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ID-DAY - National Day of Action against ID CARDS 26/3/07




Is a national day of autonomous action against ID cards and the Database state.
Across the country people will be protesting against the opening of the new ID 'enrolment' centres.

West Midlands Climate Camp neighbourhood meeting, 14th march

Come and get involved in organising the West Midlands Neighbourhood for Climate Camp 2007!

There will be a meeting next Wednesday 14th March at the Spotted Dog, Alcester Street, Digbeth starting at 7.30. to discuss the setting up of a West Midlands Neighbourhood at Climate Camp 2007. Also sorting out transport from the West Midlands to the next national gathering/planning meeting for the camp, which will be in Bristol on the 17th and 18th March.

Sheffield Rossport Soldarity Action

Sheffield Rossport Shell solidarity 1
Sheffield Rossport Shell solidarity 27.03.2007
Today at 16:00 a peaceful demonstration was held at the Shell Garage on Hoyle Street, Netherthorpe in Sheffield. This demonstration was an act of solidarity with the people of Rossport, County Mayo, Ireland and the campaign ShelltoSea, who are opposing Shells plans to build a potentially lethal high pressure gas pipe line and refinery in a marine special area of conservation.

GM Potatoes to be grown in Cambridge - campaign meeting, 13th March

The German multinational chemical company, BASF, has been granted permission to plant genetically modified potatoes at NIAB in Cambridge from the end of this month.

BASF were forced to pull out of these exact same trails in Ireland last year because they could/would not comply with conditions imposed by the Irish Environmental Protection Agency. Clearly the safety rules being set by the British government are sufficiently lax so as not to inconvenience the company. No such crop trails have taken place in this country in the last three years, after massive public pressure forced the government and the companies involved in the technology to back down.

Heathrow residents disrupt minister's speech

Heathrow minister interrupted 1
Heathrow minister interrupted 26.03.2007


~ Airport residents resort to direct action techniques for the first time
~ Marks new phase in resistance to airport expansion

Vortex Evicted

The ex-Vortex Social Centre in Stoke Newington was evicted this morning. Bailiffs arrived at 5.30, with several police vans in attendance and proceeded to break down the door.

Although most people were quickly removed from the building one valiant soul hid in the attic and it was over an hour later that the police and bailiffs completely occupied the premises.

Radley Lakes: Join the protest march on legs and cycles on 10 March

Join a Cycle Ride and March to Say No to NPower's "Criminal Damage" to Radley Lakes on Saturday 10 March

Repost from Live Journal:

You are invited to join cyclists from across Oxfordshire in a bicycle ride in support of the campaign to "Save Radley Lakes" next Saturday. Cyclists in Oxford are invited to congregate in Broad Street, Oxford City (OX1 3AS) outside the Oxford Campus Store, at 12.45pm on Saturday 10th March, 2007, while walkers from Abingdon and Didcot are invited to congregate at 1.10pm in Abbey Meadow (OX14 3JE) in Abingdon to hear speakers, then walk to Thrupp Lake. The cyclists will proceed toward Radley Lakes, with bells, whistles and banners, coinciding with a march by Save Radley Lakes the same day at Thrupp Lake at 1.55pm.

first Bath Climate Camp meeting - 8th March

between thursday 19th and sunday 22nd of April there will be a Climate Camp in Bath.

The camp will be a self managed space with workshops, actions, party and protest. Most of the action/protest will be focused around the head offices of Land and Marine who are building a contraverisial gas pipeline through wales. The pipeline has been the scene of numerous demos and actions, delaying progress on almost a daily basis. Its time to take the battle to Land and Marines doorstep!

Vortex Being Evicted!

Eviction Aruga!!6.03.2007 5:25am

The Vortex Social Centre is being evicted now. People needed urgently to get down to 141 Church Street, Stoke Newington, N16 and show support. Bring noise making equipment.

Reclaim the streets – Auckland

Auckland 07 RTS 1Auckland 07 RTS 2Auckland 07 RTS 3Auckland 07 RTS 4

Birmingham's Ride reaches Critical Mass

Brum Critical Mass March '07 1
Brum Critical Mass March '07 2
Brum Critical Mass March '07 3
Brum Critical Mass March '07 cop 4.3.2007
The first Friday of every month signals the call for cyclists and other forms of human-powered transport to meet up in Birmingham's Pigeon Park (St. Phillip's Cathedral) and go to mass, Critical Mass, that is.

announcement of Bath Climate Camp


Bath Activist Network has begun organising a climate camp to be held between thursday the 19th and sunday the 22nd of April

The focus of the camp will be the headquaters of Land and marine, the company building a 150 mile long, environmentally destructive pipeline through Wales.

documentary: Reclaim Power - voices from the camp for climate action 2006

Climate camp view from gateIn the summer of 2006, 600 people convinced that there is no time to waste set up a Camp for Climate Action in the shadow of one of the biggest C02 emitters in Europe: Drax coal-fired power station in Yorkshire / UK. Cine Rebelde produced a documentary film about the camp.

Climate change is now a reality. Leading scientists across the world agree that in a ’business as usual scenario’ we have no longer than 10 years to prevent 2-3 degrees of additional global arming that will lead to irreversible climatic changes with dramatic consequences for our planet.

Rospuda camp of road protesters temporarily suspended

Due to agreement with road builders and the law not allowing to disturb the birds in lying eggs the Rospuda camp at the Rospuda River in Poland is temporarily suspended. Ecologists are located in nearby villages or await in other cities ready for immediate action. If You need to contact them and await with them ready for action, then here are the data of Polish Greenpeace: