wilderness defence

wilderness defence

EVICTION STARTED early this morning at Dalkeith Park (Scotland) Protest Sites - can still get down there & help

Eviction Aruga!!


Eviction of the four protest sites in Dalkeith Country Park against the construction of the A68 Bypass and the destruction of the River Esk wildlife corridor began this morning.

Harpoon line dumps Greenpeace activist in Antarctic waters

Anti-whaling inflatable

Canadian Greenpeace whaling activist, Texas Joe Constantine, was dragged overboard into the freezing Antarctic waters after the whaling harpoon was fired over his inflatable and the harpoon rope became entangled in the craft. Constantine spent a few minutes in the water in his survival suit, before his compatriots could manouver their craft to pick him up. The harpoon killed the whale almost instantly after a chase lasting an hour.

Earth Liberation Prisoners! Bulletin (14th January 2006)

Prisoner Solidarity 1

Dear friends
ELP has five lots of news for you today:

1 (USA) Three new eco-prisoners
2 (Italy) Marco Martorana under house arrest
3) (Britain) Jan Lawrence released

Schinveld eviction latest: anti-NATO activists occupy forest, build tree houses and tunnels


Schinveld tunnel
Eviction Aruga!!

A forest that has to be cut down for NATO-planes, is already for more then a month occupied. AWAC-planes are terrorising the local people for over 25 years. But currently a minority of politicians and police (yes they are a minority) are trying to take over the forest and chop it down.

Japanese Whaling Ship rams Greenpeace vessel in Southern Whale Sanctuary


Artic Sunrise 1
Artic Sunrise 2
Japanese Whaling Ship graffitied

After three days of obstructing the whale hunt by placing inflatable zodiacs between whales and the harpoon, the Nisshin Maru rammed the Greenpeace ship, Arctic Sunrise. The whalers are counter claiming their ship was rammed by Greenpeace. The collision ocurred in the Australian Antarctic Territory in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. The Nisshin Maru has continued north at full speed, with the three conservationists ships in pursuit.

Newbury Bypass Ten Years On - (10yrs since work started - reunion report)

Newbury 10th reunion montage

On Saturday 7th January around 60 people gathered at Middle Oak to remember the resistance against the Newbury Bypass (A34), and reveal the huge traffic growth that's come since.

Newbury Bypass reunion Sat Jan 7th

3rd Battle of Newbury logo

There will be a reunion this weekend to commemorate ten years since the start of construction work on the Newbury bypass.

Although work started on the 9th, we are meeting on Saturday 7th as it is the nearest weekend (and some of us are involved in commemoration protests on the 9th!). There are no actions planned for the 7th, just a demo and meeting up.

No M66 10 years on

It will be ten years from the first eviction of the No M66 Campaign in February 2006. There will be an exhibition about the No M66 Campaign, From wednesday 22nd february to sun 20th march at the basement social center, lever street, Manchester.

Shell / Co Mayo International Solidarity Actions Planning Meetings - London & Nottingham

Irish resistance continues against a giant Shell consortium who plan to construct a dangerous high pressure pipeline and gas processing plant in Rossport, Co Mayo. The people there have called for international solidarity actions on either fri 17th or sat 18th February.

5 new eco-prisoners (& 1 suicide after arrest), USA

Prisoner Solidarity 2

Please take time to write to these recently arrested prisoners earth liberation prisoners. To receive more frequent updates on these and other prisoners email ELP4321@hotmail.com asking to subscribe.

Schinveld Forest (Netherlands) to be Evicted this Monday

Schinveld Forest to Be Evicted this Monday

Eviction Aruga!!
Schinveld Tree House

Sunday December 4th GroenFront! (Dutch EarthFirst!) occupied the Schinveld forest in the SE of the Netherlands to protest agains the intended destruction of 6 hectares of woods. NATO and the Min. of Defense want AWACS radar planes on the nearby Geilenkirchen NATO base, just across the border in Germany, to off with more kerosene in their fuel tanks. The AWACS are being used in the middle east. We have built treehouses and tunnels and expect them to be evicted this Monday Jan. 9th by 700-1000 military and regular police. GroenFront! is calling upon cops and soldiers to refuse work on ethical grounds. Authorities are immensely nervous about the immense support of locals, and have now called a local state of emergency to quell any more protests. As this had led to even more outrage, many people from the town of Schinveld are pledging to come and support or participate in the eviction.

Upcoming Happy Valley Occupation! (New Zealand/Aotearoa)

Happy Valley2 Jan 2006
From Saturday 28th of January 2006 the Save Happy Valley Coalition will be indefinitely occupying the site of Solid Energy's planned open cast coal mine in Happy Valley on the West Coast and we are inviting as many people as possible to join us.

Why? Because the mine will:

Whalers still scattered and fleeing, Sea Shepherd still pursuing


Farley Mowat

Update from the Farley Mowat – Somewhere Off the Coast of Antarctica

Whalers still scattered and fleeing, the Farley Mowat still pursuing, a dead whale is found, and the crew take a plunge with the penguins.

~~SAVE PRIORY PARK~~ Camp Bling updates

Events, meetings, fundraisers!

Parkstall Sunday 18th December, 10.00am till 4.00pm
under the bridge, Southend high street, Southend on Sea.

Benefit gig Tuesday 20th December, 8.00pm till 1.00am at Sak's Underground , Clifftown road, adjacent to Southend Central station. Featuring Jah Free, Retrospex, Seasiders and Nick. Free entry, but with a donation to Camp Bling.

Italian anti-high-speed train protestors retake land

Venaus 1


Massive protests have delayed the start of work on a 33-mile tunnel under the Alps between France and Italy planned as a key link in a trans-Europe rail line.