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Earth First is an independent blog – working to address the climate change by eco-friendly living. We support a vision of civilization that is caring, just, and non-violent. We aim to reclaim the earth for all life, not just the profits of the 1%. Our current focus is to draw attention to global climate crisis and the insidious and catastrophic process known as anthropogenic (human-caused) global warming. We are a non-violent, community-based movement that works locally to bring about ecological sustainability.

Our main areas of focus are climate change, green living, recycling, green transport, sustainable living and wildlife conservation.

Climate Change

Human-caused global warming (aka climate change) is the core issue behind many of the challenges we face as a species. As we are increasingly aware, the planet as a whole has a finite carrying capacity – the total capacity of the planet to sustain life as we know it. As a relatively small global population of 8.8 billion people (as of January 2011) take up the majority of this carrying

However, human development and growth are putting significant pressure on this carrying capacity – this is what we’re witnessing at the moment. It is clear that most of the world’s population do not fit into the framework of our current global economy (but you can help here). And the world needs to cut down on our excess carbon emissions to save the planet as much as possible.

We like to address the challenges faced by the UK as it continues to degrade the climate. According to the BBC, the average temperature across the UK has increased by 1.3°C since records began in the 1800s. This is extremely worrying, not only for humans, but for other species as well. Â Almost half of Britain’s bird species, including the arctic tern, are migrating more than they ever have before, because of the increasing temperatures – the longest recorded journey in history. The so-called “heat wave” seen earlier this year has not made the headlines as the brutal “cold snap” seen earlier this month – and that too caused record-breaking floods in many areas.

Food & Diet

The global agricultural industry is responsible for 19% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Â Currently, we produce enough food to feed the world but eat far too much. Â Around two-thirds of all the land in the world is used for farming, compared to 7% in the 17th century. So how are we going to feed the world without destroying the planet? It is clear that we need to radically rethink our approach to food production – but what do we do when so many people already don’t have enough to eat?


We need to find a way to improve and modernise our own energy supply to improve our environment, reduce the amount of carbon we produce, reduce the impact on wildlife, and reduce our dependence on oil and gas.  It’s an issue we need to get our heads around, and urgently.  The potential uses of solar power are enormous – they can produce heat, electricity and, in the future, could be used to produce hydrogen (fuel). Solar energy is clean, it is sustainable and it is doing to clean our planet.

These innovations could be the turning point towards a sustainable future for United Kingdom. With the right government support, they could be transformative. But all it needs is our support.

Green Transport

Every year around 9 million tonnes of CO2 are emitted into the atmosphere because of the way we move around. Â In the UK, our cities are choked with traffic and our roads are creaking under the strain. Â We are looking to move towards a cleaner transport system and many companies are investing billions in making the shift to clean vehicles. However, the technology currently available is far too expensive to mass produce and this is preventing the transition to clean transport – the energy demand of conventional car use needs to be reduced drastically for this to happen.

The EEA report makes it clear that this can be achieved if we look to innovative business models. We can look to the likes of Google and Uber, which offer a high quality of service at low cost. Â It’s an exciting time to be an entrepreneur – and it’s a time that we need to grasp. Â These businesses should be the future of transportation in the UK, and the UK should be at the forefront of these technological developments.


In the UK, we have a lot of land dedicated to wildlife, more than any other nation in the world. Â But it’s not all easy as these UK species face many challenges. Â While great progress has been made in protecting endangered species like the Snow Leopard, we have a long way to go before we can claim this as a success. Â Conservation should be at the heart of our environmental policies, and we need a pro-active approach to our biodiversity. Â But this needs to start from the top, and we need to make better decisions – we have to take action and end the complacency.

These four areas form a basis of our new sustainable future – and we need to consider them every single day. Â Together, these will help to guide us in our journey towards a cleaner, healthier, more sustainable world. Â It’s up to us to make sure we get there, and with a little help from our friends at Business Green, I know we can succeed.

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