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Tanks Move in Around Earth’s Most Threatened Tribe

Brazil’s military has moved in to stop illegal logging around the land of Earth’s most threatened tribe.
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Honduran Army Kills Indigenous Leader of COPINH Who Resisted Dam in Rio Blanco

16 July 2013 On Monday July 15th, while the Lenca community of Rio Blanco, in Honduras, marked 106 days of resistance to the building of Agua Zarca hydroelectric dam, the Army indiscriminately shot at the demonstrators killing one of the l

Road Block to Stop Theft of Water from Yaqui Peoples

14 July 2013 Vícam, Sonora, México – Traditional Authorities and the Yaqui people remain firm more than a week after the start of their road block of the international highway 15 (Mexico-Nogales) near the community of Vícam, announ

Peru: police fire on Cajamarca protesters —again

8th July 2013 National Police troops in Peru's Cajamarca region opened fire July 6 on campesinos attempting to attend the public presentation of an environmental impact statement on the 

Honduras: Anti-Mining Activists Report Death Threats

5 July 2013 Members of communities opposing open-pit mining in the northern Honduran department of Atlántida have received death threats because of their activitism, according to a June 7 communiqué issued by the

Communities Protest Against Oil Company In Akwa Ibom

4 July 2013 The host communities of Universal Energy Resource, an oil company, have staged a peaceful protest against it for alleged non-implementation of development projects in 2012.

Locals Risk Their Lives Fighting Mining in Mexico

1 July 2013 “They brutally repressed us. The mining company buys off people’s consciences, it divides the community, but we’ll keep fighting it.

Navajos Launch Direct Action Against Big Coal

Elsipogtog Blockade Halts Seismic Testing

25 June 2013 Community Member Hit by Car, Sovereignty Summer Campaign Calling for National Solidarity Actions

Charges Dropped Against Honduras Dam Opponent

Members of COPINH, an indigenous campesino movement defending lands and rivers in Honduras against dams and other threats

Update on Belo Monte Dam Struggle

In the late morning of June 4th, two air force planes descended upon the capital city of Brasília, carrying aboard an unusual group of passengers: over 140 indigenous people, ma

Colombian Guerilla Group Holding Canadian Mining Executive Hostage Takes Aim at Ottawa

Guerrilla fighters from ELN in Colombia.10/06/13, A Colombia guerilla group is trying to draw Ottawa into its battle with a Toronto-based mining company which is quietl