'unnecessary development'

'unnecessary development'


EARTH FIRST! SUMMER GATHERING 2013 website all information is now up at http://efgathering.weebly.com.

Gathering Dates 7th-11th August,

Location - SE England (nearest station Bexhill)

Mine Security Chief Ordered Assassination of Indigenous Protesters 4th June

Alberto Rotondo, executive of Tahoe Mine, San Rafael in Guatemala, gave direct orders to assassinate members of the community San Rafael Las Flores.

San Francisco Activists Liberate Park in Solidarity with Turkish Resistance 2nd June

On June 1st, in solidarity with the massive resistance in Turkey which began six days ago, Liberate the Land activists in San Francisco marched to a park space known as “Hayes Valley Farm” and began an occupation.

New Teargas Crackdown on Anti-government Protesters in Turkey 31st May

Turkish police fired tear gas and water cannon on Friday at protesters occupying a park in central Istanbul, injuring scores in the latest violent crackdown on anti-government demonstrations.