'unnecessary development'

'unnecessary development'

Peat Excavation Site Sabotaged - Chat Moss

Earlier this year a peat excavation works at Chat Moss near Manchester was Sabotaged. The site where the extraction was taking place was of high ecological value and in the vacinity of a wildlife Site of Scientific Importance. Peat bogs also have great value as Co2 sinks.

Sherwood Forest Camp on High Eviction Alert

Sherwood Back Off Bellway

Sherwood Forest protest camp at Mansfeild Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire are on high eviction Alert after they have been issued new Papers earlier this week, Balifs and unmarked security vans are now patrolling the area and equipment is being delived to site.

Solidarity Action for Nine Ladies


9 Ladies solidarity 2

Early this morning activists blocked Stancliffe Stone a subsidiary of Marshalls PLC for three and a half hours using two tripods.

Bilston Glen Protest Site update, spring 2004

Bilston Glen protest camp sign

Here's a short update from our camp:

Here at Bilston Glen Anti-Bypass Protest Site we get more sorted for every day that passes by. More defences are coming up constantly and the standard of the camp is steadily improving. We have a new kitchen, a new info-space, a well sorted and cosy communal, a new guest house and a new shower. We're currently building a huge communal tree-house and some other tree-houses are also underway. For three months we've been organizing "Sunday Free Cafes" (open days) the first sunday every month, which we intend to continue with. Spring is here, the birds are singing and the leaves are coming out, we're looking forward to the summer. The 1-4 of July we're inviting like-minded for a green anarchist gathering to discuss how to fight the megamachine and learn primitive skills.

Hulme Developer gets a Roasting (Manchester)

Hulme digger on fire
Digger trashed in action relating to 25 mature trees being felled in Manchester

A property developer, who plans to build on the Loretto College Playing Fields, got a visit from upset local people early on Tuesday 29th July. Around 25 mature trees on the playing fields have recently been destroyed and a large JCB digger has started ground works.

local residents directly oppose development in Hulme, Manchester


how local residents begin campaign against - diversecity - (a not-so-local development company)

around 10am ish today (and i say 10am ish cos i dont have a watch) Diversecity a development company began survey work on a lovely tree scattered site in Hulme . By 11am ish local residents were waking up to the reality of the Leaf St. development and decided something had to be done! And fast! So a few folk went and spoke to the surveyors giving them fair warning that people didn't want them to continue their work . One of the surveyors even agreed with local residents, saying "I wouldn't want it if I lived round here."

peat action, Manc.

simple peat action - DIY at your local DIY - while we can still breathe...

before the last May Bank Holiday weekend, a time when demand for peat at garden centres is high, some were visited throughout Greater Manchester - bags were slashed and stickers stuck.

late August mass peat trespass


On Saturday the 25th August during the Northern Green Gathering a Mass Trespass was planned.

About 70 people left the gathering and met up with a few people from The Ramblers and other local conservation groups. There was a very low police presence, which was generally ignored and the majority of people trespassed onto the moor. A 'Bog off Scotts' banner was held up for photos.