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tribal & indigenous solidarity

BP hit by tar sands protests in London, Brighton, Oxford and Cambridge

Saturday April 10th
BP hit by tar sands protests in London, Brighton, Oxford and Cambridge

Oil company targeted by nationwide protests in advance of crucial AGM vote

Protesters demand BP pulls out of “the most destructive project on Earth” - the Canadian tar sands

BP shut down in Plymouth over Tar Sands oil

On Thursday 8 April, Plymouth Rising Tide and Kernow Anarchist Network blockaded the BP garage in Ridgeway, Plymouth, to highlight the environmental destruction caused by the Tar Sands project. The garage was closed for an hour and two activists who were locked onto petrol pumps were arrested.

Penan step up campaign to defend Heart of Borneo nature reserve

6, April, 2010
Penan natives from Sarawak’s Upper Baram region in the Malaysian part of Borneo have erected two logging road blockades to prevent their last remaining virgin jungle from being logged by the Samling Group, a Malaysian timber giant.

Shell apologises

Shell Apologises for Human Rights Violations in Niger Delta

The Hague, 27 March 2010

Today, Royal Dutch Shell is holding back the tears no more. Shell apologises to all inhabitants of Nigeria’s Niger Delta for the many years of human rights violations, for which Shell takes full responsibility.

Support Indigenous Resistance On Black Mesa!

At the end of an exceptionally hard winter of National Emergency status, and the beginning of a muddy spring, the Dine' (Navajo) families of Big Mountain, and surrounding communities on Black Mesa continue to stand strong on their ancestral homelands!

Wet’suwe’ten Blockade Against Logging

March 27, 2010
For nearly five months now, a Wet’suwe’ten family in central BC has maintained a road blockade within their House territory.

The Canadian logging company Canfor was granted rights to log in the territory by the Provincial government in August 2009. However, they did so without consulting or gaining the consent of the Wet’suwe’ten Nation.

"We want to shut down this nickel mine" say Papua New Guinea folk

On Friday, March 26, 2010, two hundred Indigenous Landowners and concerned citizens stood up in protest against the Chinese-owned Ramu nickel mine in Madang Province, Papua New Guinea. The peaceful protest was deemed illegal by police and halted.

Halalt First Nation lowers road blockade Thursday after aquifer terms reached

March 11, 2010
Halalt First Nation’s two-week water-well protest blockade on Chemainus Road was taken down Thursday morning around 8:30 a.m.

Band staff confirmed members removed the peaceful blockade that has angered motorists and spawned mischief on and near Halalt territory since being erected Feb. 25.

Halalt First Nation holding blockade for the water

March 10, 2010

For more than two weeks now, members of the Halalt First Nation, near the southeastern coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, have held onto their own “protective blockade” in defense of the Chemainus River.

Indigenous Groups Step Up Protests Over Vedanta Mining Project, India

February 23, 2010 - When 5,000 indigenous Dongria Kondhs trekked Sunday to Niyam Dongar hill, the abode of their presiding deity Niyam Raja, and designated it as inviolate, it meant they were stepping up their resistance to a controversial alumina refinery and bauxite mine project here.