'unnecessary development'

'unnecessary development'

Hamilton Police direct Mass Arrest at Enbridge Blockade

JUNE 26, 2013

Swamp Line 9 Update

26 June 2013 Twenty people were arrested this morning Hamilton cops tried to arrest everyone on the site except a few who were able to leave.

8 years of intense struggle against Shell continues this week in Erris

25 June 2013 The first direct actions of the Erris struggle against Shell took place 8 years ago when 6 locals were injuncted and then 5 of them jailed for refusing to allow Shell onto their lands.  In the 8 years that have passed there have been countless direct actions, dozens of arrests, about two dozen jailings and hundreds of people attacked by Garda or Shell's security company IR

Elsipogtog Blockade Halts Seismic Testing

25 June 2013 Community Member Hit by Car, Sovereignty Summer Campaign Calling for National Solidarity Actions

Charges Dropped Against Honduras Dam Opponent

Members of COPINH, an indigenous campesino movement defending lands and rivers in Honduras against dams and other threats

Shell compound breached, equipment destroyed in 2nd day of action

23 Hune 2013. The second day of the week of action saw an unexpected success when Shell to Sea campaigners managed to breach Shells fortified compound and force security to retreat to the inner compound.

Police Cut off Willits Protester from Food and Water

Shell pipeline construction preparations destroyed in direct action in Erris

22 June 2013 This morning around 50 Shell to Sea campaigners kicked off the Week of Action against Shell's experimental high pressure gas pipe in Erris by tearing up the bog road Shell has laid as part of its attempt to finish the pipeline.  They also destroyed the sandbag dam that Shell were attempting to build across part of the estuary in order to be able to work on the pipelin

Update on Belo Monte Dam Struggle

In the late morning of June 4th, two air force planes descended upon the capital city of Brasília, carrying aboard an unusual group of passengers: over 140 indigenous people, ma