'unnecessary development'

'unnecessary development'

Bombing against Bristol office of Vinci, Life Sciences Centre constructors

We think that anyone serious about confronting domination as it stands today will sooner or later come to the questions of science and technology. It's clear how both have an increasingly vital role to the ruling order by creating, managing and spreading control within society and over the rest of an earth we're falsely separated from.

Italy: Police Arrest Four on Terrorism Charges Against High Speed Rail

tav_corteo030a711_sitonotaveeu--400x300 9th December  Police on Monday arrested four alleged anarchists in the northwestern Piedmont and the northern Lombardy regions on terroris

Actions on behalf of piers against High Speed Train start

  As it was planned beforehand, yesterday november the 12th there were actions in solidarity with the piers against the Basque project of High Speed Train and obviously, against the projecyt itself.

Malaysia: Sarawak Dam Protest Intensifies with Blockades, Confrontations

Baram_blockade_23.10.201326th October Anti-dam protestors, who on Wednesday put up blockades at two roads leading to Sarawak’s next hydroelectric dam near Long Lama in Baram, have warned sta

New Protest Camp at Wisborough Green and Kirdford Proposed Drill Site

253091804226th October A small band of anti-fracking campaigners who wished to be known as ‘protectors’ have set up camp on land adjacent to Celtique Energie’s proposed drill site.

Remove Your Machinery Within Three Days, Baram Natives Warn Dam Builders

Baram_blockade_23.10.201325th October Native communities from Malaysia’s remote Baram district on the island of Borneo have warned state-owned electricity provider Sarawak Energy t

Nigeria: Coordinated Mass Protests Shut Down ExxonMobil

pic824th October The people of Eket federal constituency in Akwa Ibom State yesterday embarked on a mass protest shutting

Burma: Village Protests Shut Down Coal Mine

Coal-mine-300x19924th October The Karen National Union (KNU) in Southern Burma has suspended a coalmine from operating in the Pawklo area, east of Dawei.