TAR SANDS - OILYMPICS - CALL TO ACTION - solidarity actions against green washing, 13th Feb

*Call to Action*

The Canadian Tar Sands Oil-ympics - The Race to the Tar Sands is On!
Saturday February 13th, is the opening day of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. That’s right, it’s time for the Oil-ympics, and you can participate!

Kew Bridge Eco-Village update (+ Seedy Sunday)

There'll be a seed swap day on 14th Feb, inspired by Brighton's original Seedy Sunday - details here.

Non Commercial House is gone again...

On Wednesday 3rd Feb at 9.20 am, High Court Bailiffs came round the Non Commercial House Free Shop, armed presumably with a restitution warrant, and evicted the place and i

European protests to stop bulldozers on uncontacted tribe’s land

26 January 2010
Protestors gathered in London, Madrid and Paris today to oppose the destruction of land belonging to one of the world’s last uncontacted tribes.

2 anti-nuke protests against new build plans

Anti-nuclear activists disrupt Parliamentary Select Committee

climate camp 'where next?' regional gatherings and reader


We've got a new discussion board up on the Climate Camp website with all the proposals for the regional gatherings received so far, plus some other useful texts from the Where Next? discussions. Join the discussion here:


Climate Protestors in Court Following Defacing of Canadian Flag

Three climate activists are this morning due in Westminster Magistrate’s Court charged with criminal damage against the Canadian High Commission in London following an action to stop the Tar Sands..

Climate Camp Trafalgar- Ice Bear action & Copenhagen solidarity demo at Embassy & Copenhagen climate camp

As Copenhagen refuses entry to NGO's and delegates from around the world, Climate Camp Trafalgar enter another day of solidarity action. This time, the target..... The London Ice Bear.... He just didn't see it coming.

climate actions - tar sands, Santas at City Airport, Carbon Trading Exchange camped, Santas at BT (updated)

Climate Activists Tell Canada: Don’t Cop Out On COP 15!

On Monday 14th of December, campaigners from the UK Tar Sands Network and Camp for Climate Action protested outside Canada House in London and shut down Pall Mall Street in Trafalgar Square to protest against Canada’s attempts to derail the climate change negotiations in Copenhagen.

Climate Camp sets up at Trafalgar Square

Update: The Camp will hold the space for the entire conference, reclaiming one the busiest locations in the world to push for genuine solutions to climate change. So, if you're not off to Copenhagen then this is the place you need to be. Bring your tent, warm clothes, and ideas for action!

December 05, 2009

within the first hour of occupation, around 250 supporters arrived in the square and 20 tents established. many more are on their way. there are 2 giant manned tripods with the 'capitalism is crisis' banner flying between them. a yurt has been erected as well as various other shelters, a kitchen, and storage area. the first wood fires are alight, and the mood is excited and optimistic despite the damp conditions. there's a sound system for announcements and music, and the 'rinky dinky' system is making it's way up from parliament square too.

Resist Eviction of Kings Crescent Estate 12pm Thursday (London N4)

Resist the eviction of a community squatting initiative 12PM on THURSDAY 3rd of DECEMBER. They are calling for as many people as possible to assemble at our place from Wednesday night onwards. Numbers mean victory!

Community Squatting Project Under Threat

What's Happening?: