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Edinburgh CRITICAL MASS Fri 23/02

Following on from last month's successful ride, Friday (23/02) sees February's Critical Mass bike ride in Edinburgh. Meet 5.30pm foot of the Mound (by the National Galleries). Ride off 6pm.

We enjoy cycling. We enjoy cycling together. Cycling together makes Edinburgh’s sometime hazardous streets a more pleasurable experience. Let’s ride and celebrate the wonderful invention that is the cycle (bi/tri/uni - all varieties welcome)! Positive attitudes essential!

Invitation to the Biovision 2007 counter-summit

This message is adressed to all people in Europe who want to resist actively GMO’s, cloning, nano-technologies, biometrics, DNA registration, industrial experiments upon animals, BioPatent and more generally agrochemical multinational policy.

McLibel: Human Rights Victory Anniversary Demo, Nottingham

McLibel anniversary demo 07To celebrate the McLibel Human Rights Victory Anniversary, there was a small demo on Thursday 15th February, 5pm - 6pm at Exchange Walk, Nottingham

Mass trespass halts work on Shell refinery in Ireland


The Shell to Sea Campaign organised a day of support on the 16th February at Bellanaboy to give people from around the country the opportunity to show their support and solidarity with the community of Erris in their struggle against Shell. After the official protest had ended around 100 people crossed the bog to gain access to the refinery and suceeded in halting work there.

Shell to Sea Solidarity Action in Scotland

Shell logo burningBetween 7am and 8am this morning (16th February 2007) while the city was still in darkness, a number of activists shut down eight different Shell petrol stations in and surrounding the city centre of Edinburgh. This action was a solidarity action for the Shell to Sea campaign in Rossport, County Mayo and also to target Shell for being a major contributor to global warming and climate change. The action was purposely planned to coincide with the action taking place at the Ballinaboy refinery site on the same morning.

Pipeline company targetted by direct action

The offices of Land and Marine in Bath were targetted last night with spraypainted messages and super glued locks as part of ongoing resistance to their South Wales gas pipeline scheme.

Activists shut down construction of LNG gas terminal in Milford Haven

Construction traffic prevented from entering LNG terminal14th Feb 07

Protesters against the continued and unrestrained promotion of fossil fuel projects by the UK government have blockaded the main vehicle access route into the new LNG pipeline terminal near Milford Haven, South Wales. Their aim is to highlight the serious environmental and safety issues surrounding this project, and to call for a more sober approach to the impending energy crisis.

Anti-nuclear campaigners block UK WMD factory

Aldermaston Feb 07 blockade13.02.2007

Yesterday six people were arrested outside AWE mAldermaston during an hour+long blockade of the nuclear weapons factory. Next BtB blockade 19 March - check the website for more info. What follows is a BtB press release, issued yesterday

Antarctica: Sea Shepherd Ship Holed during Collision with Whaling Ship

Farley Mowat holed12.02.2007

The Sea Shepherd ship, Robert Hunter, has been holed in its starboard bow, and its port stern section above the waterline, during a collision with the whale spotter ship Kaiko Maru , according to Sea Shepherd's president Paul Watson. No injuries have been incurred by crew on both ships, and neither ship is in danger of sinking. A pod of whales being chased by the Japanese ship escaped.

30 shut down Manchester petrol station

Esso flyer (Mcr)
Mcr Esso blockade banner

Yesterday, 30 climate activists shut down an ESSO petrol station on Upper Brook Street in Manchester for 2 hours. The action aimed to highlight the link between the oil industry and global warming.

Npower uses Thugs to Evict Radley Lakes Environmental Activists

Radley baliffs tip lock-on barrelAt approx 5am Tuesday 6th February 12 bailiffs dressed from head to foot in black and wearing balaclavas without warning smashed through the window of the occupied npower property showering sleeping activist in glass. They then proceeded to cut the air supply to a fortified bunker without checking if it was occupied, smash there way into a fortified loft without checking that the occupant Dave was safe. Not long after this they climbed onto the scaffold tower positioned on the garage roof and topped with a wooden box containing a 45 gallon concrete lock. Chris who was in the box at the time said they climbed on top of the box and started to rock the tower before breaking in with sledge hammers. Veteran road protester Muppet Dave said ‘it was one of the most dangerous eviction he had experienced and that it was only luck that nobody was seriously hurt’.

Climate Action Gathering 17 March Edinburgh

Scottish climate action gathering posterOur planet is in crisis. The time to act is now...

The Climate Action Gathering will see people from across scotland that are at the forefront of action against climate change share their knowledge and experience with concerned people from all walks of life.

Sea Shepherd Engages Japanese Whalers

Sea Shepherd pirate flagFebruary 9th, 2007 0830 Hours. (Auckland N.Z. time)

The Sea Shepherd ships Farley Mowat and the Robert Hunter have been engaged in a confrontation with the Japanese Whaling factory ship Nisshin Maru since 0530 Hours this morning.

12th February Aldermaston Blockade: Join us

THURSDAY 8 FEBRUARY - for immediate release
With the parliamentary vote on replacing the Trident nuclear submarine fleet expected in mid-March, and a national demonstration of mass opposition called for 24 February in London, anti-nuclear campaigners will return to AWE Aldermaston on 12 February.