There is No Planet B

We must take action now. Every little efforts can make change. Learn about green living and how to be eco-friendly today.

Welcome To Earth First

We Write For Most Beautiful Planet in The Universe.

This blog is about sustainable living – mainly green living and how to be eco-friendly.

This blog is managed by Dr Amit Kumar who is a PhD from Oxford University and he has the distinction of being one of the world’s first production farmers. He is a plant and animal biologist and organic farmer, and he is very involved in both scientific and environmental organizations, and as a leading authority on food, agriculture and natural health, he has written over two books on natural health, plants and agriculture.


Climate Change

I believe that global climate change is one of the greatest existential threats mankind has ever faced.

If we fix what we can fix now, and follow these steps, we can change the world before it is too late.


Food & Diet

The second and most important item on this list is to replace a massive portion of the meat and dairy products in our diet with delicious and nutritious vegetables, fruits and nuts. If we replace 25% or more of our meat and dairy products with fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds (and yes, there are many) we would be doing well and winning.


Sea Level

The third item is to focus on reducing the world’s oceans and seas of plastic. We already have more plastic in the oceans than we do in the air. We have to fix that. In other words, we need to stem the flow of plastic out of the oceans and into the atmosphere in order to reduce the rate of global climate change.



Finally, we must pursue the possibility of using all forms of sustainable and renewable technology, including nuclear energy, to develop energy and solve the crisis. Only technology can save us from the Global Climate Crisis. It is not too late. We must act soon.

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