Yorkshire & the Humber

Yorkshire & the Humber

Winter Warm-up round-up - Fuel Poverty Action protests

Friday update: an exciting start to the Fuel Poverty Action Weekend of Winter Warm-ups…Hundreds of people across the country came out of their cold homes to get warm at the buildings of institutions that have a hand in creating fuel poverty, to challenge the Big Six’s monopoly and the government’s complicity.  London - Leeds - Swindon - Manchester:

Consumer Culture Brought to Its Knees in Bradford - Buy Nothing/Steal Something Day

In one sweeping stroke the false consciousness of consumption was served a mortal blow in the streets of Bradford today. As the worldwide ripples of Buy Nothing Day crashed upon the shore of BD1, multinational capital trembled in it's bloodstained boots.

Update: Work starts to cut down Irton’s beech tree

Breaking News 11pm, Tuesday 4th:
CONTRACTORS have started work to cut down Irton’s beech tree.
Vicki “Beechnut” Welsh spent four nights in the tree but came down at 10.10am today to applause from villagers, who have now accepted defeat in their battle to save the tree.

Community-Suported Treesitting in Yorkshire: the way forward

An old beech tree has been occupied since Tuesday 20th September, to stop it's felling, with a change-over of occupier last Saturday, whilst borough and county council battle it out in the courts over whether the tree should be felled or preserved.


Get ready for Hinkley blockade - 5th Stop New Nuclear newsletter

Welcome to our fifth Stop New Nuclear newsletter. With little more than two weeks to go, we need to make a last effort to mobilise even more people to the blockade of Hinkley Point on 3 October.

ASS needs you!

The Advisory Service for Squatters releases its first newsletter... and wants your help!

The hardworking bunch at the Advisory Service for Squatters have just released their annual report in the form of a newsletter.

Its full of as much information, juicy gossip and as many requests for help that you can fit on two sides of A4!

Countering the GM come back summer camp

Bring your stove and tent for an anti-GM weekend. Fri 22nd pm: Camping available. Sat 23rd: Delivering a trailer load of organic spuds to the doors of the John Innes Centre in protest at GM potato trials there. Sun 24th: a day-long planning session: GM is coming back – we’ll be ready. See below for more information.

Stop New Nuclear newsletter no 1, July 2011

Welcome to Stop New Nuclear's first newsletter. You receive this newsletter because you have signed one of the pledges, or you signed up to the newsletter. Thank you for this.

We plan to send a newsletter to all pledgers and newsletter subscribers about once a month, and possibly more frequently in the weeks before the blockade. Feel free to share and distribute this newsletter.