West Midlands Climate Action presents … The Huntington Lane Fossil Fools weekend convergence

]Thursday April 1st-Sunday 4th
It’s time to Spring back into Action.

After discovering that many trees had already been felled signalling that work was due to begin, West Midlands Climate Action and a coalition of local groups, anarchists and activists last week swooped upon the Huntington Lane Surface Mine Site to claim the land. We've had a camp set up on the proposed open-cast site for about a week now. There’s a communal sleeping area, fire pit, a wood store and plans for a lodge.

Representatives from UK Coal have also visited the camp to find out our ‘list of demands’ and didn’t seem pleased with the response - That we wanted them to call a halt to all open cast coal mining on this site!

As part of Fossil Fools day West Midlands Climate Action are putting on a weekend gathering at the newly established Huntington Lane Camp. The weekend will include a ramble over the proposed Huntington Lane Surface Mine Site, Banner drops, campaign planning and most importantly carrying out any work on site that needs doing to help establish a permanent base on site.

We need as many people as possible, if you can come for the whole weekend that would be great, but even if it’s just for the day any help we can get will be greatly appreciated.

If you haven’t got a tent there is a communal sleeping area.

We have a wish list of things we need:

Food (and teabags please)
Tarps – the bigger the better!
Tools of all kinds
Rope of all kinds
Fire bricks (for the sweat lodge!)
Stove pipe etc for a rocket stove
Compost toilets

And anything else you think we might need that is not on the list.

We need as many people on site as possible as soon as possible so if you can’t make the weekend or want to get there early any support will be welcomed by the camp.

The nearest train station is Wellington which is just outside of Telford and the camp is a 20 minute walk from the station.

Website: http://wmclimateaction.wordpress.com/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/wmclimateaction