'unnecessary development'

'unnecessary development'

Remove Your Machinery Within Three Days, Baram Natives Warn Dam Builders

Baram_blockade_23.10.201325th October Native communities from Malaysia’s remote Baram district on the island of Borneo have warned state-owned electricity provider Sarawak Energy t

Nigeria: Coordinated Mass Protests Shut Down ExxonMobil

pic824th October The people of Eket federal constituency in Akwa Ibom State yesterday embarked on a mass protest shutting

Burma: Village Protests Shut Down Coal Mine

Coal-mine-300x19924th October The Karen National Union (KNU) in Southern Burma has suspended a coalmine from operating in the Pawklo area, east of Dawei.

UPDATE: Full Invasion Force Arrives at Mi’kmaq Blockade

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 12.44.31 PM17th October  700 RCMP are currently reported at the scene of the Mi’kmaq blockade with an armored pe

Peruvian Police Fire on Minas Conga Opponents AGAIN

Police protect equipment to be used for the planned Minas Conga gold mine in Cajamarca, Peru

20th September 2013, Two pieces from the ongoing struggle to stop the Minas Conga gold mine in Peru.

Trial of anti-road protestor Emily Johns

11th September 2013 Trial of anti-road protestor - and Combe Haven Defenders - Emily Johns, arrested during Operation Disclosure in April: https://combeha

Eviction of Ferrarisbos Forest Occupation Wilrijk, Antwerp, Belgium

groNoord logoAt 7am on Tuesday 3rd of September individuals occupying a wrongly zoned Farraris forest in Wilrijk were woken by the sound of chainsaws.