Climate and Energy Camp 2011, Germany

Stop CCS, fight for climate justice and energy sovereignty!

When and where?
The Climate and Energy Camp 2011 is taking place from Aug. 7th – 14th in Janschwalde/Brandenburg (close to Cottbus).

What's a climate camp anyway?
A climate camp is a space for networking, knowledge exchange and debate on the one hand, but also a space to show practical resistance and implement direct action. As a result, the camp represents a field of experimentation for a different kind of life: the fundamental features are a resource-efficient lifestyle and a grass-roots way of self-organizing the camp. The first camp called "Camp for Climate Action" took place close to the english town of Drax. The climate camp movement spread to the European mainland. Further camps were organized in Belgium, France and Ukraine, but also in Canada and Australia.

Why Brandenburg?
This year the decision for or against the new CCS technology will be made. Energy companies are using the spurious argument to achieve "clean coal" with CCS to be able to stick with their established structures of energy production through lignite, which is extremely harmful to the climate. In the last decades solely in the Lausitz region more than 30,000 people had to leave 136 villages to the excavators that dug up new mining pits. The intended expansion of the lignite strip mining site Janschwalde-Nord would make the next three villages –
Kerkwitz, Grabko and Atterwasch – disappear. Further, clinging to
lignite as an energy source makes it hard to push through the transition to a decentralized democratic energy supply from renewables. Read more in our call...

How can I contact you?
Please write us an email to