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concrete lock-on tips (following Parliament Square blockade)

Lock-on after drillingIf they took only 20 mins to demolish each lockon then your concrete doesn't sound up to scratch. Don't mean to brag but a similar lock on I once built took them 6 hours to demolish with jack hammers and angle grinders. In future you need to include some metal reinforcing mesh or crinkly rebar rods, either offcuts of the proper stuff from builders skips or sawn up supermarket trolleys are ok. Including metal mesh serves not only to bind the concrete together but it spreads the shockwave from jack hammers throughout the material rather than allowing it to be concentrated at the chisel tip. Also good to include some short lengths of blue 6mm rope which prevents the forces of darkness from being able to separate the chunks of fragmented concrete which really winds them up. The other really important things are to use freshly bought cement, be sure your concrete mix is very thoroughly mixed - absolutely no sandy or cementy streaks visible - and then poured in less than 20 mins or so and when pouring it, don't do it all in one go but ram or tamp (jiggle and shake) it in thoroughly into the container in stages with the end of a bit of 4 x 2. Your concrete looks like it has voids in it which is always a considerable weakness. Good luck with future courageous actions.

More Trident actions - London & Scotland (film & photos added)

London - Parliament Square: blockade, Critical Mass, inside House of Commons, demo & celebs rally>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Trident protest Parliament Square 1
Trident protest Parliament Square 2
Trident protest Parliament Square 314.03.2007
Anti-Trident protestors today shut down Great George Street in Parliament Square at around 11:45 am today for about 15 minutes in protest over the government’s plans to renew Britain’s nuclear capability. After police picked them up and moved them to the side, two of five lanes were reopened to traffic.

Manchester Bicycle Exhibition

I bike MCR Filming: This photograph is of the making of the I bike MCR filmMANCHESTER BICYLE EXHIBITION

It's an exhibition of film, photography and sculpture to celebrate the bicycle over car culture. The bicycle exhibition opens at Manchester’s alternative social centre The Basement at 24 Lever Street, M1 on Friday
30th March at 8pm.

On The Ground, Ireland: New Cops, New Violence Parts One & Two

Monday morning, 12 March 2007, saw the transfer of a new contingent of guards to police the Shell gas terminal refinery construction site at Bellanaboy, County Mayo, North West Ireland.

Video 120307_New_Cops - video/x-ms-wmv 12M

Bath Climate Camp Meeting (15.3) & Info

The next Bath Climate Camp meeting will be this Thursday (the 15th) at 7.30 downstairs in the Hobgoblin, 47 James's Parade, Central Bath

At the last meeting, we decided on the following actions/ideas

First Aldermaston SOCPA arrest on run-up to Trident vote

Aldermaston Orion fence protest11.03.2007
At the start of the week that sees a vote on Trident replacement (14 March), Juliet McBride from Aldermaston Women's Peace Camp was arrested after spending over two hours on a high security fence surrounding the new Orion laser at the Atomic Weapons Establishment, Aldermaston.

Titnore tree protest camp appeals for help (& audio report)

SPRING is in the air, the birds are singing in the trees and Titnore Woods in Sussex is once again a lovely place to be...

With the end of a tough winter, the protest camp near Worthing has today appealed for help in a spring offensive aimed at making sure it is in fighting fit shape as its first anniversary and another rebel summer approach.

'Screw the future: drive this car!' subvert

Screw the Future car subvert...spotted in London, 7.3.07. I shook the sprayer's hand, and he told me anyone could do the same

News from the rampART

Been a while since there has been an update on the situation at the rampART social centre posted on the newswire. Below is the latest newsletter - regisiter as a member yourself via and get the latest news each week.

ID-DAY - National Day of Action against ID CARDS 26/3/07




Is a national day of autonomous action against ID cards and the Database state.
Across the country people will be protesting against the opening of the new ID 'enrolment' centres.

West Midlands Climate Camp neighbourhood meeting, 14th march

Come and get involved in organising the West Midlands Neighbourhood for Climate Camp 2007!

There will be a meeting next Wednesday 14th March at the Spotted Dog, Alcester Street, Digbeth starting at 7.30. to discuss the setting up of a West Midlands Neighbourhood at Climate Camp 2007. Also sorting out transport from the West Midlands to the next national gathering/planning meeting for the camp, which will be in Bristol on the 17th and 18th March.

Sheffield Rossport Soldarity Action

Sheffield Rossport Shell solidarity 1
Sheffield Rossport Shell solidarity 27.03.2007
Today at 16:00 a peaceful demonstration was held at the Shell Garage on Hoyle Street, Netherthorpe in Sheffield. This demonstration was an act of solidarity with the people of Rossport, County Mayo, Ireland and the campaign ShelltoSea, who are opposing Shells plans to build a potentially lethal high pressure gas pipe line and refinery in a marine special area of conservation.

GM Potatoes to be grown in Cambridge - campaign meeting, 13th March

The German multinational chemical company, BASF, has been granted permission to plant genetically modified potatoes at NIAB in Cambridge from the end of this month.

BASF were forced to pull out of these exact same trails in Ireland last year because they could/would not comply with conditions imposed by the Irish Environmental Protection Agency. Clearly the safety rules being set by the British government are sufficiently lax so as not to inconvenience the company. No such crop trails have taken place in this country in the last three years, after massive public pressure forced the government and the companies involved in the technology to back down.

Heathrow residents disrupt minister's speech

Heathrow minister interrupted 1
Heathrow minister interrupted 26.03.2007


~ Airport residents resort to direct action techniques for the first time
~ Marks new phase in resistance to airport expansion