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Nottingham folk succesfully blockade nuclear submarine base in Scotland


Over 50 people from Nottingham and Derby successfully blockaded the Faslane Nuclear Naval Base In Scotland today. Various blockade groups in intriguing lock-on devices and some plastered together blocked the main entrance to the site. Police started removing people from 8.30 onwards but had problems with removing people from a 6 way lock-on device, which held strong for another 2 hours. The police had to draft in specialist equipment from other forces to deal with the device. 18 people were arrested and have been moved to Paisley. The blockade lasted for over 4 hours. Whilst on the phone to someone at the scene, one could hear a lot of chanting and cheering as one protester managed to shout 'no to nuclear weapons' just before being put in a police van.

Anti- Starbucks Picket in Cardiff, sat 31st March

Cardiff anti-Starbucks stallOn Saturday March 31st afternoon, South Wales Anarchists set up a stall on Cardiff's Queen Street to giveaway free, freshly made Zapatista coffee. Which happened to be right outside a Starbucks outlet.

Latest on police appeal against London's Critical Mass

What if the police win their appeal? Could it be the end of this Critical Mass, after 12 years of monthly rides, or the beginning of a strategic rebellion?

At the start of last night's ride Des Kay, who originally took the Met police to court, reported on the progress of their appeal. He said it is not looking good as the police are using a high powered lawyer. The police want the ride to be treated as a regular public protest with a fixed route and organisers. Of course, cyclists are not going to stand for this and Des asked for discussions on possible strategies in the event of the appeal succeeding. The result of the appeal could be soon or take several weeks more.

Camberwell Squatted Centre holds it down!!!

Holding it down since 10th March, the Camberwell Squatted Centre unleashes a new wave of activity. Upcoming events include cafes, bar-socials, films and a secondhand booksale.

We have made amazing leaps and bounds with a very trashed building - you can see a picture gallery of this work in progress at our website.

Polar bear faces off against Bradford Climate Criminals

Bear and banner31.03.2007- Today Bradford witnessed the unusual sight of a placard-waving polar bear. The placard, with the simple message; “You fly, I die”, was aimed at the selfish minority who continue to fly despite this being a major contributor to climate change – and the fastest rising source of carbon dioxide emissions in Western Europe.

Environmentalist bloc at Faslane 365 - 26.04.07


Can you see the connection between more nuclear weapons, more nuclear power stations, war for oil and climate change?
- Or that replacing Trident will mean more dangerous nuclear powered submarines based on the Clyde and more nuclear waste...
- And that nuclear weapons are an environmental disaster and radioactive pollution is caused by their use, testing, waste, accidents or by terrorist attack.
- Or that environmental devastation caused by nuclear weaponry affects people and their environments across boundaries and down the generations…

Then join the environmentalist block at Faslane on Chernobyl Day!


Spud u hateBASF ("THE Chemical Company" according to their literature) are developing genetically modified potatoes. They start this year with a five year programme of tests involving planting them at several sites around the United Kingdom. To date the UK is free of commercially planted GM crops; it is our intention to keep it that way. There are many reasons why GM food is bad for our planet, for farmers and for our health. We need to act now before they get a foothold - once established there will be no going back, as the Americas and the Far East have already found out to their cost.

Cambridge GM Crop Trial - meeting (2nd April) & protest walk (14th April)

GM free Britain - now or never7.30 pm Monday 2nd April
Emmanuel United Reform Church, Trumpington St.

Michael Antoniou, reader in Molecular Genetics at Guy's Hospital Medical School

Bath Climate Camp - info and wish list

Between late afternoon on thursday 19th of April and sunday 22nd April, there is going to be a climate camp just outside of Bath focusing on Land and Marines offices (the company building the gas pipeline smashing through Wales).


esso logo 1 subvert24 hours of protest at Exxon (Esso) HQ,
5.00 pm Thursday 5th April to 5.00 pm Good Friday, April 6th.

Mass Action 2.00 pm Friday

Niger Delta Women shut down Agip Oil Facility

Agip logo subvertMarch 23, 2007

A group of women from the Idheze community in Isokoland have once again shut down oil facilities of the Nigeria Agip Oil Company (NAOC) because have failed to pay promised compensation for damages caused by chemical/waste fluid of the firm flushed into the community. The people of Isokoland have experienced continued series of crisis over the past 15 years. (There are about 27 oil wells in the area). Many incidents have been a result of divide and rule tactics by the Nigerian government between and within ethnic minorities in Delta State and other states in the region. When there have been clashes the government has sent in mobile police resulting in death, injury and destruction of people’s properties. The last time I visted Oleh Town (the headquarters of Isoko South Local Government Area in 2000 women spoke of the brutallity of the mobile policie (MOPO) and how many of them lost their homes. I saw homes burnt down to the ground by the MOPO. Each time they come into the area people are afraid and run away and then their homes are looted and often burned to the ground.

Local Residents Close Climate Criminal's Yard

A Slack Morning For Jacksons26.3.07 - Today, a group of local residents, inspired by last year's Camp for Climate Action at Drax power station, but dismayed at plans to increase congestion and pollution on the M1, have visited Jackson's yard in Sutton in Ashfield, near Mansfield. The citizens locked the gates shut and hung a variety of banners giving the clear message that Jackson's contribution to a worsening environment was not welcome.

New 'Writing To Prisoners' Leaflet

Leeds ABC have produced a new 'Writing To Prisoners' laflet. Basic text follows, and it can also be downloaded as a PDF, or a hard copy can be obtained by sending an SAE to Leeds ABC at the address below.

Starbucks opening greeted by local knees up

whitechapel starbucks protest 1
whitechapel starbucks protest 2
Starbucks 'welcome' posterDescribed as "a proper east-end knees up", locals gathered outside the new Starbucks store for a tea party, "in defence of our area, and to show off the lovely culture we have".

How many cops does it take to police a Tea Party? - Faslane 365

Faslane tea party 1
Faslane tea party 225.03.2007

Fifty people attended a Tea Party outside the gates of the Faslane Nuclear Base in Scotland. Tea was served in china cups and saucers. A table displayed vegan scones, cucumber sandwiches and cakes. Local residents were invited to share tea with activists and discuss how to disarm Britians Trident Weapons of Mass Destruction.