristol Alliance Against Urban 4x4s celebrated its launch on Saturday

Bristol anti-urban 4x4 launch30.01.2007

Campaigners gathered on College Green, after spending the morning issuing over 1,000 mock parking tickets to 4x4s in areas of central Bristol including Redland, Clifton and Broadmead. The paper tickets, which are placed harmlessly under the windscreen wipers of parked vehicles, are titled ‘Poor Vehicle Choice’ and challenge the need to own and drive a 4x4 vehicle in town.

Protests at Irish embassy in London against Shell's hell in north west Ireland

Irish embassy Shell protest30.01.2007

At midday today, while a samba band played below, a man who wished to be known as "G" climed the Irish embassy. This was in protest over the Irish governments collusioin with Shell's activities in North West Ireland where they are constructing a pipeline and refinery. Many campaigners claim this pipeline and refinery pose as serious environmental risk. While there have been widespread protests in Ireland itself many claim that the government of Ireland has given Shell suspiciously favourable business terms on the deal. "G" was arrested for on suspicion of criminal damage though there was no damage visible from ground level. For further details see the corporate watch website.

Events at Cowley Club, Brighton

Here is the latest list of events at the Cowley Club, 12 London Road, Brighton, East Sussex.

Weds 31st Jan, 7pm: V is for Video Activist - Schnews film showing

Thurs 1st Feb, 8-9pm: Evening Meal in the bar - Vegetable and nut bake with mushroom sauce, parsnip mash and salads