anonymous report, from (translation):

"Tired of seeing the Earth destroyed, we decided to act. In the night between April 6 and 7 we entered one of the many construction sites in Rome, a city raped by the cement and speculative building that the big manufacturers, with the complicity of the little fascist mayor Alemanno, that are destroying any space that is still wild to construct department stores, malls and parking lots. In this case the work involves the destruction of a very large thicket, with the resulting devastation of the habitat of many animals, birds, insects and mammals. We approached the seven machines (bulldozers and others) that were present; with wire cutters we cut oil tubes, cables and wires, and then we poured gravel and sugar in the tanks and we disappeared leaving a written claim.

This action was taken in solidarity with all who everywhere and at all times struggle against speciesism, anthropocentrism and exploitation, particularly with the defenders of the Russian forests of Khimki and Bitcevski.

Solidarity also with all animal-ecological prisoners, beginning with Walter Bond. For animal liberation, for the liberation of the Earth!"