West Midlands

West Midlands

Come to the Peace News Winter Gathering, 15-17 January

Join people from across the spectrum of the British peace movement for a weekend of exploration, celebration and empowerment - learning from other movements, struggling with challenging issues, and creating greater cohesion and solidarity in a segmented peace movement.

Buy Nothing Day (Bristol, Birmingham, Falmouth, Leeds, Lincoln, Sheffield...) - Steal Something Day (everywhere)

Bristol: To buy, or not to buy...

Saturday November 28th is Buy Nothing Day (UK). It's a day where you challenge yourself, your family and friends to switch off from shopping and tune into life. The rules are simple, for 24 hours you will detox from shopping and anyone can take part provided they spend a day without spending!

No New Nuclear. Planning to win - updated details

Time to get organised and stop the new generation of nuclear power stations.

11am Saturday 21st until 4pm Sunday 22nd November 2009

The weekend will be a space for grassroots campaigners to network, share ideas and information and make plans to win.

Didcot protest over - 20 arrested

At 4.30 am, the nine occupiers of the chimney stack at Didcot power station came down and were immediately arrested. That brings the total arrests to 20, after the 11 locked on to the coal conveyors were arrested in the first 24 hours.

Reclaim the Earth Centre - conisbrough

There will be a walkabout the Earth Centre at Conisbrough (Doncaster, S. Yorks)on Friday, 23rd October at 1pm.

This meeting is an opportunity to meet each other an discuss plans to reclaim the earth centre for the people.

land rover dealership attacked

last night a land rover dealership in west hertfordshire was attacked. tires were slashed on a number of these luxury cars.

for the liberation of the earth

*Hit the Production of Climate Chaos - get involved* - 13th December call for actions

The climate catastrophe has not happened by random chance and the melting glacier is not its place. Our economic system, the way it produces goods, and the way they are transported and finally consumed is the root of climate change.

Latest EF! Action Update bursts forth

Car tyres deflate in the night, diggers halted in their tracks, buildings and MPs covered in slime...airports plagued by crazy golf, picnics, city gents and hostage-taking...eco-villages and other autonomous spaces sprout, as others are under threat...tree-sits, banks evicted, fake phone-masts and whaling ships sunk....it must be time for another Earth First! Action Update, bringing you a concentrated quarterly blast of inspiration and contacts to get out there and take direct action against the bastards threatening this planet and its inhabitants.

News from the front-lines - permanent protest camps old and new, and temporary gatherings in a field near you, all the dates and info you need for a summer of blistering action and torrential outpourings!

Successes here, across the pond and round the very other side of the world.

The Beechwood Hotel/Squat 201 Bristol Road Edgbaston Birmingham B5 7UB

A day of permaculture workshops, followed by a BBQ and party. Then stay and help us resist the bailiffs.

Permaculture Day at the Social Justice centre, 201 Bristol Road, B5 7UB.

The Social Justice centre at Bristol Road is hosting a permaculture day on Saturday 25th April.
The event is scheduled for 11am till late . There will also be a barbecue and music for your pleasure.