Activists shut down construction of LNG gas terminal in Milford Haven

Construction traffic prevented from entering LNG terminal14th Feb 07

Protesters against the continued and unrestrained promotion of fossil fuel projects by the UK government have blockaded the main vehicle access route into the new LNG pipeline terminal near Milford Haven, South Wales. Their aim is to highlight the serious environmental and safety issues surrounding this project, and to call for a more sober approach to the impending energy crisis.

Brecon Resistance Camp - Wish List

6th Feb

The tree camp in the Brecon Beacons is still going strong. The mood is good and everyone is happy ( well all except National Grid that is !!! ).

Even with the promise of six inches of snow Wednesday night spirits are riding high in Brecon. The camp have requested that I send out a wish list and hopefully we can all arrange to do a little something to help out.

Next national climate camp organsing gathering Feb 17/18 in Leeds

Climate camp logo 2 The next national organsing gathering will be in Leeds on Sat and Sun Feb 17th/18th. It will be at The Common Place in Leeds city centre and vegan food, accommodationand creche will be provided (please contact us with accommodation, creche or any other needs though so we can plan ahead).

The Trebanos Five - "Ramblers" arrested on route of National Grids Pipeline

This morning ( Wed 31-01-2007 ) five people were arrested on the public footpath running through the construction site in Trebanos, South Wales.

The Trebanos Five..... Whose quick decision making left a bit to be desired were arrested today for "learning Italian, having a picnic and reading" on an illegaly closed public footpath in Trebanos...... Having being given 5 minutes to move on, they were handcuffed and manhandled whilst deciding what to do next( three minutes later....) They are now known as The Trebanos Faffing Five !!!

3 protesters arrested at supermaket blockade (for Welsh language)

Welsh supermarket blockadeMorrisons supermarket was blockaded by protesters and three members of the Welsh Language Society were arrested today (Saturday 27 January) as part of the continuing campaign for a law ensuring rights to use Welsh

Protests continue at Trebanos

Pipe protest on footpath26.01.2007

At 2.00 pm today a group of campaigners against the controversial LNG pipeline forced work to stop yet again on the construction site in Trebanos.

Gaspipe protest in Trebanos comes to an end


Today the footpath in Trebanos has been closed, despite residents recieving next to no notification. Legally National Grid had the right to close the footpath tomorrow (friday 26th) but noticing a reduction in numbers the footpath was sealed off today.

Welsh pipeline protest - New tree camp set up near Brecon


Following support from local people in Brecon at the weekend, a new protest camp has been set up right in the middle of the phase two route of National Grids controversial pipeline.


anonymous communique:

"Aberystwyth University and the Institute of Grasslands and Environmental Research (IGER) carry out cruel and pointless tests on animals.

Welsh activists have therefore been busy with the follwing actions to try and persuade them they should end their involvement with animal testing altogether.

Activists stop work on gas pipe line Alltwen, Wales

Alltwen pipeline protest16th Jan '07 - At 9am this morning a construction site in Alltwen was stormed by activists, climbing cranes and locking-on with d-locks by their necks. Work was stopped on the controversial LNG pipeline for five and a half hours, adding to the list of recent delays.

Pipeline protests gather strength

Pipeline flier15.01.2007

Active opposition is underway against the South Wales LNG pipeline in three separate locations. Objections to National Grid's controversial project are spurred by lack of consulation, safety fears, environmenal issues and climate change concerns. Protests grow stronger day by day, supported by long term campaigning, creating a spirited and unified resistance.

Activist Mediation Network Launched!!!!!

Want to learn mediation skills?
Interested in helping support activist groups engage with internal disagreements and conflict, to make them more effective?
Want to tackle conflicts in your personal life that interfere with your activism?

Stick this in your Pipe and smoke it - Latest updates on South Wales anti-LNG pipeline campaign.

Pipeline placards on demo11.01.2007

Today a rolling blockade by local activists stops work.
Work stopped by protesters for the fourth day.

STOP E$$O DAY! 5-6th April

24 hour protest at the offices of Esso called by Campaign against Climate Change. and other environmental groups/

24 hours of protest at Exxon (Esso) HQ, 5.00 pm Thursday 5th April to 5.00 pm

GAGGED! #15 - South Wales Anarchist Newsletter

GAGGED! #15 Jan/Feb 07 anti-copyright
South Wales Anarchist Newsletter • • PO Box 70, Newport NP20 5XX
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