Yorkshire & the Humber

Yorkshire & the Humber

Sabotage Raid on Yorkshire Quarry

To celebrate the Spring there was a sabotage raid on Horton Quarry in Ribblesdale, in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Horton Quarry, owned by Hanson, is one of three huge quarries eating into this part of the National Park.

Matilda Social Centre (Sheffield) is now squatted

Matilda 2
Matilda 1

The day started at 8:15am when people from Yorkshire Forward, the owners of the building, and their legal representatives from Lambert Smith Hampton turned up with 3 vans full of builders from The Allen Group of Companies and strted rehanging the front door and changing the locks.

No Widening M1 Noise Demo, Thursday 15th June, Sheffield

No Widening M1 are having a noise demo at Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield, this Thursday 15th June, meet at 5.45.

This protest will co-incide with the opening of the Highways Agency's exhibitions about the proposals. Various dignatories and the press have been invited to come at this time.

London's world naked bike ride yesterday (& Brighton, York and Manchester)

World Naked Bike Ride 06 London 1
World Naked Bike Ride 06 London 2

between 600 and 1000 people took part in the naked bike ride protest yesterday afternoon in the blazing sunshine. meeting up at wellington arch from around midday, it soon became clear this travelling naked protest against the dominance of car culture and oil dependency was going to be something extraordinary.

World Naked Bike Rides to be held in Brighton, Manchester, York and London

World naked bike ride 2006

Since 2004, the World Naked Bike Ride has been spreading it's message of opposition to car culture and oil dependency in rides throughout the globe. The ride celebrates the power and individuality of the human body. Many riders will have their first experience of social and non-sexual nudity through the ride. All rides are clothing optional in the truest sense. There is no pressure for riders to go more clothed or nude than they wish. Rides range in size from the very small (Sao Paolo 2004 had 2 riders) to the very large (Zaragosa 2004 had 400 riders). The average ride is under 100 riders, but London beat the odds by having 250 riders in 2005 for it's second ever ride. There are over 100 rides planned for 2006.

National Anti-Incinerator Meeting 27 May at Birkbeck College, London

Dear Friends,

The Defra public consultation period is now over and the Government's new waste strategy is going to be formulated. There is still plenty of opportunity to influence the final outcome by

massive climate chaos direct action - Reclaim Power, 31st August

Reclaim Power flier front

Visualise Industrial Collapse

Governments can't deal with the challenge!
Climate change is the greatest threat to ever face humanity and its happening now. Governments and big business dream of continued economic growth so won't deal with the crises. What we really need is a fundamental shift in the way we live - AWAY from consumer society, continued economic growth and power concentrated in the hands of the few. TOWARDS locally based, grassroots, community solutions.

July 15 International Day of Direct Action against Climate Change and the G8!

July 15th will be an International Day of Action Against Climate Change. As G8 energy ministers promise trillions in new subsidies to the industries destroying our planet and our future, we will take action to shut them down! This is a call for autonomous, decentralized actions appropriate for your town, city, or bioregion.

1in12 club's 25th anniversary celebrations/ Mayday in Bradford

1 in 12 25th birthday/Mayday

To celebrate Mayday and the 1in12 club's 25th anniversary there are the following series of events.

25th Anniversary Party - Star DJs, cocktails, snacks and maybe even a raffle.... Friday 28th April 9.00 pm

Saving Iceland gathering 21st - 23rd April in Norfolk


It's time to organise the 2006 camp!

The next Saving Iceland gathering will take place over the weekend of the 21st - 23rd April in Norfolk, UK . It'll be a great time to find out more and to meet some of the (lovely) people involved with the campaign, as well as to help discuss what this Summer's protest camp will look like.

Next Climate Camp Gathering 8-9th April

The next climate camp gathering is happening in Leeds in 2 weeks. It is an ideal opportunity to get involved in organising this exciting camp. Please email us if you are interested in going from Notts as we might be able to sort some transport.

First Aid Training at Matilda, Sheffield 1/04

The UK Action Medics will be running a one-day training on Saturday the 1st April at Matilda Social Centre, Sheffield.

This training will equip you with the basic skills to prevent and treat injuries, both in domestic and activist situations. It's by no means a comprehensive course, but we certainly cram in as much as we can into the day. There may even be fake blood!

M1 Widening? Multi occupational bridges!

No M1 M-way bridge banner 2
No M1 M-way bridge banner 1


A small dedicated (hard core!) group of Sheffield (www.nowideningm1.org.uk) hit 3 Motor way bridges between junctions 30 and 32 of the M1 early this morning. Just letting A. certain Darling and the usual press entourage know we are just beginning our campaign of action. Watch this lane for more battles!