'unnecessary development'

'unnecessary development'

Balcombe update days 18 - 19 & 20

Day 18

Day 18 (Sun 11th) Of Community Fracking Blockade In Balcombe Sussex
See The Great Gas Gala Website for upcoming events and how to get involved.

Latest News From The Great Gas Gala – Day 8

Update (3:45pm): Two fracking trucks forced through blockade with police escort. Ambulance called for lady pushed over by police.

Update (1:00pm): Police tow away fire engine with two frackfighters still lock on inside!

Latest News From The Great Gas Gala – Day 7

31 July 2013 Fracking company Cuadrilla Resources are trying to start drilling in Balcombe, West Sussex and the community is trying to stop them. Over 250 people stopped 15 trucks bring on equipment on Day 1 (Thurs).

The Great Gas Gala Day 6

30 July 2013 Photos from yesterday show that the police are massing to get Cuadrilla vehicles onto the site at Balcombe, so Cuadrilla can begin the dangerous path to fracking.

Climate Justice Activists Occupy Two Tar Sands Mining Sites in Utah

521886_597282230294554_359607144_n29 July 2013 In a direct action following the Canyon Country Action Camp, hundreds of activists have swarmed two mining sites in Utah tar sands.

100 Anti-Fracking Activists Overwhelm Injection Well Site in Ohio

BQXb9Q-CQAAoaKQ.jpg-large29 July 2013 Over 100 anti-fracking activists have taken over the entrance to an injection well site in Ohio.

The Great Gas Gala – Day 5 In Pictures

29 July 2013

Update (11:00pm): Day 6! of the blockade tomorrow. Come down and support the community tomorrow.

No Names, No Frack Drill.

Day 5 of Balcombe village's struggle against Frack Attack (Update)

Update - Day 5 - Monday 29th July

Rebel Clowns Target Fracking in Scotland

Clown Pyramids say NO to Fracking27 July 2013 Yesterday morning a hoard of clowns descended on the government Directorate for Planning and Environmental Affairs to deliver a special anti-fracking message to the powers that be.

The Great Gas Gala – Day 3 In Pictures

27 July 2013

Update (4:30pm): Community blockade now has a pool table. Relaxed atmosphere now Caudrilla have been stopped for rest of the day. Join us!

Occupy Firgrove: Destruction of the trees

Save Firgrove Green Betrayed by Rushmoor26 July 2013 Wednesday morning, police, private security, fencers, tree surgeons, arrived to end the occupation of Firgrove Green and destroy the trees.