climate chaos

climate chaos

Brecon Tree Camp Open Day 9th June

Protestors against National Grid's monster pipeline, need your support, come and visit us in Brecon.

To oppose National Grid's 197 Mile long, 48 inches wide, 94 bar pressure gas pipe that is running through the Brecon Beacon National Park there has been a protest site set up along the route, this is currently preventing National Grid causing more destruction in this area. Having the camp is delaying work which will cost them millions of pounds and gives us time to work on stopping them indefinitely. It's also fun, educational and free. Unfortunately the time has come and eviction is due any day now, so...

Biofuels protest in Aberdeen

Aberdeen Campaign Against Climate Change held a protest inside the auditorium of the All Energy conference in Aberdeen on Wednesday 23rd May. They unfurled anti-biofuels banners and interrupted a speech by US Ambassador to the UK, Robert Tuttle, in which he was praising the efforts of the US to fight climate change and was claiming that biofuels are part of the solution.

Critical Mass reports - London, Manchester, Glasgow, Bristol, Edinburgh, York

London May 07 Critical Mass 1London May 07 Critical Mass 2London May 07 Critical Mass 3The cycle police were pretty laid back and vastly outnumbered, though they did still try to manage the ride by blocking the front so that the back could catch up. What does it matter if a 1,000 riders get split into two or more though? Towards the end of the ride the police seemed to give up doing anything, they didn't even try to stop a couple of cars going the wrong way down a one way street, and they just blended in and became a part of the Mass.

Happy Birthday Camp Titnore! & Brecon pipeline camp news

CAMP Titnore in Worthing, West Sussex, has this weekend been celebrating its first anniversary.
And as well as celebrating the achievement of the last year, it is looking ahead by calling for more people to join the occupation and for solidarity action against the businesses threatening to destroy the countryside location.

World Naked Bike Ride comes to Southampton! Other UK locations - York, Manchester, London, Brighton

World Naked Bikeride 'stop raping the planet'In the fourth year of this imaginative and spectacular environmental protest, The World Naked Bike Ride is to see its first event in Southampton on Friday 8 June.

Man arrested in protest over Rotherwas road, Herefordshire

Rotherwas lock-on protest24 May 2007 - a man has been arrested after chaining himself to a digger in protest at the building of a £12.5m road.

Protesters against Bulldozers at Tara (Ireland) - update - more people needed

Tara aerial viewSince Sunday, May 20, protesters are blocking the use of heavy construction machinery at ancient archaeological sites in the Tara-Skryne valley in Co. Meath, Ireland. Construction workers are trying to begin work on the M3 four-lane motorway, although no public decision has yet been given by the Minister for Heritage Dick Roche to commence work. Reports state that the peaceful protesters who sat down in front of the machinery, were in some cases badly manhandled by the construction workers. If the protesters do not succeed in preventing the construction work from beginning, the archaeological sites will be quickly destroyed and the destruction presented to the public as a fait accompli.

Climate Camp To Target Heathrow (& new videos: Another End of the World is Possible)

climate camp '07 sand posterLast summer, over 600 people converged outside Drax coal-fired power station for 10 days of sustainable living and collective education, culminating in a day of mass action against Drax. This year, the Camp for Climate Action will pitch its tents near Heathrow airport.

Destruction of Tara Temporarily Halted by Protest

Tara protest 1Tara protest 2Construction was held up on Fri 18th on the controversial M3 in the Tara Valley by a peaceful demonstration. A small group of concerned active citizens congregated at Rath Lugh at 5:30am. Rath Lugh is one of the seven outer defence forts of Tara which is only approximately 150m from the newly discovered National Monument at Lismullen. When workers arrived at 6:10am, they were unable to get their vehicles on site and gathered on the N3. The workers seemed unaware that the carpark they were using is the newly closed archeological site at Roestown.

International Day of Direct Action Against Climate Change and the G8 - UK events: Haringey... (& Jeff Luers solidarity callout)

G8 2007 climate day flierFriday 8th June 2007
Direct Action for Climate Justice – Resistance is Self Defense!

We all know the terrifying statistics: a million species extinct by 2050, 19 of the 20 hottest years on record since 1980, Greenland and Antarctica melting, droughts, floods, famines … the G8 have had over 30 years to address climate change and only succeeded in providing trillions in subsidies to the very industries that are destroying our planet and our future. And while the G8 continues to line their pockets, island states disappear and hundreds of thousands die as a result of the freak weather conditions caused by their irrational and uncontrollable obsession with never ending economic growth.