Latest Action Update

Climbing, blocking, stinking, sabbing earth defenders rock!
Roll on down to the EF! Summer Gathering in mid-August.

Paint-throwing, blockading, rioting, boarding up offices and gathering hundreds of thousands together - all ways to try and defeat the Nuclear Behemoth.

Blockading coal in Bangladesh, copper mining in Peru, Italian ecotage against incineration, Greek firebombs opposing landfill, pro-rickshaw car-smashing in India, actions and camping to protect the Tasmanian forests, and anti-mining trashing of many things in Indonesia...just a taste from around the world of how people campaign to stop the destruction of the earth and it's inhabitants.

More news from the front lines: travellers digging in, mobile phone mast torching, a first time hunt sabber’s diary, the latest from the GM 'anti-lobby', and tracking new developments - UK fracking, FFS!

Plus with the latest advice from AUntie Miffy, contacts and dates to get you in the mood for Captain Swing, download, distribute, subscribe and get out there, and stuck in.
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