Plane Stupid issues 48hr subvertising challenge

It's that time of year when every airline starts aggressively advertising for your business. Well, we've had enough. Plane Stupid is inviting all of you to take part in its very own subvertising competition. From Thursday 22nd April - Friday 23rd April, we'll be launching 48 hours of sticker-whacking, subvertising, adbusting pandemonium.

The aviation industry spends millions every year telling us that we're no good to anyone unless we keep flying with them. So it's time to hit back! Like tobacco adverts, aviation advertising needs to become a thing of the past. But until then, let's subvertise. Any poster, advert or billboard is fair game.

Whether you're a first time activist looking for an easy way-in, or an old timer looking for some light's time to take to the streets and reclaim some public space. Taking part is easy:

1. You can download a choice of designs from our Flickr site, or use your design skills to make your own.
2. Print them out on standard, non divided, A4 sticker paper (available from most printers and stationers).
3. Then find your nearest aviation advertisement.
4. Stick 'em up punk!
5. Take photographs, set up a new temporary email address in an internet cafe (under a pseudonym) and email your images to

The group who stickers the most adverts in the 48 hour period wins. Wins what? Prizes! We got the bumper crop of 5 spray cans, Culture Jam by Kalle Lasn, Do It Yourself, A handbook for changing our world, by the Trapese Collective and Scribbleboy by Philip Ridley to give away.

Of course don't feel limited to individual stickers, think big! You can write your own message on large stretches of blank wall paper to cover whole bill boards. Make up some wall paper paste, get a paint roller, a stick it up. If necessary - attach the roller to a broom handle for those hard to reach places. Helpfully, there's some great how-to guides on t'internet.

One last point. Please be respectful about where you sticker. Corporate nasties are fine.....but the local old people's homes may not appreciate your art on their walls!

Use your head, and remember to dress well for the occasion - caps and scarves are the in thing this subvertising season. Some officers of the law may be convinced that subvertising is borderline illegal, so take a friend as lookout, keep an eye open for CCTV and don't get caught.