Day 2 of eviction Hambach Forest / tunnel-system


At the second day of eviction the cops evicted everybody from the trees. On the evening of the first day they evicted everybody in concrete-lock-ons. Now there's one activist in a blockade-tunnel. And police don't have any idea how to evict that. So it still could still take a few days. Police that went down just said: "there's a huge tunnel-system, we don't know wich direction we have to go"

The occupation of the forest is against a coal open-cast-mine, that is together with two more sites, the biggest producer of CO2 in Europe. The dust from the pit is radioactive.

Police said, that there were hundred crimes counted from the occupation, but don't have proof of any of them. There have been a lot of solidarity actions in lot of citys against the eviction of the forest.
The forest is one of the oldest in Middle-Europe. There's a type of bat, that will not exict anymore anywhere after the forest is  cleared. They will completlyey clear the forest in the next 5 to 10 years.

Next summer there will be the europe wide "reclaim the field" camp in the region and the german-wide climate-camp. But also before this there will be more activities. So come over and help fight RWE, the enery-giant, if you can. N-Power is part of RWE. Would be also cool to visit them.